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Here's some Uninterruptable Power Supplies I have. These are offered without batteries. They worked when I got them, if the price I get is good I can test them before shipping. Weights listed are approximate, without batteries and we may add weight in any shipping estimates. We don't sell batteries, we have used bats not worth shipping costs but still useful. MOst of these UPS's are rated in volt-amps in their name: a "3000" model is 3000VA. Watts are somewhat less.

I often buy UPS's for their batteries, to "feed" my other UPS's. It's not hard to test a UPS before purchase: if it "blurps" at me and responds to some AC power, I generally consider it worth buying. So I end up with a number of good UPS's and a bunch of bad batteries left over. I'm capable of testing these if time permits and if I'm "paid" to do so.

big UPS's

Here's a few of the APC 3000 units I regularly use for my computers. They've been real reliable. Weight - I don't know yet - Size about rack-mount size, that's 19-20 inches wide, 12 inches deep, 5 inches tall. All tested and working, but I'm not giving tHESE away, these are my backups!

I have one Compaq UPS that's also about 3000 watts. Very heavy even without batteries, something like 130 lbs, and a steel battery rack to boot! This is a rack-mount unit. Not tested, it had fried batteries when I got it. Uses 16 batteries, two banks of eight, each battery 6V 12AH. So that's two banks of 48V of battery. Ohmmeter says zero ohms between the two negative leads, and between the two positive leads, to the batteries. Size is 19" wide (18 and rack-mount ears) X 23" D X 6" H. Here's a fried battery. Here's the insides. Here's the electronics. Here's the transformer. Here's the back panel.

I have two Best Power UPS units, rated 1.8KVA. Physically similar and using the same four big 12V batteries in series, they have different digital controllers but very similar switching supplies. Batteries are car-bat sized, Best Power BAT-0103, 75 A-H batteries by cross-reference. Compatible batteries have these specifications: Weight 54.5; Volts 12; Amp-Hour 75; CCA 433; Length 10.25; Width 6.13; Height 9.13; Terminals Z (top square terminals with bolt hole as I recall).

Here's the stack of them both. The top one I'll call "grey", the bottom "blue". Each one is about 120 pounds empty, with dimensions 16" W X 22" H X 24" D.

"grey" is model Best Power ME1.8KVA and it has has this spec lable. It has this front and here's the working electronics. This is the switching supply. This is the digtal logic. This is the power transformer and a shoe for reference. The fuse. The back panel.

"blue" is model Best Power FE1.8KVA has this spec lable. The front. the open top view. The digital logic (different from "grey"). The switcher (looks like "grey").

small UPS's

Here's a pair of APC SmartUPS 900 UPS's. they stack pretty nicely, these are two independent units. Each weighs about 25 lbs. 900VA, 630W says the lable. Don't recall their condition. Uses two 12-volt rather tall cells. INcidently, I have a DC battery box of similar dimensions and of the same shape (15 lbs with cables); but it is not for THESE units, it's for another UPS that I may not have. These two UPS's don't support external batteries.

Here's a stack of five APC SmartUPS UPS's. Various ratings of 400VA, 430VA. Each weighs about 15 lbs. Use one or two batteries, not too big. Size is approximately a foot long by 4 or 5 inches wide by several inches tall. Pretty common sort of UPS for several years ago. I usually bought these working, so these probably still work.

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