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I mostly deal in Mac and old S-100 equipment (pointers later). But I also obtain other old computers in the process. Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) items for instance.SGI and Sun systems. Also, we list related equipment like terminals, tape media, and so forth. Despite their age, there is still interest in these systems.

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If you are interested in these systems, you might be interested in other older computers. Check my my S-100 Web page to see all my S-100 (Altair, IMSAI, etc.) docs. Also check my Intel Multibus, STDbus and VME lists of docs and hardware I have.

Meanwhile, I have other activities on this Web site: Check my Home page for links to other sections on Astronomy and Optics; Apple Macinstosh stuff; S-100 computers and 8-inch floppy drives; SGI, Sun and DEC equipment; some "odds and ends" computer stuff; electronic and other test equipment; and personal information.

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[tek 4006-1]

Tektronix 4006-1 graphics display terminal. This is their smaller model, green screen about 10 inches diagonal. Got it April 2001, at that time it would power up but was not functional. These were used in the 1970's for graphics, X-Y or vector drawing not raster scan.

LSI ADM-3A terminals

LSI brand ADM-3A terminals, the little blue Lear/Seigler terminals so popular and cheap in the early 1970's! These often have lower case text, display 80 X 24 characters, and have basic cursor control and scrolling. Here's a 2008-date WEb page about the ADM-3a.

I sold a number of these in the 1990's and 2000's. But by 2020 or so, I have a few left that need more work, some parts and cases available. Some have graphics upgrades. I've moved my ADM-3A descriptions and offers (if any) to a separate ADM-3A Web page. Check there for more info about repairs and features and things.

Terminal Manuals

Some ADM manuals are available as PDFs, ask for costs of a copy:
..ADM-2 operator's handbook, polling descript. 80 pgs (half sized)
..ADM-3A operator's handbook, 50 pgs (half sized)
..ADM-3A Maintenance Manual, schematics, 110 pgs (full size)
Prices depend on whether you want full page copies, or half-page copies. However these may be freely available on Web archives.

Electrolabs ESAT 200B terminal card Docs only. 12 pages, no schematics.
--- also includes price list, 4 pages on 10MBy tape controller card.

Other terminal manuals:
Hazeltine 1500 Video Display Terminal Reference Manual
Hazeltine 1500 Application note 1, timing
Hazeltine 1520 Application note 1, printer interfaces
Hazeltine 1400/1410 reference manual, 45 pages, no schematics.
Hazeltine Product briefs on 1500, 1510, 1520, 1400, 1420, Modular one
Teleray 10 series CRT Data terminal, Research Inc
Freedom 200 User's Manual, Liberty
Freedom 200 VDT User's manual, Liberty
Tlevideo 950 Operator's Manual
TECO TM-12 PC miontor, Data Electronics Devices
MicroScan 5aP, 5EP Intelligent Display System, ADI

Printer manuals

Xerox 800 800 C ETS documenation for their daisy wheel printer. Schematics and other technical docs. Service manual. COpies of copies. Ask for a descripion.

Omingraphic series 2000 X-Y recorder manual 24 pages with schematic.

Digital tape drives

Also check my odds Web page, for data tape media and drives.

Links to useful sites

This list is far from comprehensive. A Google search will find many good Web sites regarding the items listed on this page.

The Linux MIPS Web site has info on running Linux on SGI systems. Go there for details. It may be a little dated. There is a mailing list there. A voice says "plugh".

DBIT company supports PDP-11 emulation and also running PDP-11 cards from Intel/Pentium based computers. Check there for details.


My references for SGI, Sun and other sales are on my SGI Web page.

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