ADES, ADSI: hard drive to S-100 interface

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The following information was provided to me in 2007 by Vern Potter, and is used with permission. - Herb Johnson

A.D.E.S. was a small company in Pomona (CA) that designed and built disk/tape controllers. It was owned by Bill and Tina Horton, and a couple other guys whose names escape me at the moment. They later went on to be significant in standardizing the Shugart Associates "SASI" interface into the standard SCSI interface that we have today.

I used to work for them in the late 70s and/or early 80s; and was involved with designing, testing, and manufacturing the products shown in the photos on my group. These particular PSBAs were ones that I used at home for my after-hours learning and additional testing.

The letters of the "ADES" name referred to "Adapted Data & Energy Systems". Later, they changed their name to "ADSI"; which I think was "Adapted Data Systems, Incorporated", but I'm not sure. After I left, I believe that they were purchased by (or merged with) Western Digital. [2017 note: WD likely acquired them around 1987 - Herb]

The Gypsy controller (shown on my group) interfaced between a host computer, a Winchester technology hard disk drive, and a tape cartridge drive. The Gypsy came in two models: Gypsy/P, using a Priam tape drive; and Gypsy/D, using a DEI tape drive. There was an S-100 interface to the Gypsy, called the GHIA (Gypsy Host Interface Adapter); and a cool little daughter card that plugged between a Z-80 and its socket to provide a simpler host interface. The PS-100 was a predecessor to the Gypsy; and if my memory serves me, it interfaced between the S-100 bus and the Winchester drive only (no tape support).

I have the documents for these products out in the garage, or maybe in the file cabinet (?); but haven't dug them out yet. By the way, all the PCBAs shown were designed and manufacturered by ADES, including the little parasitic host adapter for the Z-80. - Vern Potter, 2007

ades_controller.jpg Gypsy/P Disk-tape controller
ades_.hostjpg ASP-PSHA
ades_z80.jpg Z80 host adapter
ades_ps100.jpg PS-100 interface

2017 notes

In Oct 2017, a former Western Digital engineer contacted me, and confirm WD acquired this company. He may offer some manuals. I'll see if I can contact Vern about his manuals. - Herb

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