Friden/Singer Flexowriters and Calculators

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I have some Friden Flexowriter or Justowriter manuals, from which I can provide copies, as described below. Correspondence from Flexowriter owners is also below. For other computer-related manuals, check my miscelaneous manuals section and links to other pages from my S-100 computer cards home page.

In early 2004 I picked up this related item, a Freiden calculator. A gear is stripped and it is jammed but it could be made to function, someday...

Herb Johnson

Flexowriter manuals

Friden FL, Flexowriter-Justowriter Adjustment manual, mid-1950's. 250 pgs.

        Model FL. Includes addenda from 1954-1959.
        sections on writing machine, code selctor, clutch, tape punch,
           card edge punch, tape reader, tape/card edge reader, tab
           card reader, code translator.
        Section on circuit descriptions with schematics, timing diagrams.
        A 40-page chapter just on lubrication!

Friden Flexowriter: exerpt from RECOMP computer manual, 84 pgs.

        model and year not known, probably 1960's or 70's.
        Used for RECOMP computer as terminal, printer, paper tape date storage.
        Mechanical and electrical descriptions of printer, paper reader,
        punch. Some relay and other schematics. Probably suitable for
        repair or maintenance or interface to computers.

Correspondence about Flexowriters

Bob Behr

I corresponded in early 2003 with former Flexowriter repairman Bob Behr. His comments and history about the Flexowriter and the company that made that product are on the linked Web page.

Charles Murphy

In Feb 2013, Charles Murphy sent me these recollections of his work with Friden in the 1960's. They are here on my site with his permission.

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