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Lomas Data Products was founded by Rich Lomas and operated in Marlboro, MA. (USA) during the early 1980's. They produced an 8088 S-100 card, and S-100 RAM and floppy controller cards which ran CP/M-86 and probably MS-DOS. This was followed by more RAM, video cards, 80286 cards and support for Concurrent PC-DOS. Later they produced SCSI controller cards for PC-compatibles. Last public discussion about LDP was in 1998 (comp.os.cpm), when his site was contacted a few years prior about legacy software. [Oddly, in Sept 2009, a Web site "lomasdata.com" consists of a Web page about SCSI, and a list of adult porn Web links linked from another site. This site or domain has been "hacked" - Herb.]

Lomas Data Products (LDP) docs

     LDP RAM owners manual (64K/256K), 16pgs
     LDP price list, 2 pgs
     LDP SCSI info sheet, 2 pgs
     LDP 86/88 monitor ROM sheet v1.09, 4 pgs
     LDP 72 floppy disk controller, 8272 data sheets, CBIOS source (old) 46 pgs
     LDP 128/256 (RAM card) docs, 14 pgs
     LDP 88 8088 processor card docs,  40 pgs
     LDP Hazitall manual rev 2 (I/O and hard disk card), 40 pgs

     LDP88 Owner's Manual, Rev 0 (photocopy), 50 pages
     LDP72 Owner's Manual, REv 0 (photocopy), 24 pages
        Intel 8272 data sheets (photocopy), 20 pages
        CBIOS listing (newer), from Intel development system, 14 pages
        Intel notes on SDK-86 serial monitor program, 16 pages
        LDP88/LDP72 LDPBIOS.A86 3/6/81, 17 pgs

the "old" CBIOS source assembled under ISIS's MCS-86 predates CP/M-86. 
It does not include JMPs to sector translate, set DMA, offset
of memory descriptor table in the "new" 1981 source under ASM86     

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