B&K microphones, impedance head, accessories

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B&K microphones, impedance head, accessories

This page copyright Dec 2023, Herb Johnson. These B&K products are untested. Obtained as a lot in 2009, in the original cases (most have matching serial numbers). They appear to date from the late 1960's or early 1970's.

These are intended for laboratory testing and use, as well-calibrated acoustic devices. There's a number of B&K and other documents on the Web which describe these products. Here's an exerpt from a B&K technical manual which explains these microphones. - Herb Johnson.

SOLD B&K 8001 impedance head, with cal chart also three cables, mechanical part, hex wrench. Cal chart dated 1972.

B&K ZR 0020 integrator, and circular slide rule in case, with one cable.

B&K 4135 1/4-inch cartridge microphone SOLD ex manual in case with cal chart (dated 1967), JJ 2614 adapter , 4131 4132 booklet, 2612 OR 2613 Cathode follower (described in book),

B&K 4131 1-inch cartridge microphone, cal chart, notes, special petro wax. In case

SOLD B&K 8000 8001 impedance head, book ONLY

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