Undocumented S-100 boards List

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This page lists S-100 boards and manufacturers for which I have no documentation. If you have documentation or information, please contact me. That's the point.

Check my S-100 Home page for a list of manufacturers that I have docs for or have identified here as "undocumented". Of course other S-100 archives may have documentation, but generally I'll only list here if they don't (at that time).

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Undocumented S-100 boards.

AI Cybernetic Systems - model 1000 speech synthesizer
CEPC - Model 6200 Serial 4, 4-port serial card, 6850's
Drytek Inc, Wilmington MA
	S100-CPU part no 2800192 - Z80 CPU, CTC, RAM and ROM board
Duston - 8K RAM, 2102's
Hudson and Assoc - Z support board - 1984 with RAM and empty 40-pin sockets
Hypertech Corp - Multi-digital I/O board, ten connectors for binary I/O
Illuminated technologies - RAM board, probably graphics
Inner Access Corporation 
	68K-P - 68000 CPU board with ROMs
	ROM SIM 1A - RAM and external connectors
Intec 110-2 board - one DIP connector, lots of small chips
LOGOS-1 rev A - 8K RAM board w/2102's
Malibu - Print board, other branded cards. They produced a Malibu printer too.
	ASSY 105510 - serial card, two UARTs, also 50-pin parallel connector
	other cards
NSSC 8303-0203-2 - Z80, ROM, RAM board
Pelkey - RAM board from 1977
Quantronics MM-8 board - 8K RAM of 2102's, sold by/with Problem Solver Systems
A. Szerlip TPS100B board - I/O card with many many transistors and resistors
Zs System - 1979 floppy controller w/1771 type FDC chip
"8K X 8 ARRAY 21L02" - actually 6K of 2102 sockets, and several wide ROM sockets

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