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This section of my Web site lists electronic test equipment and related items. We also have some test or development or instrumentation computer cards on some of our other Web pages, as linked below. Customer references are on my "odds and ends" page. For S-100 (1970's computer) stuff, check our S-100 home page.Links to our major pages are on my home page at this link for Herb's Stuff. To email me, see see my ordering Web page for my email addresses.

All that said, the items on this page are linked below, with some links to related pages:

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To order, send an email message with your ZIP code or address (so I can quote shipping costs) and the items desired. That order page has my email address. If you are making inquiries or comments, the address is not required of course.

Oscilloscopes and related

[typical oscilloscope]

I have a small stock of oscilloscopes, either rack mount or portable or desktop. But given the poor market for the older instruments, we are parting out these. So boards and CRT's may be available, as well as some smaller portable oscilloscopes.

If you are a little lost about how to use oscilloscopes follow the link for some clues.

Tektronix series scopes, plugins, as parts

Tektronix 453 50MHz portable scope - PARTS.

five Tek 453 units available as of 2024 for parts only.

500 series plugins, acquired in late 2020. They look clean and in very good physical condition and very good cosmetic condition. But they are untested and not likely used in many years.

Type R Transistor Rise Time plugin s/n 14XX
- features germanium transistors, first plugin to have transistors, sold late 50's to 1966
Type O Operational Amplifier plugin s/n 17XX
- two op-amps 25Mhz, GBW is 15MHz, open DC gain is 2500, sold early 60's to 1973
Type 1A2 dual-trace Plug In s/n 39XX
- two channel 50Mhz, sold mid-60's forward
two Tek-style plastic cabinets w/handle to carry or store a single plug-in

I have some notible 7000 series Tektronix plug ins as follows below.
A 7D01 logic tester (double size) no probes. Talk to me about this.
Also some ordinary horiz and vert plugins, not too valuable today, as-is.
I have a few CRT's and parts (handles, knobs) from stripped 7000-series Tek scopes, ask.

other oscilloscope items

Vacuum Tube testers

Precision 954-G tube tester, pretty old and beat up, but tested and working. From Precision Apparatus Company. Has type 80 tube inside. Check this Web page for what I did to clean it and check it out.
precision photo 1, precision photo 2 , precision photo 3.

Heathkit TC-2 tube tester Case has cosmetic damage, but it's tested and working. We have a photocopy of the manual with schematic. This one, we'll keep for use, as typical prices for old emission-type testers are only a few tens of dollars., Here's the story on how I repaired and restored my TC-2. Some Heathkit devices and Heath manuals are on our Heath and Zenith Web page

Heath and Heathkit instruments

Some Heathkit computers and associated manuals and magazines are on our Heath and Zenith Web page

Heathkit IO-20 analyser

Heathkit IO-20 automotive analyzer w/manual. Ignition analyzer, powered up (using Variac) and appears to operate. Tubes are 5UP1, 1V2, 6EA8, 12AU7, 12AU7, 12AX7, 12AX7. Here's a test image on the CRT based on test procedure including jumpers as specified to display sine wave. Unit is clean, here's some small chipping of paint on two sides and much less chipping on the rest. We do not have the probe, but the Heath manual suggests it includes a small transformer as a pickup, maybe one can be constructed. Manual is in fair/good condition and appears complete. (I don't think the model number is 10-20 .)

)Note: I picked up in Sept 2011, a timing light with what MAY be a suitable HV probe and DC cables for the Heathkit. Ask about this. - Herb)

In June 2011 I was contacted by Mike Sloan, who has a CO-1015 Heath probe similar to the one above. Here's what he told me, and here's some photos of his probe. - Herb

[photo of probe] The two "posts" are .256" square and are .623 from the "top" to the "bottom" on the outside and .352" from the top to the bottom rail. The total outside length is 1.011", and the inside length between the too posts is .490". I counted 15 turns on the outer layer.....with my old eyes, [looking at] the image is better than actually looking at the coil.

I dug out the assembly manual for the CO-1015, and the schematic shows only the usual symbol for a choke with a metallic side (with a dozen loops, but you can't go by something like that). Looking more closely at the windings, I think I have to take back my guess that it is double. I think that what I took to be the underneath winding is just some cloth tape to keep the insulation from being abraded by the core. And, as you noted, most of the winding is coated with Glyptol or similar to keep in in place. And the pole material does appear to be some kind of potted or sintered iron, not pure metal. - Mike

Other Heath items

Heathkit EF-1This is a simple variable DC and AC supply to evalutate the Heathkit VTVM. Clean and looks to be in good shape. 6.3VAC, and variable 140V DC or AC supply at not much current.

Heathkit EUW-19A Operational Amplifier System. Malmstadt-Enke type, from the Malmstadt & Enke's book "Electronics for Scientists" which describes this EUW series of Heath products. Go to my Heath Zenith computer Web page for more.

Heath IP-20 0-50V at 0-1.5A rated. One meter, switched between current and voltage reading. Cosmetics good. Will test upon request. $49 plus shipping.

Repair notes: I've had to repair the controls on a few of these Heath high-voltage power supplies: here's some notes from a client about them. Replacement pots can be bought from Radio Shack and other sources.- Herb.

I just opened up an SP-2717A.  The pot in this unit looks original, and it
is actually marked 50 k ohm "AUD".  So it appears this is just an audio
taper pot.  It measures a tad below 10% at 50% rotation.
The 500k B pot looks to be linear if I actually measure the pot.  But the
voltage output is well below 200 volts (closer to 100) at 50% rotation on
this unit.  (I had already adjusted the zero and 400 V trim pots before
doing this.)  I suspect this is just an artifact of how this circuit works.
I guess I can understand why they selected an audio-taper pot for the C
voltage adjustment.  This would provide greater resolution at low voltages.
Remember, in an audio (logarithmic) taper pot, turning the pot (let's say up
or CW) X degrees from any initial voltage will result in the same Y
percentage increase in voltage from the initial voltage.  The amount of
rotation to get from 10 volts to 11 volts should be the same as 50 volts to
55 volts, or 100 volts to 110 volts.

HP instruments

HP 400E RMS voltmeter. The dB scale on the bottom is log and ranges from -10 to +2, the top scale is 0 to 1.0. Specifications for the model say its range is 1mV to 300V full scale and comparable range for decibels. Designed accuracy was: 4% (10 to 20Hz), 2% (20 to 40Hz), 1% (40Hz to 2MHz), 2% (2 to 4MHz), 4% (4 to 10MHz). Other specs are found on the Web and in manuals. A/C cord included. Functionally tested but accuracy not checked. $45 plus shipping. shipping weight of 9 pounds

HP 200 series Audio Oscillators Classic HP sine wave generator. Shipping weight 35 lbs or more. Also some HP 200CD parts, ask.

HP 200ABR model, rack mount. 20 cps to 40 kc model, introduced in early 1950's. Cosmetics a little rough, but looks intact. The interior looks clean and complete. The case has some paint damage. Serial number 008-11xxx. I'll let the next owner restore this unit. I'll price it when you contact me.

HP 200CD s/n 9140, an early model Has no handle, fine knob doesn't enagage well. Tag "239" on front. AC cord damaged but usable, seems original. Here's the interior. Note that V1/V3 are 6SH7; units before 900 used 6AC7, after 225XX used 6AU5. Here's the nameplate. I replaced 5Y3GT rectifier, other tubes HP branded. Good output on all bands when last tested. $60 plus shipping.

HP 200CD s/n 129-352xx Broken handle, fine knob incomplete tags date from 1979. Cord damaged but usable, seems original. Here's the interior. Here's the nameplate. Replaced one precision resistor with duplicate part from another unit. Good output on all bands. $45 plus shipping.

lasers and optical and photographic

We've acquired some old-school laboratory HeNe lasers and laser-based equipment. Also some IR or optical equipment. Some of these we can test. Others are either incomplete, or we can't test them due to their requirements, so they are sold essentially for parts to maintain another laser of the same brand and model. But our prices will be very modest in any case.

Candela Corp Dye laser, SLL-100-LL. Cabinet with laser tube only, no power supply or controller. Label says Rhodamine Dye laser, .2 joules @ 1 microsecond. Looks intact. Date 1978, case is 1' X 1' X 3.5'. Obtained Nov 2006. Looking for offer.

Wollensak FASAX camera B-C43. High speed movie film camera. Not yet evaluated, obtained Nov 2006. Ask for status.

Phototec IV camera. High speed movie film camera. Not yet evaluated, obtained Nov 2006. Ask for status.

Bolex Paillard H16 REX Reflex 16mm film camera. Here'a a Web page with some details and photos of my Bolex H16 REX Reflex, and accessories. Probably from 1960. Let me know if you are interested.

B&K cartridge microphones, impedance head, etc.

I acquired a number of B&K microphones. They include a 8001 impedance head, ZR 0020 inegrator, 4135 and 4131 cartridge microphones, and some related items. They include calibration charts, important because these are laboratory-grade microphones for testing. Check this Web page for my B&K microphones and for what is currently available.

Other instruments

Reliance Electric AutoMate 45C37A Remote I/O interface. Unused apparently, with manual. Factory control system module.

I have a InLab Inc. model 28A Universal Progammer. It's a PROM and PAL programmer from about 1989. I have manuals and software, but no power supply for it. The power supply is a wall-wart of some sort with a DB-9 female connector to the programmer. IN 2024 William Mc Carroll sent me this sketch of the power connector's DC requirements. Also docs on the homemade power supply he obtained with his unit. The 8V-9V side is regulated internally down to 5V for logic. The 27V+ supply is important. Most modern cheap programmers don't provide that much voltage, or enough current. So cheap programmers under-program some of the older EPROMS that need 20-25V programming pulses.

Follow this Web link to some Rustrak Ranger and Ranger II data loggers and voltage and current probes.

Bauch & Lomb Spectronic 20 classic lab spectrophotometer. Seems to function but will likely need repair.

Nicolet Nice Z80 in circuit emulator pod for Z80. I have the case and the Z80 pod which plugs into the Z80 socket and which has a DB25 connector. I recently (2008) obtained a manual and made a copy. If you have experience with this emulator, please contact me. One person who did is Jeff Jonas at this site. Here's an image of the back of the NICEZ80 showing the cable and the header plug-ins.

Keithley model 417 picoammeter two units available. Here's what they look like. Both have the 4170 Input Head plug-in. The back has a BNC input, remote connector, and output "1MA-3V" jack. Rack mount. Ask for price and details.

Sinclair DM2 Multimeter, seems to work OK. With 110V/60Hz wall power supply. This could be a classic! Sold by Clive Sinclair's company (the ZX-80 Sinclair guy) in 1974, 1975 as a kit for 50 pounds (UK). What's it worth to you?

E-C Apparatus Corp EC-500, power supply. Still under evaluation, ask!

Eico 377 sine and square wave audio generator. Old, classic unit. 20Hz to 200kHz in four bands. Not working, dead, sold AS IS for $20 plus shipping.

Optimation Inc RCD-4 sine wave oscillator. Apparently precision as it has four decade (0-9) controls to set frequency. Audio range. A/C powered.

Simpson 270 meter w/ 654 Audio Wattmeter adapter! 270 series 3 meter, not an old model, looks in good shape. With model 654 matching audio wattmeter adapter. This adapter apparently supports measurements at 8, 16 and 600 ohms impedance. There is a slide rule on the adapter to convert meter readings from volts to watts. $59 plus shipping for both.


Presto brand? equipment suitcases, 19" X 16" X 10" (inches) outside dimensions, with locking latches and accordion folders. Like Parker brand. For transit or tranport or shipping of equipment and instruments. One or two three or five-slot folders for documents or boards. (Folders are attached by rivets, not normally removable.) Hard molded plastic ribbed construction, room for padding. Weight with two sets of folders is 15 lbs, with one set 11 lbs. Internal dimensions depending on ribs and with folders removed is 17-18 X 14.5 X 9. A few keys available, keys appear to be universal. Five cases available, $39 each plus shipping.

A very different case, are these RCA component boxes. They measure 4-1/2 inches long and 1-1/2 inches square, approximately. They are marked "Electron Tube Components" and no hand markings. I have dozens of these, all very clean and looking like the one photographed. From an RCA engineer. Serious inquiries only.

GPIB, IEEE-488, data collection, comm, development cards

I have a number of various PC cards (ISA, PCI, NuBus bus) for data acquisition or control. They are untested but look undamaged. If you have software or links to software I can try to test. I'm looking for reasonable offers for these; offers of $10 or so are not reasonable. If you want Apple or Mac NuBus cards, check my Mac Web site's NuBus section.

PC XT, AT, ISA, PCI prototype or I/O cards

This content moved to another Web page: IBM PC (XT, AT, PCI, ISA bus cards

HP operating and service manuals

$10 plus postage and packing for ORIGINAL manuals except when priced otherwise.

17174B manual, DC offset Input Module
1601A manual (copy), logic state analyzer for HP 180 'scope, 123 pgs, $15
--10231A data probe, copy, 9 pgs, $2
--10230A, clock probe, copy, 9 pgs, $2
400E, 400EL manual, AC voltmeter
427A manual, Voltmeter
427A manual, voltmeter (another manual)
434A manual, Calorimetric Power meter
350C, 350D attenuator set manual

other manuals

Air Force manual, AN 16-3OURM49-3, AN 16-35TS418-3, TS-418 Signal Generator manualUHF signal generator, 1950. Schematics and parts and operations, options and so forth. Original in good shape.

Control Data Corp (CDC) 440A Peak reading voltmeter manual
Polarad Electronics Corp, Synchroscope Spectrum Analyzer, TSA-S and TSA-SF (original)

Cleveland Institute of Electronics self-education booklets: $12 for all four
Electronics: Digital Systems and How to Troubleshoot Them, 3468-1
Electronics: Digital IC Families with Practical Operating Requirements, 3466-1
Electronics: Important Digital IC Circuits, 3467-1

I have Commodore and Amiga service manuals on the page linked.

Toshiba Technician's Ready Reference" for Libretto Portege Satellie Tecra laptops, from Nov 1998. This provides service information for these laptops; Libretto 50CT 70CT 100CT 110CT. Portege 300CT, 320CT, 610CT, 620CT, 650CT, 660CDT, 3010 3015. Satellite 100CS 105CS 110 115CS 20CDS 220CDS 305CDS 310 C15 320 330 2505CDS 2510CDS 2515CDS 4000 4010 4020 Pro 400 405CS 410 415CS 420 425 430 440 460CDT 470CDT 480CDT 490CDT 409XCDT. Tecra 500 510 520 530 550 700 710 720 730 740 750 780 8000. Parts lists, assembly drawings, I/O lists. 500 pages.

I have a Tektronix binder with *FACTORY CALIBRATION* procedures for 100 series through 590 series equipment, and for many plugins. Dates are from the late 50's thru early 1960's. Some depend on the serial number of the device. Most are several pages, a few are longer or shorter. Almost all are original documents but there are some photocopies. Procedures refer to use of Tektronix instruments (signal generators, etc.) or in a few cases to specialized test equipment.

In May 2010 I sold this manual, it's likely to be put on the Web. Contact me if you are interested.

Plotters, supplies, accessories

I have a few HP desktop plotters, contact me for details. Here's a few of them:

HP 7090A Measurement Plotting System is a 6-pin desktop plotter with three analog input channels which are digitized at 33KHz for 3KHz storage and plotting. There is also a date/time clock to date stamp the plots, a LCD character display to show status, signals and setups; and an IEEE-488 (HP-IB, GPIB) control interface. They don't make plotters like this anymore! Here's an image of the plotter. Details of these features:

Contact me about prices and shipping.


Six unused GEnicom 1A3000B01 ink ribbons. For Genicom 3460, 3470, 3480, 3570, 3580. From year 2003. Sealed unused, ten ribbons. $10 each plus shipping and packing.
Six unused Genicom 3A1600B22, for Genicom 3860, 3880. Unused. $10 each plus shipping and packing.

chart paper

Fischer and Porter 214G064 circular charts 12" diameter, 24 hour charts, scales 0-500 and 0-200. 8 boxes, 100 charts/box.

Graphics Controls Corp. 231-T12 roll charts. "to fit L & N". 10-3/4" wide rolls, 10-3/8" between holes. HOrizontal scale 0-300, "DEG FAHR". length stamped with hour marks every 12 inches, lines every 1.5 inches. 20 boxes of one roll each.

Graphics Controls Corp. 82S511 roll charts. "Taylor 0-250". 4-3/8" wide rolls, 4-1/4" between holes. HOrizontal scale 0-250, length stamped with hour marks. lines every 1 inches. 20 boxes of one roll each.

Small plotter fiber pens

I have dozens of new-old-stock plastic computer plotter fiber-tip pens. The link is to a photo of one, with a cap on the end. Staedtler model 32BG03-9 (black) and 32BG03-3 (blue), suitable for many old HP plotters. These are packaged by fives, and I have about 50 sets split roughly between black and blue. Looking for offers for lot or for several sets at a time..

For more info or orders:

To order, send an email message with your city/state/ZIP code (if you want shipping estimates) and the items desired. That order page has my email address. If you are making inquiries or comments, your shipping address is not required.

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