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My primary services are in S-100 cards and systems, or Apple Macintosh systems But I also offer a number of computer cards which generally are either older mulitcard computers systems, like Multibus or VMEbus or STD bus; or some instrumentation cards for systems which use PCI, ISA (Pentium/PC's) or Nubus (Apple/Mac), or DEC minicomputers (Unibus, Qbus, Omnibus). I may have other brands of cards per "bus". Also, I have some whole systems which are described on individual Web pages.

These cards are generally in good physical condition but generally sold AS-IS UNWARRENTED as I can't test them, and generally not returnable. I don't price these cards online, I price when asked. But the prices I accept are modest, well below "tested and warranted" prices, and most customers report good results. I've had no complaints over the years. As for systems, you can ask about them.

Links to cards and docs available, photos
Terms of ordering and payment
Customer references

For general terms of ordering, sales and payment, and to EMAIL @ me, check my ordering Web page. But terms on this page, and with my quote to you, superceed the terms on my ordering page as it so notes.


Here's links to the cards, docs, and software I have, followed by a general description and terms.


Here is a Intel Multibus hardware and docs I have for sale, or Intel systems I've restored. Some have been sold; my point is to document and preserve some of their history. I also point to some Multibus systems and discussions, on a Web page about interests in INtel's ISIS operating system for the Multibus.

Here's a general list of older Intel manuals for reference; I do not have these, look on my other pages for what I have.

In 2008-09 I restored an Intel System 320, a 386 based system running Xenix. Check this Web page for details.

In June 2015, I restored to operation a Heurikon MLZ-91 Multibus Z80 system card in a simple Multibus card cage with simple power supply. It's a nice card for 1981.

In May 2019, I came across a late-model Multibus system, with a 80486 processor card, running MS-DOS! Take a look at this portion of a Multibus instrumentation system from the 1990's.


I have a teeny bit of Intel pre-Multibus stuff, the "Intellec" series of 4-bit and 8-bit development systems. For now the best link to what I have is my description of restoring an Intellec 4/40 system. These are not likely for sale; I might buy yours. - Herb

Other cards and docs

Here's some VME bus cards and docs.
I picked up some STD bus cards.
Here's a Web page to my DEC cards and systems
The S-100 (IMSAI, Altair) items I sell are at that link.

Pretty old stuff

In 2006, I got some Intel 4040 and 4004 based Prolog brand cards and docs

Some years prior, I acquired an Intel 4040 system and an Intel 4040-based PROM programmer. See these on my intellec 4/40 Web page.
In my Apple/Mac pages I have some NuBus and PCI cards.

Here's a Web page of Single-board computers I've found, restored, or otherwise accumulated.

In 2012 I acquired some Documation brand model M200 punch-card controller boards, for want of a better name. Maybe you need spare boards?

How about a Motorola EXORbus system? That's their 8-bit 6800/6809 bussed stuff, before VME. Take a look at this EXORset 30 box, from the 1970's.

Chassis, cases

I have a bunch of card cages and chassis that can or do hold backplanes, power supplies, etc. Check my Web page of cages and chassis.

Vector brand CCF-13 card cages, will hold STDbus cards, possibly others if user-modified. CCF-13 card cages are equivalent to today's Vector brand CCA13M/90 cage with metal card guides. See Vector's description for details. I have several of the cages, unused in original shipping boxes. Cage is 5.23" high, 9" deep, and 19" long (rack mount). Box is slightly larger. Cage holds 21 cards in metal slots 3/4" apart. Supports 4.5" x 6.5" circuit boards such as STDbus cards (photo) or classic Vector 3662A6 or 3662-9 with 44 pin edge connectors. Backplane not included. $49 plus shipping each.

card photos

Images of some of my cards: some of these may have been sold, check my lists.
MUltibus Intel SBC 724 card
MUltibus Intel SBC 711 card
STDbus card
STDbus GPIB card
Heurikon VME 68010 cards.

Customer References

Many of these cards are bought for industrial use. Those customers generally don't say "thank you" after getting them. But most appreciate that I offer these, and a few send a follow-up such as the comments below. - Herb

D.V. of California ordered some STDbus cards and said: "Cards came in today. Works great too. I'll send you a set of pictures when my project is finished."

Other customer references are in my Mac sales section and my S-100 sales section.

Terms, conditions, prices

I have a number of various computer cards which are pulled from Windows or Mac systems, or are themselves systems of cards (like Multibus, VME, etc.) These are all obsolete cards which would never be used for current or new applications. They are ALL sold untested, as is, because there is no reasonable way for me to test them - I don't have software, and their GENERAL resale value is too low for me to spend time making custom software and physical setups for each card or system, and so forth.

Here's what I do. I identify the cards and post descriptions on my Web site. I inspect the cards visually to at least determine they are in good cosmetic condition - no broken components, no corrosion, etc. And they are kept in reasonable conditions, and shipped in antistatic bags and well packed. I provide photos for serious offers. So I've invested space and time and effort in these - consequently I expect reasonable offers and not junk offers.

My typical selling prices for these cards are from $25 to $100 each in most cases. Less than $25 plus shipping is just not worth my time and fuss; more than $100 is generally more than most customers will risk for an unwarrented item, particularly a smaller or less sophisicated item. I've sold some cards for much more, depending on circumstances and the customer.

Customers who buy these cards typically have systems with these cards and need a replacement. Or they are familiar with the card and its use. Consequently, they can test the card in short order and make a determination quickly. They take some risk that the card is not working, or they have the information, time and skill to perform (or purchase) such repairs as might be needed. I've had very few complaints over the years, and most customers report success with the cards they buy. After all, I'm providing an item that in some cases is just no longer available; and in other cases might sell for many times the price I accept. Meanwhile, if a customer MUST have a WARRENTED card of some sort, they will likely go to one of the few vendors of cards which provide support and testing and warrenties, and pay their accordingly higher prices for such services.

For general terms of ordering, sales and payment, and to EMAIL @ me, check my ordering Web page. But terms on this page, and with my quote to you, superceed the terms on my ordering page as it so notes.

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