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This section of my Web site lists some PC-compatible boards for the ISA bus or PCI bus. ISA includes "XT" and "AT".

On other pages, I have electronic test equipment and related items. We also have some test or development or instrumentation computer cards on some of our other Web pages, as linked below. Customer references are on my "odds and ends" page. For S-100 (1970's computer) stuff, check our S-100 home page.Links to our major pages are on my home page at this link for Herb's Stuff. To email me, see see my ordering Web page for my email addresses.

On other Web pages:

ISA prototype or proto board cards

These are cards for 8-bit or 16-bit (XT OR AT) ISA bus, which allow you to build your own card. Components are mounted on sockets or directly on the card. If you don't know what these are, you can't us 'em!

JDR brand 16-bit protoboard JDR-PRIO AT type 16-bit blank card with layout for decoding the ISA bus, using PAL and other logic chips. Also JDR Microdevices 8-bit XT prototype cards. Some new unused and sealed in baggies. Ask if available.

Vector brand 4167-10-02 and 4167-10-01 4-slot XT or AT backplane extender This includes the AT plug-in board, cable to backplane. 1 XT slots and 1 AT slot are populated. ask if available

IBM brand AT Prototype adapter. Two available, one with brief doc. .
one 16-bit or AT extender card Vector brand, and one 8-bit extender with fuses by Techmar Inc. in 1981
Vector 8 bit XT extender card (retail $70), one available.
PC type prototype boards from JDR. Two 16 bit (top) one 8 bit (bottom). Typical retail is $50 and up

Vector brand 4167-3 AT protoboard.

Augat brand 16-bit wirewrap cards, two available - UNUSED and unwrapped
boards are stacked together to protect gold-plated pins.
These boards would cost hundreds of dollars at today's prices, due to the number of gold-plated pins, if they are made at all. It's too expensive to provide unused gold pins. A tribute to 1980's hardware development.

SCSI cards for Windows, Pentium, Intel systems

These cards are to run SCSI drives from Intel, Windows, Pentium systems. We keep a small stock of such cards. We can't warrent they will work on YOUR system. SCSI controller cards have various external connectors: either DB-25 like Macs, or a SCSI-2 (narrow 68 pin SCSI) or a SCSI-3 (narrow 80-pin SCSI). Some of these cards also have INTERNAL SCSI connectors, which may or may not be usable depending on use of external connectors. Don't ask me for explanations, check the Web for specifics. I have SCSI drives (mostly for Apple Macson this linked Web page.

PCI bus cards with DB-25 connectors include:
Adaptec 2902, 2906: $15 each

PCI bus cards with SCSI-2 connectors include:
Advantsys ABP-15; NCR815XS, BusLogic BA80C30, Adaptec AHA-2940, etc. etc.
Prices start at $20, ask for specifics, let me know what INTERNAL connectors you want.

PCI bus cards with SCSI-3 connectors include:
Symbios Sym8751SPE (four available), Adaptec AHA-2940W, Adaptec AHA 2940UW, etc.
Prices start at $25, ask for specifics, let me know what INTERNAL connectors you want.

ISA SCSI cards are also available. These will start at $10 plus shipping, be specific about features, or brand and model. Cards include Adaptec, Domex DMX3181LE, others. Many have DB-25 connectors.

Other Cards by brand and function

Strawberry Tree Computers "Analog Connection Jr." ISA cardCard, manual, 5.25" diskette. 8-bit ISA card with 50-pin flatcable connector. 8 analog differential inputs, 9-12 bits, up to 10KHz. 12 digital I/O lines. one counter/timer. Support for thermocouple input. Input protection to 50 volts. 200 page original manual. Untested but it's rare to have docs and software for an I/O card!

Scientific Solutions Stepper Motor Controller, 8-bit ISA card part number 20018. UNUSED cards in box, one cards available. Uses CY525 Stepper Motor chip, two chips per card. 1981 product. Docs sold to another customer, unfortunately. Card is about 12 inches long.

Harco Industries Parallel / Interface 044-039-055. 8-bit ISA card with female DB-25 connector on end. Has two Li batteries, eight NEC D43256BCZ-70L RAM chips. 74LS244 and 74LS373 drivers and recievers to the parallel port. Also Dallas DS1210 and DS1211 chips. Maybe it's set up as an old parallel port card with battery backed memory! Maybe the Dallas chip is a clock chip! It's up to you to work the details.

We have a AT&T 80386/25 WGS system, with Windows 3.1 and MS-DOS, running OK except the battery/clock chip (time of day and other CMOS settings) is out of power. Previously contained in the above AT&T system is a Bit 3 501-101 card, ISA card. It has two ports on the end which appear to be fiber optic. Chips on board are AM7969-125DC and AM7968-125DC "TAXIchip" labled. We have a backup of the software of the whole system, there is likely some Bit 3 software on it. But we never ever ever warrant software in any way. Contact me if you are interested in this board.

Iomega PC2B card with lables for PC2, PC2B50F DDXPC2F. This is apparently an old old SCSI card of some sort, may have been used with HP JetStore 2000 tape drives. Has external and internal 37-pin connectors. $20 plus shipping, condition unknown.

Allen Bradley 1784-KTX . 16-bit ISA card for communications with A-B products using DH +, DH Plus, and DH-485 networks. List price is over $700, used price seems to be $60-$80 as of Dec 2004. The A-B Web site suggests this card can be used for a 15% credit for an upgrade card or product. Demo drivers may be available from the Web at no charge, check the Web for specifics. Card removed from PC w/o hard drive or software, looks in good condition. But we have an original CD with "FIX 7.0" software from Intellution INc. (Now a division of General Electric GEfanuc) from 1999. FIX is a software package for industrial automation; support and drivers appear to be online. Looking for your offer.

IBM brand GPIB interface cards for IBM-PC's I have two 8-bit ISA cards (for IBM-XT's and later) made by IBM for the General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB, HP-IB, IEEE-488), model 6541503. One is the card only, the other an unused old stock card in original box, with manuals, diagnositic diskette, and card in original antistatic bag. These are not tested so sold AS-IS. Shipping weight about 4 lbs. These are old but maybe you need exact replacements. For Linux software, you might check the "Linux Lab Project" on the Web. Apparently there is a current (2002) card, model AX5488, that is compatible with this card.

For Apple NuBus IEEE-488 controllers, check my Mac cards (Nubus, PCI) Web page. I may have other IEEE-488 devices for the Mac, check other parts of my Mac Web site accordingly.

IBM Data and control cards I have (Mar 2004) three IBM brand Data Acquisition and Control Adapters (DACA), card number 6323710 model number 6451502. No docs, not tested, found in a collection of old stock cards so these are sold AS-IS in antistatic bags. Here's an image of the three cards. These are long XT-type (8 bit ISA) cards, with some kind of long thin external connector. Two cards have a "loopback" block in this connector for testing. This is all we know specifically, a Web search shows these were an IBM product in the mid 1980's

The DACA Technical Reference is available at bitsavers.org in a volume set of the IBM Personal Computer, Hardware Reference Library, Technical Reference. Options and Adapters; in Volume 3. Since the 2020's, no one seems to have any other information or programs. There's several online research papers (for a fee) that describe use of the DACA and so are found by Web search.

An on-line IBM research paper had the following information: "the DACA has two analog outputs with 12-bit resolution, four analog inputs, a digital output of 16 bits and a digital input of 16 bits. The analog input channels mulitplex into one A/D converter of 12-bit resolution; the rate of data sampling can be as high as 17kHz. The dynamic ranges of the analog inputs and outputs are switch selectable: from 0 to +10V, from -5V to +5V, and from -10V to +10V." This card was used with a distribution panel, essentially a cabled card with screw terminals. Another user of this card says it also has a 32-bit timer and a 16-bit externally-clocked timer/counter.

Looking to SELL these DACA cards. shipping weight 2 lbs for one card.

Daystar Digital cards with Z180 MPU. Two identical cards, look like MCA MicroChannel bus type, copyright 1988. Card has Zilog Z180 (one socketed), 12MHz crystal nearby, Zilog SCC chip, RAM, and some logic. Also a DB-9 connector (layout shows 2nd connector). I/O to DB9 appears to be AM26LS30 and AM26LS32 and some 280 ohm resistors. My guess: some kind of serial communications card, probably LocalTalk. If so the ADF is 6674 (whatever that means). Make offer, but it has value for the Z180 chip!

Data Translation DT2821-F-SE card. This is a used pull from a PC. A 16-bit AT or ISA card, 12-bit A/D 150KHz 16 channels; two D/A's 130KHz; 16 I/O digital lines; with interrupt and DMA capabilities. Not tested. Some info is on the Web from Data Translation, possibly drivers. Also some Linux drivers on the Web. Looking for a decent offer.

National Instruments PC-DIO-24 ISA card. Has flat cable male connector, 50 pin. 180712-01.

National Instruments PCI-6713 card from 1998. untested. 8 channel, 12-Bit, 1 MS/s per Channel Analog Output Board. PCI card, external narrow 68-pin male SCSI-II type connector. Check their Web site for more info.

National Instruments PCI-6602 card from 1998. untested. 32 TTL I/O lines, with 8 up/down 32-bit 80MHz counter/timers. PCI card, external narrow 68-pin male SCSI-II type connector. Check their Web site for more info.

DAS-1202 ISA card, 2 available. With DB-37 connector, also flatcable to another DB-37 connector. Has Harris CP82C55A chip, LSI custom chip. Digital/analog card.

PIO-24 ISA card. 8-bit bus. Parallel I/O card.

half of ATA (ISA bus) to VME bus adapter. ATADA card is 8-bit ISA card. Card says "ATADA Ver 2.1 pro_VME + ARW". Made by Weisz systemtechnik in 1999, there is product info on this Web site: http://www.wiener-d.com/fr-misc3.htm Let me know what this card is worth to you. I don't have the VME side card, the "ITVME 6 VME bus master".

UNUSED programmable controllers from a recent purchase are on this linked Web page.

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