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many-pin connectors

AMP connectors from late 1980's, unused.
--- Some gold crimp pins available. Black plastic shells or housing only. Many in AMP brand bulk boxes.

206305-1, 37 pin plug, 23 available
206306-1, 37 pin chassis, 25 available

206062-1, strain relief shell, 5/8", 55 available

206151-1, 37 pin chassis bulkhead connector, 63 available
206150-1, 37 pin cable connector, see above,15 available

206138-1, 37-pin strain relief shell, 1-3/8", 64 available
206138-1, 37-pin strain relief shell, 1-3/8", see above, 73 available

BURNDY round cable/chassis connnectors, 30 pin - no pins

all photographed here
G0820-30SNE, bulkhead or chassis, square hole to mount. 38 units
BIF20-30PNE, bulkhead or chassis, threaded cable clamp. 22 units
G8F20-30PNE, cable with cable clamp, 50 units. Mates to G1F20, G0B20 above.

AMP pins, .062 dia, look like a fit for BRUNDY connectors above

different numbers below correspond to various wire gauge, 14, 16, 18...
AMP 66099-1, male pin, crimp, 350 pins
AMP 60099-4, male pin, crimp, over 400 pins
amp 66400-2, male pin, crimp, 2 boxes each about 600 pins
AMP 66361-1, male pin, crimp, 149 pins
AMP 66399-2, FEMALE pin, crimp, 215 pins

Harting brand connectors

09-06-048690-1, 3 X 16 pin, right angle, mail. .1" centers X .2" centers. - 11 units
09-06-048680-1, 3X 16 pin, straight, female, 24 units

Cannon or ITT D-shaped connectors and shells, three rows of pins.

Connector size like typical two-row DB-25, DB-37's etc. Some have pins bagged with the connectors, we also have some bags of pins, and connectors without pins.

Cannon 2DE-19S, 19 pins three rows, OUT
Cannon metal shell for 2DE-19 connector, 12 units
Cannon 2DB-52 pin three row male connector with male pins, 47 bagged with pins? 20 loose
Cannon 2DB-52 pin three row female connector, (male, female?) pins, 24 bagged units

DB-25 D-shaped connectors and shells with crimp pins

Cannon. Three rows of pins. Connector size like typical two-row DB-25, DB-37's etc.

Cannon 2DE-19S, 19 pin three row male with 030/9542-001 male pins. 11 units wiht pins
2DB-52P, 52 pin three row male connector with male pins, 17 bagged with pins
2DB-52S, 52 pin three row female connector, 35 units no pins, 39 w/pins
030-9542-001, pins, 190 pins.

AMP DB-25 D-shaped connectors or shells with crimp pins

040-1952-001, male pins, 18 bags of 25+ 3 bags of 9 + 500 = 1000 pins
040-1953-000, female pins, 10 bages of 25 + 500 + 600 = 1350 pins
AMP 205207-1 loose DB-25S (female) no pins, 69 units

CINCH brand metal shells for DB-25 or 52-pin connectors

DB 24659, DB-25 shells, bags of 50, 75, 60; 5 boxes of 10 shells; 4 boxes of 25 shells = 300 total
DD 24661,CINCH brand metal shells for DB-37, 3 boxes of 10 = 30 total
ITT D20419 "clips", 50 bags

CH brand metal shells for DB-37, 3 boxes of 10


Potter and Brumfield (P&B) relays.

KRPA14DN-24V, boxed 10A 120VC contacts, 11 pin, 30 units.
11 pin sockets for these relays, screw terminals, loose unused, 23 units
"N" means silver/cadmium oxide contacts. Common industrial information suggests "Usual AgCdO contact materials contain 10-15% cadmium oxide."

P&B relays, 11 pin, 23 units.

P&B KHS17A12 4PDT 3A 120VAC small sealed cans. 35 units
bases for above, P&B 27E166, 300V 5A, 13 units

P&B 11-pin bases, screw terminals, 27E438 300V 10A, 6 units
P&B 8 pin bases, screw terminals, 8 small units, 4 large units

Boxed unused P&B Relays:
P&B KRP14AN, 3PDT 10A 12VAC 11 pin, 10 units
P&B KRP14AN, 3PDT 10A 24VAC 11 pin, 15 units
"N" means silver/cadmium oxide contacts.

Loose Relays:
P&B KRPA11DG 24VDC 8 pin, 4 units
P&B KRP11AGG 24VAC 8 pin, 3 units
AMP brand KRP11OG 110VDC 11 pin, 3 units
KRP14AN 120V AC 11 pin, 6 units
no brand, open coil and contacts, DPDT, 6 units
"G" means silver/cadmium oxide contacts

P&B 24A071, mounting clips. In boxes. uncounted.

Spools of optical fiber, various lengths. Black cladded fiber cable, HP brand.

Appears to be spools of tens to hundreds of meters, HP brand, all marked HFBR-3000. Plus, unspooled bundles and multiple-paired cable assemblies. most of these spools and bundles have terminated fibers in an optical coupling.

five HP spools 3000-0375. Dated from 1983.Here's a typical spool and here's a tag.
one spool HP brand 3000-0200.
one spool HP brand 3000-0100.
one spool HP brand 3000-0061.
two spools 3000-0026

fiber on Alpha brand spool. 100900? 2260? 9059? hundreds of feet. Probably respooled from another spool. Looks the same as HP spooled cable.

Unspooled bundles of fiber optic, three or four.

Unspooled bundles of pairs of fiber optic, terminated, in firm, purple plastic jacket.

small spool, 4 optical fibers tied to 1/2" plastic rope

very large spool, 202509 ?, 18 optical fibers tied to 1/4" plastic rope.

technical information:

from an HP data newsletter for 1980:

"HFBR-3000 assemblies consist of both cable and connectors. The cable is a single-silica, glass-clad fiber encased in silicone coating, with a buffer jacket. this combination is cover by a scruff-resistant outer jacket. The connectors mate directly with optical ports on HFBR-1001 and HFBR-1002 transmitter and HRBR-2001 recievers. Optimum spectral transmission on the 100-micrometer core cable occurs at 820nm - the wavelength of emission from the HFBR-1002 transmitter. At this wavelength, attenuation is typically 7 dB/km".

Technical information: HFBR-1002 description.


Other items

United Data Services brand, EIA RS-232 to Current Loop interface. model 0567 ? several modules, two have DB-25 connectors. Documentation available as copy from original.

Lambda brand LNS-Y-5-OV,open-frame power supplies, 5V, 4A at 60C, 5A at 50C. 10 units. here's the transformer view. Used, need testing, labeled "overvoltage protection disabled".

National brand locks, C8054-14A disk tumbler keyed locks, mount in chassis to lock/unlock door or drawer. Unused, bagged individually - box of 25. ALL USE SAME KEY, two keys per lock.

BUD brand BF-55 filter for blower, used with B-54. Fiberglass filter, 17" X 6.5". 30 units, unused, wrapped individually.

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