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Here's a Web page of various single-board microcomputers and related items I've accumulated.

We have some other old computer cards as well. Check my STDbus, VME, & Multibus page for links to boards supporting those bus standards. My S-100 home page for boards and docs for the IMSAI, MITS Altair and 100's of other vintage S-100 computers. I have Mac and SGI stuff as well.

If you have (or want) more info on these boards, and of course if you want to buy these, contact me. Prices may vary and I may choose not to sell. Here is how to email @ me and ordering instructions.

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single-board micros

Penny and Giles Data Recorders LTD CPU PCB with Z80, ROMS and RAM. With a Eurocard connector. SA87741/I maybe? from about 1987.

Digital Research Computers ZRT-80 Z80 CRT terminal board. This board has a Z80 of course, plus a 6845 Hitachi chip for video (text based). I have an assembly manual but no schematic. An 8-inch disk may be a source listing. With DRC original mailing box.

a small board with 8031 and ADC0809 It's an A/D converter with a serial output apparently. The ROM says "rev C77 CS=70 master". Probably from 1986.

Maxim 80C32 plus Maxim MAX186 board pair. From 1993.

Here's a Web page about an Ampro Little Board Z80 I restored to operation in 2010.

FX31 from John Allen now Allen Systems. 8031 processor, 44-pin edge connector.. See Allen systems but their Web site doesn't seem to have info on this old product.

Allen Systems FX-688 68008 processor. 44 pin edge connector. See above Web link.

Allen systems FX-97 INtel 8097 processor. See above for Web links.

Allen Systems CP-196 INtel 80196 processor. See above for Web links.

Micromint BCC180 HD64180 (Z180) processor. The Micromint Web site still offers a version of this card for $400. Here's a Micromint Web link. Info was published in Jan, Feb, Mar 1988 of Circuit Cellar; reprinted in Ciarcia's circuit cellar, Volume 7. We added a "brick" power supply with +5, +/-12 volts and the board started right up! The ROM monitor has many commands; here's a list of commands.

Micromint RTC180 REV 1.1 Z180 microcontroller. Used board, from about 1990. No docs. It may be compatible with the Micromint BCC22K keyboard, which seems to have a mating connector. Neither tested.

Micromint BCC Proto and BCC-40R boards The BCC-Proto is a prototype board with the bus interface. The BCC-40R has eight output relays from the bus. See the documentation list below for docs. These are unused and untested.

Here's a list of MicroMint documents to their BCC52 series of CPU boards, I/O boards, and BASIC docs. Originals, bound with Velo-bind. Any Micromint boards I have are listed here on this Web page.

National Semiconductor SC/MP Kit 1976 early single-chip micro from national. No docs or software, this is a very old board, 72-pin connector. The SC/MP processor ISP-8A/500D includes a serial in and out pins.Date codes on chips are from 1976. Board says "ISP-8K/200", and the Computer History Museum identifies one of these in their inventory as from National. The board has RAM and probably a ROM. Here's a Web site which discusses the SC/MP. An article by Mark Alexander, "NIBL --Tiny Basic for NAtional's SC/MP Kit - complete documentation and annotated source code", was in "Dr. Dobb's Journal", Vol. 1 Nov./Dec. 1976, pp. 331-347.

In 2012 I acquired the following National Semiconductor SC/MP documentation. Ask about a copy.
SC/MP Technical Description, Jan 1976, about 60 pgs
SC/MP KIT manual, March 1975, maybe 100 pgs
ISP-8a/500D and ISP-8A/600 data sheets
SC/MP Keyboard Kit User's Manual, Oct 1975, 30? pages
SC/MP Microprocessor Applications Handbook, Oct 1976, maybe 100 pages?
SCMPKB, assembly listing, 10 pages. here's the listing

Here's additional National Semiconductor PACE documentation:
PACE Logic Designers Guide to Programmed Equivalents to TTL Functions, about 130 pgs;
PACER User Manual, for PACER development system, about 70 pages.

John Bell Jr. 80-280, Z80 computer board from 1980. Simple ROM/RAM/PIO/Z80 card, with 50-pin connector routing PIO ports A and B to it. No ROM, probably uses 2716/2732 type. No docs. Bell sold these as bare boards for $20, assembled for $129, there are ads in Infoworld magazine for Nov 1981. I took some time to decode the edge connector to the PIO ports A and B.

Binary Technology SIBEC-51 8051 processor.

non-microprocessor boards

Analog Devices AD7890/93 evaluation board

PIC programmers

Microchip PICStart 16C serial-port programmer Version 1.3. With 16C64 UVPROM processor chip, manuals, MS-DOS based software. Old programmer, no longer supported. Check the Web, some people may offer additional support but a number of Web sites which did, no longer exist.

PIC16Cxx-PGM Old programmer, used with PC parallel port, to program 16Cxx series chips. No software, no docs, but do have the parallel cable with RJ-11 connector to board (old wall telephone like). PPGM 2.2 chip on board. A Web search will show a number of sites which offer/offered upgrades to this programmer. Good luck with any of them - they just confuse me.

TransdAtA RICE16 in-circuit emulator for 18 pin 16Cxx PICs. Connects to Parallel port of PC (cable include). From Advanced Transdata Corporation, apparently out of business as of 2002. caution: former Web site may be porn site now! ROM inside ICE says "PB-5x Ver 2 3/96"

related single-board processor items

None currently.

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