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This page lists my S-100 manuals for manufacturers for which I have only a handful of manuals. If I have many more for a particular manufacturer, I create a seperate Web page for them, and the link is given below. Also check my S-100 Home page for a similar list of manufacturers ONLY. Also look at my undocumented S-100 brand list.

The manuals listed below are primarily for S-100 equipment, but some manuals for related equipment (terminals, printers) are also listed below. Disk drive manuals are listed in my floppy disk drives section. If you don't see what you are looking for, ask! If you have a document I do not have, please let me know!

Also check my S-100 Home page for a similar list of manufacturer's names only. It links back here for brands without a Web page on my site. Also look through my Cromemco lists as they include many "third party" manuals for printers, drives, etc. And, check our S-100 and related books section for books related to these and similar computers of the '70's and '80's.

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S-100 Documentation List

    Ackerman Digital Systems (ADS) of Elmhurst IL 
        Phraser (voice card software), 26 pgs
        Synthetalker Users manual, 1982, schematic, 24 pgs
        PromWriter User's Manual, 1981, 12 pgs. software only.
        PromBlaster Hardware Manual, 1981, schematic, 20 pgs.
        Catalog, march 1981, 16 pages, many products including 6809, Noisemaker, Kluge Card
        Catalog updates, price list, 6 pages
        6809 manual and related, 1980, schematic, 18 pgs
        ADS (6809) MON Monitor Manual, 1980, 10 pgs
        ADS adsBASIC User's Manual (hardcopy), 10 pgs (not source)
        listings, HEX ROM dumps of adsBASIC and MON monitor, 18 pgs + 4 pgs notes
        Motorola MC6809 hardware data sheets, 28 pages. 
        Noisemaker and Noisemaker II, ad sheet, 2 pages
        SC-01 Synthetalker, status documents, brief specifications, 4 pages

    Acom Electronics
        ACOM P-188, 8088 card, made 1981, 45 pgs, from copy
    Advanced Digital Corp. (ADC) Super 6 S-100 system SINGLE CARD,
        Z80, DMA, CTC, PIO, 80, DMA, CTC, PIO, DART, FDC.
        Ask about CP/M V2.3 or 2.4 8-inch boot disks.
        Turbodos 1.2 manual as follows:
            Users Guide 120 pgs
            Doc Update 12 pgs
            Configuration Guide, with IMS hardware driver listings, 153 pgs
        SuperSix Bios manuals (ver 2.2, 2.3) 30 pages
        SuperSix Tech manual, schematics, 50 pages

    Advanced Digital Corp. HDC-1001 hard disk controller, copy - ask

    Advanced Micro Digital, Super Quad card manual, 94 pgs

    ADES or ADSI or Adapted Data & Energy Systems
        - no manuals yet but see this page

    Alloy Engineering
        TIP Tape Interchange Program Operators Guide, 1981. 66 pgs
        TIP 8 diskette (8-inch), ask for details.
        INterface Guide for IDXS-100 (tape/disk card), 1981.
           w/ schematics & listings, 70 pgs
        IDXCS-100 (SASI tape, disk card) INstallation Guide, 1979, 28 pgs
        DS-100 (tape only) parts lists and schematics, 1982, 7 pgs

    Alpha Micro - not quite S-100, used an IMSAI chassis anyway.
    Alpha Systems Corp. - no manuals yet. 

    Altair - see MITS
    Applied Technology - 1978 Australian company, later made MicroBee. No docs.
    Artec Electronics Inc, 32K-100 Static Ram Card, 1977, 17 pgs

    California Data Corporation (CDC, but not Control Data!)
       CDC AD-100 rev G, Burr-Brown SMD856 SMD857 3606chip docs, 66 pgs

    California Computer Systems (CCS)  has its own page here
    Celetron "Altair 12K Prom/Rom" card, 6 pgs

    Canada Systems Inc. CL2400 real-time clock, assembly 12 pgs, reference 25 pgs
    Central Data 
        16K RAM, 27 pgs
        64K RAM - copy, ask

    Certek or Cer-tek, UNIPROM S-100 EPROM card
       Uniprom Disk-based software Adaptation Guide - Ver 3.0 1982, prog. listings. 36 pgs
       Uniprom Programming System, ver 1.7 sources, schematic, 1982. 48 pgs
       Uniprom Programming System, no sources, no schematic, 1981, text like 1982 manual
       Uniprom User's Manual, disk-based software use, 1982, 20 pgs.
       Uniprom 12/83 document, patch code, 6 pgs       

    Compupro  has its own page here

    Computer Systems S-100 clock - copy, ask

    Computalker Consultants (Santa Monica, CA) 
        Computalker CT1 - no docs yet but ask

    ComputTime of Huntington Beach, CA
        ComputerWatch clock/calendar board, MSM5832 chip, 30 pgs.

    Cromemco  has its own page here

    Data Science, see "Delta Products"
    DC Hayes, see "Hayes"
    Delta Products, aka Data Science, US Micro Sales, XOR Computer:  has its own page here

    Diablo printers
    Diablo model 630 printer
        Parts (mechanical & elect.) catalog 90444-02 rev A Jan 1984, 120p
        Model 630/630 ECS API interface, 90440-01 rev A Jan 1984, 130p
          documents interface selection, jumpers, protocols, fonts, etc.
    Diablo 1640/1650 product description manual, 90412-01, Oct 1979, approx 100 pgs
        discusses use, codes, operation, some mechanicals, some maintenance. No schematics.
    Digital Research Incorporated (DRI)  has its own page here
    DRC (Digital Research Computers or Digital Research Corp., Texas) has its own page here

    Dual: see my Dual manuals list page.

    Dynabyte  has its own page here

    D & W Digital, 488+3, IEEE 488 card. 4-page description, no schematic.

    Notes about The Digital Group, not S-100 but of the same era

    Earth Computers 
      TurboSlave I reference manual, Rev C , 1984, 41 pages
         with schematics, boot and UART code
      flyers for S-100 and PC products, 12 pages
      press releases, price lists, sale flyers, 12 pages
	products in documents: Turboslave 1 and Turbomaster 16 S-100 boards
	 PC products: Turboslave PC, TurboAccel-286, Pacram II, Earthnet-PC
    Editron has its own page linked here.
    Electrologics 64K Static RAM - copy, ask

    Electronic Systems
       cassette tape interface (not S-100) 2 pgs
       8K Static RAM 2 pgs
       1977 catalog 10 pgs
       1978 catalog 12 pages (half size)
    Emulex  (IBM PC) IB02 SCSI host adapter, Apr 1986. Includes SCSI-1 bus
       timing and operations.  NCR 5385 SCSI chip. 86 pgs. 

       Epson LX-810 User's Manual, half sized, 1989. maybe 300 pgs? ask.
       Epson Application Notes- use Epson Dot Matrix printers with (various
           products) 1988, half-sized. maybe 100 pgs, ask.
       Epson MX-100 operations manual 90 pgs 1/2 sized
       Epson MX series option serial interface, 12 pgs 1/2 sized
       Epson RS-232 interface 2K buffer 8 pgs
       IBM 80 (Epson) 80 CPS matrix printer operations manual, 20 pgs

    Evotech ET-5000 OEM products - copy, ask

    Exatron Stringy Floppy User's Manual (for TRS-80 model II, III), 80 pgs

    Flexowriter: follow this link for details 
    Fulcrum - see  my IMSAI page
    Futronics Term85-III S-100 terminal board, 5 pages

    Godbout - see Compupro
    Gunn Enterprizes HD-35 hard disk subsystem for Cromemco,8 pgs

    Hayes & PMMI Micromodem related: also see "DC Hayes"
        Hayes 80-103A 300 baud modem card, 66 pages
        Hayes "MicroModem 100", 300 baud modem card, 90 pages
        PMMI modem board, 30 pgs
        DC Hayes, 80-103A Data communications adapter (modem card), 2nd edition 1977, 56 pgs inclu. source

    Heath - listed seperately under Zenith
    Heuristics Speech Lab notes, Pop. Elect. article: 33 pgs
    HP 2621 A/P Interactive terminal owner's manual: 75 pgs

    iCOM - see this Web page

    IEEE-696 standards - see  this S-100 bus page for specifics and publications.

    IMS International - see Industrial Micro Systems 
    IMSAI - see  my IMSAI page
    IMS Associates Inc. - see IMSAI
    Industrial Micro Systems - listed under IMS International

    Intelligent Computer Designs Corporation of Australia & USA
        XL-M180 Technical Manual, (HD64180) schematics 160 pgs as follows:
         70 pgs hardware, 50+ pages of data sheets, 20 pgs Z180 programming notes, 10 pgs schematics.
        Banked Zsystem V1.34 For XL-M180 manual, 24 pgs
        FMTF.DOC (multiformat diskette formatter), 4 pgs
        PARTH10.DOC (hard drive / OMTI SCSI controller), 4 pgs

    Intelligent Systems Corporation, ISC, Intecolor brand - NOT S-100 See this Web page.

    Intercontinental Micro Systems (Corporation) or ICM: Anaheim CA
        (note: acquired in 1988 by L/F Technologies AKA Industrial Micro Systems)
        CPZ4800X (rev C card 1983): rev 1.0 1/84 manual
             (this board has RAM chips aligned parallel to TOP/BOTTOM of board, one line along right side)
             127 pgs manual plus 100 pgs chip docs (2793 FDC, 74LS610, 
             Z80 PIO & SIO, 9519 & 9517), 9 pgs board schematics, 
             8 pgs personality bd schematics - 
             descriptions of RPB100, MPB100, FTT100 LDS100 FPB158 PRI100, etc. 
        CPZ4800X schematics only, 11/83, 10 pgs (cover page w/parts list & layout)
        CPZ48000 (rev B card 1982): manual rev 2.0 9/83 & rev 2.2 9/83
             (this board has RAM chips aligned parallel to SIDES of board, 2 rows of 4, lower right)
             100 pgs manual including on personality boards (paddle boards) plus 
             9 pgs board board schematic (no personality board schematics), plus 
             64 pgs chip tech sheets for Z80 CPU/SIO/PIO, AM9519, AM9517, 1797 FDC!
             (recommend you also order personality bds schematics from CPZ4800X above)
        CPZ48000 rev 1 manual, 1982 60 pgs manual, no chip docs, no schematic
             references 1793 FDC chip. 
        CPZ48006, 9 pgs schematics only, Z80-B WD2793 FDC chips.
        product list, photos, 6 pgs
        CPS slave processor,
            CPS BMX rev 1.0, Feb 1984 40 pgs no schematic
            CPS MX ver 1, Feb 1984 36 pgs
            ICM CPS-BMX rev 1, Feb 1984 40 half-sized pages, scanned only
        RPB-200 schematic, 1 page. Serial interface card. see above also
        CPZ-186 rev 1.1, 300 pages, scanned only
            80816 bus master + ROM, RAM, floppy, serial
            150 page manual + 150 pgs of IC chip documents
        ICM TurboDOS 1.43 configuration guide, 320 pages (scanned only)
            use with Monitor Dynamics MD1013 MD1016, OMTI hard disk controller
            with many ICM boards and IMS C974 C1021 LANS-100

    Industrial Micro Systems (IMS)  has its own page here
        acquired Intercontinental Micro Systems (Corporation) or ICM of Anaheim CA
        also known as L/F Technologies notes  on this linked Web page

    International Data Systems 88-VFC frequency counter [proc tech] 90 pgs
    I/O Technology A/D/A Users Manual, analog and digital conversion, 82 pgs.

    Integrand Research Corp.
        5" Drive enclosure catalog, descriptions. 8 pgs
           models 2900 series, 3900, 3800, 8400, 8500
        "Single board computer" catalog, 4 pgs
           models 2815, 2810, 3815, 3810, 2820 3820 & more
        "main/frame" for IBM XT/AT motherboard, 6 page catalog
        (chassis) docs, 6 pgs
        drive enclosure literature, 8 pgs.
        (2) newsletter, "microbits issue 0010" bus chassis products, 16 pgs
          3002T 8002T 2207 3307; 2800 and 3800 product descriptions
          8501 MULTIBUS announcement
        (2) newsletter, "microbits isue 0011" products, bus termination, 8 pgs
          3015 8015, P898 power supply, active termination article
         Integrand catalog (photocopy) from "14th year", 26 pages, brief

    Ithaca Intersystems or Ithaca Audio -  has its own page here

    Jade  has its own page here

    JBC Electronics FDCX4, double density upgrade for Cromemco 4FDC card. 12 pgs

    JTM 16k Static Memory Board 
         this board is almost identical with the CCS 2016 card, down to chips,
         board layout, text printed on board - even the traces are almost the same.
         the CCS 2016 manual is 30 pages, including memory test source code.

    Kent Moore 8K RAM, 8 pgs
    Keptronic 1M static RAM card, 17 pgs

        SMC 100 OEM manual, software listings, 52 pages, 1979
        SMC-200 manual - copy, ask
        DMC-100? manual, about 50 pgs. Ask for details.
        Konan Enhancer 9-track tape controller, 1981. No schematics, but
             sample software drivers and software flowcharts. 80 pgs
        2-page color product descriptions from 1983 for:
             David Junior, ST-506 to parallel port card
             TAISHO, Multibus to 5.25" hard drive
             PARAGON, S-100 to CDC FInch hard drive
             DGC-100 S-100 to 5.25" hard drive
             Enhancer, S-100 to 9-track tape drive
             Octoplus, 4 or 8 parallel port S-100 card
             SMC-100, S-100 to SMD controller
             SMC-200, S-100 to SMD controller

    Lear-Siegler ADM-3 (terminal) docs
        ADM-2 operator's handbook, polling descript. 82 pgs (half sized)
        ADM-3A operator's handbook, 50 pgs (half sized)
        ADM-3A Maintenance Manual, schematics, 116 pgs (full size)
    Lomas Data Products (LDP)  has its own page here
    LF Technology, S100+ System Install, Sp5 1985, 44 pgs
    L/F Technology - same as Industrial Micro Systems (IMS) which  has its own page here

    LP Systems, P-SST audio/voice speech time card
        hardware manual, 100 pgs
        Software Wizardry, development libraries, 56 pages

    Macrotech - has its own page here
    Magnum Digital, PRO-180 HD64180 processor card manual, 
        186 pgs from Hitachi HD64180 manual: timing, prog. description, etc.
         50 pgs of card desciption and ROM monitor listing. NO SCHEMATIC

    Mariposa MATCO 64K Static Memory, 1982, 36 pgs
    Mariposa 2064K Static RAM - copy, ask
    Matrox - (Canada)  has its own page here
      Matrox ALT-512 video card, several pages, schematic.

    Measurement Systems and Controls AKA Systems Group, DMB-6400, 1979, 44 pgs
    --note: document for board with four rows of 8 RAM chips, NOT two rows of 16 RAM chips.
    -- look for "Systems Group" for later models of MSC boards. 

    Memory Merchant MM65K16S 64K static RAM, rev 3, 28 pgs
    Microcomputer Systems Corp. S-100 to ST-506 (hard disk) controller
       MSC 9056 module, on a S-100 board, functions and jumpers, no schematics
       also article from Electronics on MSC 9000 series modules
       22 pages total. NOte: module brand also used on CCS 2832 Hard Disk Controller

    Microdynamics (brand) Microsprite - video card, 32 pgs
    MicroDaSys of Los Angeles CA, Steve Alcorn co-founder
        MicroDaSys 8P2SM Rev A - I/O card with modem,  36 pgs.
MicroDaSys 8P2SM Rev A - assembly instructions, schematic, 12 pgs. Micromation Doubler floppy disk controller, 30 pgs Micromation "Universal Disk Controller" - see Morrow "Disk Jockey 1" in Compupro listings Micropolis: see Micropolis computer manuals for details Micropolis Disk Operating System (MDOS) - see Micropolis manuals as above Mikos Engineering - see Wameco as below MITS - has its own page here Morrow - has its own page here Mountain Hardware 100,000 day clock, 24 pgs addendum to above, 7 pgs. Mullen - has its own page here National Multiplex, 2SIO. USART and ROMs. 10 pgs. Netronics 64K S100 memory board, JAWS, 10 pgs, schematic. (in Northstar box) Newtech (by Stewart Newfeld) - docs as PDF's with permission, ask Music Board model 6 manual Newtechniques Newsletter #1 Newtechniques Newsletter #2 LPF-1 Low Pass Filter NNC or No Name Computers of Huntington Beach, CA USA. No docs but check this Web page. NorthStar has its own page here Objective Design, "Programmable Character Generator" manual, 46 pgs Oliver Audio Engneering, OP-80A Paper Tape reader (not S-100), 10 pgs PAIA Speech Synthesizer, 65 pgs Piiceon AD-50? memory manual, four banks of 64K DRAM 22 pgs Pickles & Trout P&T488 (IEEE-488 interface), 1982 , 126 pgs also 1979 P&T-488 instruction manual, 60 pgs Pleiades Sorcerer 8080 disassembler manual - copy, ask PMMI (see Hayes) Peripherial Vision PV-1001 floppy controller; schematic, source listings - ask - also produced products for the Digital Group Polymorphic Systems: see my Polymorphic Web page Problem Solver Systems: RAM16K, 16K static RAM, schem., 12 pgs Processor Interfaces Inc. - Cartridge Disk Controller, 1982 2315, 5440 type drives: CDC Hawk, Pertec D3422, Wangco, Diablo 44 Diablo 30, Caelus 306R jumper info, 88 pgs, schematics Processor Technology has its own page here Quest Electronics, PHM Design: Super Color, Rev. A, 1980: 90 pgs w/source Q&T (Quick and Timely) Systems 64K Dynamic RAM, 20 pgs S-100 Multifunctioned I/O +, instruction manual, 130 pgs (lots of descriptions and parts info) I/O+ Assembly and checkout manual, 54 pgs RAM16, model 16K Static RAM, 10 pgs Expandable + Dynamic RAM board, 22 pgs S-100 clock Calendar instruction manual, 40 pgs MSM5832 data sheets, copy, 6 pgs Ro-Che Systems Cassette Op Sys V1.0, For Tarbell, Morrow, Processor Tech. source, 44 pgs S100 Computer Products 8K static RAM, 13 pgs S100 Computer Products 32K RAM memory - copy, ask S100 Inc catalog 1982 52 pgs Salota GMBH (Germany) - has a Web page here. SCION MicroAngelo MA 512 User's Manual, (c)1980, dated April 1981 rev 1 board. Z80 & 32Kbyte display RAM (16 X 4116) software, schematics, code reference. about 100 pgs (copy) (Note: The Scion pallete card was an additional S100 card that allowed up to eight MA512 cards to be connected to it via a top ribbon cable. The eight MA512 became eight planes, and the pallete allowed you to set up any colour with an LUT, to drive three DACs, for RGB output. Without the pallete, you used one MA 512 card for monochrome, or three MA512 cards for RGB with fixed colours.) SciTronics, Inc. Remote Controller (BSR, X-10) 2 page flyer SciTronics, Inc. RTC-100 Real-Time clock, schematic, code. 20 pgs SCT-100 video card, 3 pages only SD Sales 4K Static RAM, 2 versions, 11 pages (copy) or 16 pgs SD Sales "Micronix" Z8800 CPU card (Z80), 35pages (copy) SD Sales cassette interface, 13 pages - copy, ask SD Sales ExpandoPROM board, no docs yet SD Systems has its own page here Seals Electronics 8K SC Memory (static), May 76, 20 pgs Seattle Computer Products has its own page here Semidisk, 1984 or 1983 docs, 40 pgs each Silver Reed EXP400 daisywheel printer, 36 page manual, no schematics. Sky Computers Inc., SKYFFP fast floating point processor, 51 pgs rev J, microcode 2.x, july 1983 see Dual System SMS Static Memory Systems "THE LAST MEMORY", MB1A card, 40 pgs SMS MB2 MB1A memory, brochure 2 pages (one each board) SMS MB2 EEPROM/RAM memory. notes, 19 pages. Photo, operating notes, Intel 2816 data SMS Scientific Micro Systems, FDD300 floppy controller 8080 support code, 10 pgs Solid State Music (SSM) has its own page here SOL 20 - see Processor Technology Sontron - see Editron which has its own page linked here. Static Memory Systems "the last memory" - copy, ask Systems Group - see Measurement Systems and Controls above. --- but check "deramp.com" for their archive of Systems Group documents. --- they produced a Z80 system with multiuser capabilites in the 1980's. A. Szerlip's "PROMSetter" (TPS100) card, from 1977. 144 pgs includes schematics, operational details, even how to solder! read/write 1702's, 2708, some other PROMS. (Our thanks to Mr. Szerlip for providing this manual.) This card primarily supports reading and WRITING 1702's and 2708's. It has a 50-pin edge connector from which you connect a cable to a 1702 adapter board or a 2708 adapter board. It uses 30 transistors and as many diodes. Software is operated from an IMSAI/Altair front panel. Section I (4 pgs) is general info about the card. Section II (31 pgs) is assembly instructions, parts list, and test as you build. Section III (22 pgs) is to build additional adapters for TI or Intel 2716, National 5204, AMI S5204, AMI 6834. Section IV (13 pgs) is theory of operation. Section V (6 pbs) is troubleshooting. Section VI (6 pgs) is software operation. Section VII (17 pgs) is program listings and flowcharts. The Appendices (8 pgs) are soldering how-to and other info. Tarbell has its own page here Techmar TM AD212, A to D converter/timer, 1980, 116 pgs + 22 on DT5712 module + 40 pgs assembler Fortran Library routines + 60 pgs Fortran code to call library routines Techmar ADLIB16 Analog Digital - copy, ask Technical Design Labs (TDL, CDL) has its own page here Teletype model 33 docs: descriptions, parts lists, adjustments, etc. etc. Bulletin 11848, 33 ASR KSR RO - parts, 140 pgs Bulletin 310B Vol 1 - Technical manual, 33 ASR, KSR, RO, APPROX 250 pgs Bulletin 310B Vol 2 - 200 pgs Teletype model 5420 User's Guide, 80 pgs TEI TEI MicroMainframe docs, 42 pgs TEI Floppy chassis docs 3P+3S serial/parallel MCS-16K RAM Teletek has its on page here Televideo Model 910 CRT Term. Installation & User's Guide, 36 pgs MOdel 910 operators manual 40 pgs model 950 operators manual 50 pgs US Micro Sales: see "Delta Products" Unix Unix Version 6 Internals Tutorial, famous annotated source listings from New South Wales, May 1977, 200+ pages single sided Unix System V manuals (see Dual documentation) Vandenberg Data Products 16K SRAM, 23 pages. Vector Graphic has its own page here Vector 8803 motherboard, poor copy, 2 pages Vector IN242-80-3, 8801 S-100 plug board (protoboard), 3 pgs Visual 200 Video Display Terminal Reference Manual, 70 pgs Wameco or WMC or Mikos Engineering, docs: See my WMC page. W. W. Component Supply - see my IMSAI page XCOMP Corp SM/S Disk Controller User's Manual, 18 pgs Xitex SCT-100 system manual - 36 pgs - Single Card Video Terminal, Fairchild MK3870 custom microcontroller and custom ROM - ASCII or Baudot, serial current loop / TTL, parallel keyboard port, NTSC video out Zenith - listed seperately on my Heath/Zenith page

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