Undocumented S-100 boards List

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This page lists S-100 boards and manufacturers for which I have no documentation. Also, this page names more S-100 manufacturers, and dates their production.If you have documentation or information, please contact me. Check my S-100 Home page for a list of manufacturers that I have docs, or have their own document archives (too many for me to track). But I think my lists account for the most S-100 branded companies.

I have some images of some of these boards, but I don't own those photos, so they aren't shown here. Since I have no documentation by definition, a photo may be the only "doc" I can find. If I have your photo and you object, let me know and I'll apologize and not make the photo available.

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Undocumented S-100 boards.

A. Szerlip TPS100B board - I/O card with many many transistors and resistors
ACOM Electronics 1980, P188 8080 CPU board
ADS, 1983, Octafloppy floppy controller
AI Cybernetic Systems, 1976 - model 1000 speech synthesizer 
BioTech Electronics, 1979, CGS-808-2, 8085 board with RAM ROM 6847 video
Bubbl-Tek (PC/M Inc), 1981, Pubbl-Pac MBB-100, TI bubble memory card
- 1981, MBC-100 Z80 CPU board
CEPC - Model 6200 Serial 4, 4-port serial card, 6850's
Components Express - 1982, CODEX 64K static RAM, 4016's
Dahlgren Control Systems Inc, 1990, System 2 Z80 card
- a CNC controls manufacturer 
DataRam Labs Inc.
Destek, 1985, video board
Drytek Inc, Wilmington MA
-- S100-CPU part no 2800192 - Z80 CPU, CTC, RAM and ROM board
Duston - 8K RAM, 2102's
Extended Technology, 1983, 2000-A PROM burner
Hudson and Assoc - Z support board - 1984 with RAM and empty 40-pin sockets
Hypertech Corp - Multi-digital I/O board, ten connectors for binary I/O
Illuminated technologies - RAM board, probably graphics
Inner Access Corporation 
-- 68K-P - 68000 CPU board with ROMs
-- ROM SIM 1A - RAM and external connectors
Intec 110-2 board - one DIP connector, lots of small chips
I.P.C, 1976, 8080 CPU card
JC INF SYS, 1984, JCL-80. unknown function
Kent-Moore Instruments, 1977, 32K SRAM
Lincoln Semiconductor, 1970's, CT-1, I/O card
Lomac, 1980?, LM-80, I/O board
LOGOS-1 rev A - 8K RAM board w/2102's
Malibu - Print board, other branded cards. They produced a Malibu printer too.
Meca, 1978 with 1984 ICs,  I/O card
MCT ASSY 105510 - serial card, two UARTs, also 50-pin parallel connector
Meta Information Applications INc, 1978, MIA-1 I/O board
-- 1976?, 6800? 6809? CPU single? board
Microbyte, M32KSS SRAM card
Micro Labs Inc. MLI - S-100 10 slot backplane
NSC? 1983. NSC 88-2 8085/8088 CPU + I/O. etc
NSSC 8303-0203-2 - Z80, ROM, RAM board
Objective Designs,  "the Crate" S-100 chassis.
Octagon, 1983, hard/floppy controller
Optical Specialties Inc., probably 1988. San Jose Calif. 
-- MV15 motor control, MV15 Interface, Processor, Focus. optical inspection semi's
Pelkey - RAM board from 1977
Quantronics MM-8 board - 8K RAM of 2102's, sold by/with Problem Solver Systems
Retro-Tek 1977, 88-110 Stepper Control
Speech Technology Corp. 1977, AW188 speech synth
-- 1981, 8085 based speech synth
Spy Pond Systems, 1988, AGA-2000 memory RAM
Strobe Inc, "S-100 parallel I/O card"
UCI, 1985, EasyWin board, 8088 CPU (maybe for Z-100?)
Wire Graphics, 1979, specialized controller
Wizard Engineering, PSIOB I/O card
Yang Electronic Systems, 1982, YES-100 32K Static RAM
ZS Systems, 1979, DRAM card
ZS System - 1979 floppy controller w/1771 type FDC chip
"8K X 8 ARRAY 21L02" - actually 6K of 2102 sockets, and several wide ROM sockets

100 pin, but not S-100

Okuma OPUS 5000 - CNC automation products, boards, backplanes
- uses S-100 edge connector but NOT S-100 signals! NOT S-100 bus! 

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