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Mullen history

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Mullen owners

In July 2007 an owner of a Mullen TB-4 S-100 extender card and logic probe contacted me. Here's what he said:

I consider [the Probe] a bit more valuable than some [S-100 cards]; but then I used it for a while, and it helped me diagnose several problems. Even once I got my oscilloscope, I used the oscilloscope in conjunction with the extender to diagnose a lot of problems. The onboard logic probe was useful for checking for fairly simple problems; but amazingly most problems with S-100 buss systems were pretty simple. Things like someone yanking on RESET, or hanging a line high or low were pretty easy to see. The more sophisticated problems required an oscilloscope, which I later purchased. But even once I had the oscilloscope, I used the Mullen extender to give me access to the signals. Surprisingly, one of the most useful, yet simple things it offered was a label that showed the names of all the S-100 signals. There was one for each side of the S-100 connector that stuck up out of the cage." - Vern Potter

Mullen docs

TB-4 Extender card and logic probe,  6 pgs
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