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This section of my Web site lists items of various sorts that I've come across that have caught my eye, while looking for the computer items listed elsewhere on this Web site. I've moved my Sun, SGI and DEC items to another page, and I have links below to go there. I've also moved my instruments and test equipment to another page.

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All that said, the items on this page, or on related pages, are:

Some SCSI drives, external and internal, are available via this link.
Some "odd" floppy disk drives and documentation is available via this link.

UNUSED multi-pin connectors , bulk wire , and some electronics, from a recent purchase are on this linked Web page.

Items moved to other Web pages

HP test equipment and manuals are on another Web page.

DEC equipment is now in our DEC section of our SGI Web page.

Oscilloscopes and manuals are on another page.

Some Heathkit and Heath manuals and Heath/Zenith computers are on our Heath and Zenith Web page. Heath instruments are on our Heath section of our test equipment page.

Plotters, chart recorders, and paper are on another page.

Many of my tech equipment manuals are on my test equipment page.

BIG RGB monitors and cables

I no longer offer other big, old RGB monitors.I have a number of RGB monitor cables, typically four or five BNC connectors to a DB-15 Apple, or HD-15 VGA type connector. Prices are $10-$15 each depending on features, describe what you need! If you need help with your RGB monitor, better do a Web search.

HP computer equipment

HP SureStore CD-ROM tower on Ethernet! This HP product J3277A has seven CD-ROM drives in a network server for Ethernet networks. Tested and worked with Win98 SE system. Downloaded drivers from HP. Ask if interested.

other workstations and related items

Terminals and X-terminals

Some of these have been moved to our DEC and other equipment page.

Texas Micro or Radisys single card Pentium board. Texas Micro P54C 946 F23463C, may also be Radisys EPC-2102 SBC. Single card PCI/ISA board with ultraSCSI controller, four 72-pin SIMMS, Socket 7 Pentium 133MHz processor, ISA and floppy, serial and parallel ports. Also have passive motherboard with ISA and PCI slots. Disassembled after running OK. Modest price for these two cards, ask. Radisys Web site has online manual for their model.

Things related to the Z80, 8080 processors

Here's some Z80 and other single-board computers I've found, restored, or otherwise accumulated.

Baby Blue Z80 card for IBM PC

I have two sets of Baby Blue Z80 card docs and disks.

First set from Microlog: The Baby Blue files I have total about 100K. They appear to be from 1983 and include references to Version 2 and version 1. The lable on my copied disk says "Ver 2.04K". The document is a copy of the Microlog Baby Blue CPU Plus User's Manual, from 1983. Copied as two half-sized pages per sheet, there are 48 sheets. There is also a manual for BSTAM which is some kind of communications program, of 9 sheets. We'd charge $12 to copy this pair of manuals.

There is a PDF of a Microlog baby Blue manual, courtesy of bitsavers.org. The document is available from bitsavers.org under "microlog" as Microlog_Baby_Blue_CPU_Plus_V2.pdf . It's version 2. My Xedex manual is version 1.2 - note what Jack Rubin says below. My V1.2 manual assumes the original IBM PC, with four banks of 64K DRAMS, and PC-DOS 1.0. An addendum for a "new version" says it's compatible with PC-DOS 1.1, and version 2.0 of the Baby Blue software. "converting" CP/M programs must be redone to operate under difference versions of the Microlog software.

second set from Xedex: I also have an original Baby Blue document, as above but from Xedex Corp and labled Version 1.2. It's a different manual with illustrations of a Baby Blue Xedex card, with a Z80 near the top edge, a DIP switch near but not above the edge connector, and with 9 RAM chips on the vertical edge farthest from the ISA connector (arranged as 6 + 3 chips). Manuals and software seem to be available from bitsavers.ord (microlog) and other Web archives. I have copies also.

here's a ZIP file of the three Xedex-Microlog disks, in various folders as described in the ZIP file.

Jack Rubin looked at my docs and said this; " I finally got my Microlog card working - it only runs in an IBM 5150; it might work with a 5160 but the card slots are too close together physically to allow the board to seat correctly.... The Microlog manual, though less "slick" is newer and more complete. The most significant difference I noted was that the Xedex manual wants switch 8 ON (enable parity checking for onboard RAM) and Microlog wants it OFF. It's very hard to tell from the copy I have (maybe your original is a little better) but the Xedex board _seems_ to have parity RAM installed while my Microlog not only lacks the parity RAM chip but doesn't even have the socket installed. Needless to say, I turned the switch off and the board worked fine. "

I have a few Baby Blue Xedex cards, untested, sold AS IS. Cards as pictured, or one with a pale blue circuit board but identical layout and chipset. DRAM chips removed on all of them. All TTL type logic chips (type is labled on each board) except one delay line chip. Some have some socketed chips; the RAMs are removed (4164 200ns). These are a little roughed up, the back shows some scuffs which in worst-case are cuts; I'll try to offer the best ones, ask for price. In addition, I have ONE card which is an enhanced Baby Blue called "Big Blue" from QuCoSinc or Quality Computer Services Inc of NJ. The back has a daughter card.

RF amplifiers, radios

Not much in 2018, some old-school grid-dip meters and such.

data media, tapes, drives

I have two boxes of 8mm tape data cartridges, new, sealed, as follows:
Maxell HS-8/112, rated capacity 2.5GB/5.0GB7 still wrapped and in a box. OR,
KAO 8mm data cartridges #28000, 112m length.
Unused, sealed 240 tapes, most still in their factory boxes of 10 per box.
Here and here are images of each tape. These are data grade tapes.
price: $6 per box of ten tapes, plus shipping.

Dual 8mm tape drive, SCSI, in external box two Exabyte 8500 drives in external case with SCSI-2 connectors. Initial tests are that one drive accepts 8MM tapes, the other will reject the same tapes. Cannot test further until SCSI address set to allow use of "good" drive. Looking for offers before I test further.

4mm DAT tape drive, SCSI, in external box. Drive identifies as "Archive Python 01931-xxx 5.56", and has a lable "Conner CTD8000E-S". Has SCSI-1 connectors. Specs say 400Kbytes per second transfer, and 4GB uncompressed storage on DDS-2 120m tape. Drive tested using Win 95 Backup, saved and verified 1.5GB on tape. Make me an offer on this tested drive, with a few tapes included.

Archive EAX6GP-60EP/150EP tape drive. Uses cartridge tapes. Not tested.

IBM 7208-001 8mm tape drive, EXABYTE 8200. external SCSI tape drive with AC supply. Original connectors on back replaced with SCSI-2 type HD50 connectors and cable and terminator. Not working.

more tapes and cartridges

Cypher 525 cartridge tape drive, external. This drive has a floppy interface and "acts" like a very large floppy drive. You'll need software to write and read it. DC300 DC600 type tapes, one long track written back and forth along the tape. Some docs available, and there's docs on the Web, and some old OS's know what to do with this drive.

We have some other DC300 DC600 class cartridge tape drives. Also check my Intel 320 system.

Castlewood ORB 2.2Gb, orb2se00, scsi tape drives external, 2 units

Syquest EZdrive 135, 135Mb cartridge not included. SCSI external drive, untested.

SyQuest 44Mb and 88Mb, cartridges and *drives*. Untested.

several unused Verbatim MC3020 Ex tapes. 1.6GB uncompressed. Travan QIC and QIC-wide.

DC2000 data carts, 40 MB, from 3M: 9 cartridges still sealed, in two boxes.

DC6150 cartridge tapes, unused, sealed. 13 tapes.

6" by 4" data cartridges, 1020 foot length, 250MB. 10 cartridges total 9 still sealed, in two boxes. No brand name, dated probably 1992.


[amptrap fuse]

Amp-trap semiconductor fuses, 100 amps

We acquired these in March 2003. They were apparently purchased in 1975, according to the original boxes they were shipped in from the manufacturer. Almost all are in original packing in original boxes and those in original shipping box from manufacturer. These product are currently available from Ferraz Shawmut, A Web search on that name and the product name (A70p100 or A50p100) will find docs, tech notes, even an application to select among their products. These are almost certainly made of silver ribbon in a sand matrix. Designed to blow quickly at very high currents to protect semiconductors. Contact me to make offer.

quantity about 250: Shawmut Amp-trap A70P100 type 4 semiconductor fuses. Packed in boxes of ten. fast acting fuse, 100 amp, up to 700 volts. Fiberglass package is about 1.5" diameter, 4 3/8 inches end to end. Studs (ferrule) at either end 1" wide, 3/4" long, with 5/16" dia hole. Center to center on holes is 3 5/8". No guarantees on these measurements but they are pretty close.

quantity about 140: Shawmut Amp-trap A50P100 type 4 semiconductor fuses. Packed in boxes of ten. fast acting fuse, 100 amp, up to 500 volts. Fiberglass package is about 1.0" diameter, 3 5/8 inches end to end. Studs (ferrule) at either end 3/4" wide, 3/4" long, with 5/16" dia hole. Center to center on holes is 2 7/8". No guarantees on these measurements but they are pretty close.

laptop power supplies

Items of various sorts, take a look!

I obtained two cabinets from the 1970's, from which I removed a few dozen 44-pin connectors on two racks. I'd like to reuse these, but I need to identify the connectors and the insertable pins they use.
removed dozens of 44-pin board edge connectors on rack
Cinch 254-22-70-115-139-68-07-104-N, 4" ear-ear, .156" pitch
connectors have *removable wire pins*, which plug into pairs of jacks per board pin
rack is disassemble-able
So, where can I get more of these pins? ;)

AccuTouch E271-2210 SmartSet Serial Controller. Small boards to control 5-wire resistive touchscreen via serial (RS-232) interface. SOme simple specs in this document, check Accutouch Web site for more info. A discontinued product but they have info as of 2009. I've got about a dozen of these cards, may be unused, I got them in antistatic baggies. NO touchscreens available, just these controllers.

bulk wire and related

UNUSED multi-pin connectors , bulk wire (including fiber optics cable), from a recent purchase are on this linked Web page.

Obtained May 2006. Several spools of bulk multiconductor wire, clean and in good condition, on original wooden spools. Selling only as spools, not by the foot! NOte weights and lengths. "Small spool" and "larger spool" are relative sizes for comparison. Looking for offers. Lengths may be short a few feet from sampling, but no guarantees as to actual lengths. Pictures can be taken to respond to serious offers. Easy enough to tag a spool and ship it! (some has been sold, we can confirm what is left.) In early 2009 local spot price for scrap bulk wire is 15 cents a pound, $15 per hundred pounds.

6 conductor, 24 gauge w/PVC insulation. Foil & braided shield with drain wire, 24 gauge. Beldin brand, labled AWM 2919. Weight of spool about 30 lbs, spool says "527 feet" out of original 1000 feet. small spool.

other wire

UNUSED bulk wire and flat cable are available rom a recent purchase see this linked Web page.

1400 feet of two-pair, high temperature, overbraided "thermocouple extension wire", in original steel barrel. Consists of an outer overbraid 0.4" diameter .03" thick, copper or bronze coated/colored metal. Inside is fiberglass-like braided layer and silica-like filling and a pair of inner braided .25" diameter .02" thick as above. Inside each of those are a pair of .032" (#20) diameter bare wires, grey metal. Of each pair, one wire has slightly more "shine" than the other. I'll be glad to provide a sample of several inches for anyone serious.

A metallurgical service company did me a favor, and in April 2010 did a energy-dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) analysis of the pair of metal wires. By weight, one wire is 45% Nickel, 50% copper, with 1% each of iron and magnesium and zinc. The other wire is 88% nickel, 8% chromium, and +1% iron with lower amounts of magnesium, vanadium and zinc. He said "I'll stand by one of them being Constantan, but I have to revise the [other] to an ID of "Chromel."" I"ve not had the braids analyzed.

Here's some Web links which discuss spectroscopy and materials: a SIS Web page for constantan at $3.85/foot and on this SIS Web page for chromel at $3.30/foot. Constantan resistance changes little with temperature, hence the name; .00130 ohms/cm (theory) at the size I have. Chromel is used for the plus wire for thermocouples; .00200 ohms/cm at the size I have. Sites such as this one refer to constantan-chromel as a type E thermocouple, with high output over other thermocouple-pairs.

A scientist has reviewed my description and noted: "Based on the description, what you have is almost surely Type E, Also called Chromel-Constantan. It has the highest EMF of the standard types and is good up to about 850C. Omega has tables for it, and some readouts are calibrated for this type, especially the modern ones which allow you to select the TC type from a menu."

Label on the steel barrel containing the wire, clearly the original container, says "8/27/86 1400' of P.S.C. type 39, 602-4-20SL-5-1 two twisted pair HV Thermocouple cable" and "PSC division, M W Riedel and Co, 300 CYPRESS AVE, Alhambra CA (213) 283-7694". PSC could be Pyro Service Company. In 2008, 300 Cypress Ave. is a location for several distributors of electronics. For information on thermocouple wire, look at this Omega Web site.

Information from a document from the lab where this wire was obtained, includes the following: "Thermocouple wire XC-E-20 (chromel-constantan covered with Nextel-312 fiberous insulation and braided Inconel jacket" for surface pumping panels, covers...internal vacuum vessel wall." I can't guarantee this description matches the wire I have, but the details correspond. Some manufacturers of thermocouple wire use "20SL" to refer to 20-gauge "special limits of error" wire, a higher grade of wire.

Slide rule related items.

Pickett N803-T log log Speed Rule Dual Base, in black leather case. Excellent condition, except name written in ink on inside top flap of case.

Post, Versalog Slide Rule Instruction book copyright 1951, 1962, 1963. hardcover, excellent condition.

K&E Log Log Duplex Decitrig Slide Rule book copy right 1943, 45, 47. Softcover, excellent condition except name in ink on front cover, upper right.


All references are with customer's permission; customers are identified by initials and state or country. I also have sales in the Apple Mac world and some references from my S-100 (ancient computer) customers.

M. B. of Austria said: "The [Tektronix] plugins arrived today in perfect condition and 100% working. Calibration matches very good with my old 7A22 and 7A26, I see no significant differences. Again thanks a lot for your effort."

CH of MA said: "Package arrived yesterday; everything works great! The SC503 is in perfect working condition and the 7904 replacement board fixed the problem with my 7912 which is now up and running. Well worth it!"

T.C. of NH said: "The [Tektronix oscilloscope] works great and all controls are solid and responsive--you did a nice job with packing. Thanks for a great deal.."

D. G. of CA said: "I have purchased a variety of vintage items from Mr Johnson and I find him straightforward and fair in his dealings. He is a good communicator and each purchase has been smooth and as expected. He has my highest recommendation."

G. M. of CANADA says "IP-32 Power supply received in good order. I replaced the knobs & pilot light bulb, and generally cleaned it up inside & out. It works very well. Thanks. I bought a complete set of new or NOS tubes for the power supply (all NOS with the exception of the 6L6's, NOS 6L6's are very expensive) but the originals are in excellent condition. The power supply is currently is use, testing a 6SL7 audio preamplifier. "

T. D. from MI says "Hi Herb, The [Heath IP-21] power supply arrived safe. Nice condition. I appreciate the nice deal.The PS is a welcome addition to the shop! Thanks again".

J. W. from WI wrote: "Thank you Mr. Johnson. We have received the [DC1000 blank] tapes and are back up running. I tried one tonight and it worked so think our old tapes must have just worn out."

B.A. from CA said: "We received the [ADM-3A] LSI terminal friday afternoon and installed it first thing this AM(monday). Everything works fine."

B.C. from CA said: "Hi Herb, The HP manual arrived OK. Thanks again. I'm thrilled to get the manual. I'd have never figured out how to use this thing without it."

J. W. from GA said: "Hi Herb, [the Indy R4000 and R5000] package came in good condition today! thanks for the great deal!"

S.C. from MI said: "The [AXP Alpha 150 system] came in the mail today, and I must say, I'm as impressed this time as I was the last time I purchased something from you! The fast shipping was awesome and the system was in beautiful condition! As always, a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks very much!"

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