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Seattle Computer Products was a manufacturer of S-100 boards and systems. SCP produced a number of S-100 memory cards, such as a series of 16Kbyte cards. Here's a 1978-designed SCP-16K card, produced in mid 1980. Here's a 1979-designed Apex model card by SCP, produced in 1980. Here's a 1980 Apex2 SCP card.

They developed an 8086 based S-100 system in 1979, but Digital Research did not have a CP/M for the 8086 at the time. So in 1980 a SCP programmer named Tim Paterson developed for them an operating system based on features of CP/M and called it "86-DOS". This OS was licenced (and eventually bought outright) by Microsoft in 1980-81; Microsoft licensed it to IBM for their new IBM-PC, as PC-DOS while selling it themselves as MS-DOS.

I discuss this further on my Web page about CP/M history. Also, I have have more discussion about more S-100 companies which adopted the 8086 and 8088 on a linked Web page. But I leave fine details, and fights about them, to the many other Web sites, articles and books which discuss the development of the IBM PC and its MS-DOS.

SCP continued to sell MS-DOS with hardware systems for some time after the IBM PC. According to a Microsystems Journal article of July/Aug 1986 by Sol Libes, SCP produced S-100 8086 systems and some ISA-bus PC cards through 1984. Then a factory fire put them out of business. In 1985, the article says, they had litigation with Microsoft over SCP's attempts to sell their "royality-free license to MS-DOS" and other cross-litigation. An InfoWorld article for Aug 12 1991 by Peggy Watt, says that in 1986 "the firms reached an out-of-court settlement while the jury deliberated; Microsoft paid $925K and SPC relinquished its rights to DOS."

Seattle Computer Products manuals

SCP 400 Mulitport Serial Card, schematics, 30 pgs
16K Plus Ram board, temporary manual 1978, 6 pgs
16K Plus Ram rev C, 10 pgs
SCP 200B, 8086 CPU rev B, 31 pgs (copy)
SCP 300F, CPU Support Board rev F 46 pgs (copy)
MON 86 V1.5A, 8086 monitor for SCP 300, source, 34 pgs
SCP 110, 64K static RAM rev A, 14 pgs (copy) SCP 86-DOS User's manual, preliminary, 59 pgs (copy)
SCP 86-DOS Instruction manual, preliminary, 41 pgs (copy)
SCP 86-DOS Programmers manual, preliminary, 41 pgs (copy)
SCP multi-port Serial Card, SCP400B SCP 400C 36 pgs (copy)

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