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Industrial Micro Systems produced S-100 boards in Orange County, CA, at least by 1977. Later they became IMS International, Carson City NV at least by Jan 1982. One manual I have from "L/F Technologies of Carson City NV, is a Sept 1985 "S100+ System Install" manual which refers to many of the IMS International card model numbers. These are all the same company. In addition, apparently in 1988, this company also acquired "Intercontinental Micro Systems (Corporation) or ICM of Anaheim, CA. Since the ICM product line (to my general knowledge) was not derived from the IMS/LF Technologies product line, I'm listing the ICM manuals seperately on my Web site. Please look up ICM in my list of S-100 documents to find specific ICM product manuals.

However, don't confuse ANY of these companies or the cards produced by them, with "IMS Associates Inc", later known as IMSAI. I have an IMSAI Web page. There's no connection between IMSAI and IMS International et. al.

In 2017, Roger Hanscom contacted me about making sense of the IMS (LF Technologies0 1270 and 1320 Z80 CPU S-100 boards. The documentation on them is, so far, limited. Roger did some nice work to disassemble the IMS ROM on either board (same code) and examine their operation. Check his Web site to see his disassembly of the IMS monitor and notes about jumpering and operating the two boards. I've summarized his notes in this document. His pictures of the two boards are the LF Tech 1270 master/slave and the LF Tech 1320 user-processor

In 2009 I came across this article from May 1988 associated with Computer Business Review. it says "Carson City, Nevada-based Cubix Corp, which under its previous name of L/F Technologies Inc...". The article which also says; "Cubix Corp recently acquired Los Angeles-based Intercontinental Micro Systems". However I list IMS docs on my "miscelaneous" S-100 documents page and seperately from the list of docs on this Web page.

I have a 2009 discussion with an IMS system owner on this linked Web page. Links on that page will take you to a Web page of links and discussions from other recent S-100 owners. Another Web page provides some IMS history from a former dealer, which clarifies the corporate history.

For other S-100 companies, check my miscelaneous S-100 docs list.
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Industrial Micro Systems of Orange, CA
        IMS-C00232 8K memory board, 2 pgs no schematic
        IMS-C00231 8K memory board, 4/77, 4 pgs w/schematic
        Model 282, 16K static RAM board, 4 pgs

Industrial Micro Systems (no address)

**NOTE** - according to IMS 8000 Hardware manual: "The last digit in the board number indicates
the revision level. For example, a 444 I/O board is the same as a 440 I/O board except for
a few minor changes." Those changes could be more than "minor" but if you need a manual for
your board and the "major" numbers match, consider asking me to help determine differences.

        E00260, 8000 Power supply, 1/82, 2 pgs schematics
        E00090, 5000 Power supply, 12/80, 2 pgs schematics
        Model 440 & 450, I/O board and Z80 board,  schematics of 450, incomplete 10 pgs
	  Model 480, four line Acynchronous Communications Controller ACC, 10/81, 8 pgs
        ---See this note about errors in the schematic
        Model 490 hard disk controller, CDC "CMD" type, schematics only, 1/80, 13 pgs
        Model 491? - hard disk controller? 60 & 26 pin connectors. 6/80, 11 pgs
        Model 501 16K static RAM board, 7/80, 6 pgs
        Model 644 Z80 processor board, (docs say IMS International) 20 pgs
        Model 930 schematic, floppy controller, 7 pgs
        Model 971 Z80 CPU/ROM/RAM/serial/clock, 4 pgs no schematics
        --- from IMS 5000 manual
IMS International of Carson City, NV:

        Model 400, 430 (also 401) floppy disk controller, 10/81, 10 pgs
        Model 440 I/O board, 9/81, schematics 4/79, 32 pgs
        Model 464 64K Dynamic RAM Board, 8/80, 10 pgs
        Model 481 or C00480 line asynch Comm. controller, 16 pgs
          8 page manual, 8 page 8050 data sheets
        Model 451 Z80 processor board, 10/81, 11 pgs
        Model 631 I/O controller board, 14 pgs
        Model 644 Z80 processor board, (schematics say Industrial Micro Systems) 20 pgs
        Model 740 Z80 and I/O multiprocessor board, 10/81, 17 pgs
        Model 930 floppy disk controller, general description, 2/83, 8 pgs
        Disk Storage Subsystem - 8" Winchester drives, 1/82, 10 pgs

        CP/M 2.2 Implementation Guide, Series 5000, 8000 (1980). 20 pages plus following (copy)
          BIOS listings, 8" disks and CP/M for 1979 - 26 pages
          440 & 450 manual - 20 pgs
          440 schematics - 9 pgs
          450 schematics - 4 pgs
          400/430 floppy controller & schematics - 8 pgs
          282 16K static manual - 6 pgs
          5000 power distribution board - 1 page  
          8000 power distribution board - 1 page 

IMS board photos only

       MOdel 821 A821 WD controller (probably SASI interface, with ROM)
       Model 930 A930 Floppy Disk Controller (NEC 8257, D765A)
       Model 971 C971 ZPU I/O board (slave?) 
       Model 1021 A1021 64K Memory
       Model 1100 A1100 Winchester Controller (Intel 8085, Adaptec AIC-100 AIC-300)
       MOdel 1270 A1270 Z80B Master/slave see notes above
       MOdel 1320 A1320 Z80B User Processor see notes above
       IMS C00282 16K Static RAM
       IMS C00451 Z80 CPU board
       IMS C00480 4-line Communication Controller (8250 X 4) 
L F Technologies, Carson City NV
	  S100+ System Install, Sept 1985, 44 pgs
        -- setup for 1230 & 1240 (80186 card), 1260 memory, 1270 (Z80 master)
        Z80B Master CPU, C1273 possibly 1270 - schematic only, 7/85, 4 11X17 pages
          uses I/O "paddle" boards for serial, parallel - MUST BE GROUNDED TO POWER SUPPLY GND
        1270 jumper list, 1 page
        Jumper list for 862 I/O card, 881 8088 card, 930-5 floppy card - 1 page

IMS International and TurboDOS, a collection of documents:

	Ultima Series Video Display Terminal USer's manual, June 1984, 1/2 sized 36 pages
	-- no schematics, but includes setups, jumpers, A0066(x) video card
	TurboDOS 1.4 Z80 Implementor's Guide, June 1984, 100 pages (copy, 1 sided)
	TurboDOS 1.4 Programmer's Guide, June 1984, 190 pages (copy, 1 sided)

	(no title page) IMS 5000 series microcomputers V 7.01.83, 122 pages
	--description of 5000SX, 5000IS systems
	-- descriptions of following IMS cards, may be preceeded by "A"
	-- 451, 645, 971, 465, 961, 444, 631, 950
	-- 480, 740, 861, 431, 930, 821, 622
	-- card descriptions a few pages, with jumper, photo, I/O map
	--also Teac FD-55F and FD55B description
	-- also Rodime 5-1/4" RO201, RO202, RO203, RO204 hard drive descsription
	-- Also DS-100 tape controller card for cartridge drive

	Installing TurboDOS 1.3 June 1984 - 60 pgs
	---5000SX, 5000IS 8000SX 8000S setup, read me first, 3 pages
	--- Release Notes TurboDOS 1.2 Aug 1984 several pages
	-- installing includes running TURBOGEN, genning, Utilities, etc.

	TurboDOS User's Guide 1.3 Sept 1983, 170 pages
	--- what is it
	--- hardware, gettting started
	---files, backup, disk formats
	--- printing, processing, commands

      "Configuration Guide to Turbodos 1.2" May 1982, 150+ pages
       - with Update 1.21 Sept 1982
       - IMS Hardware, assembled code listings are 100 pages
       - covers IMS 740 slave, IMS 8000 system master
       - IMS 401 8" floppy controller
       - IMS 442 I/O, IMS 480 serial

      IMS 8000 Turbodos Manual - contains following:

      Installation for TurboDOS V 1.3 - 22 pages

      IMS 8000 Hardware Manual, 121 pages
      covers many IMS boards briefly, for system setup 
         451, 645, 971, 881, 465, 961, 444, 631, 
         480, 740, 861, 401, 930, 820	

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