Herb's SGI and Sun equipment

This page Last updated Apr 3 2024. To email me or to order, see see my ordering Web page for my email addresses.

I've sold SGI parts and systems for several years, but since about 2015 I"m left with limited SGI inventory. Also these SGI systems' cases have become physically fragile with age, and internal batteries are failing. So I'm selling my remaining stock of SGI items. Please note: I don't offer SGI IRIX operating systems. YOu can't get a complete ready-to-use SGI system from me. Please consider any "system" you'd request as parts.

SGI models and parts

Follow the pointers below to specific SGI models; also some Sun and DEC stuff and related items.

Sun and other Web pages:

If you are interested in these systems, you might be interested in other older computers. Check my my S-100 Web page to see all my S-100 (Altair, IMSAI, etc.) docs. Also check my Intel Multibus, STDbus and VME docs and hardware pages.

Meanwhile, I have other activities on this Web site: Check my Home page

SGI systems, parts

SGI processors

Here's the SGI large processors I have currently:

two 030-0966-004 rev C - Indigo 2 R10000 R10K 195MHz
030-0808-001 Rev J - Indigo 2 250MHz CPU 2MB Cache

these weigh a few pounds with heatsinks. Let me know your offers, and I will check current prices.

for smaller processors like below, also look at the by-system listings. I may have loose processors or I might pull one from a board. 030-1102-001, O2 CPU, R5000/180MHz, some L2 two 030-1039-002, O2 CPU, R5000/180MHz no L2

SGI Indy systems

[SGI Indy] Over the years, I've worked through my Indy systems and accessories. As of 2022 I'm out of working Indy systems for sale - period. But I have Indy parts and I keep testing systems to test them. See the top of this page for issues about age and condition of systems and parts like these. See this Web page of notes about SGI Indy clock/battery modules.

Here is a typical view of an EXAMPLE Indy interior - not for sale. This processor appears to be an R4000 (MIPS 3); the video card appears to be the NG1 XL-8. There are a number of Web sites that can provide more info on these systems, a Web search will find them. Shipping weight for one unit is about 20 lbs.

So ask what Indy parts are available, price depends on current conditions, I price a few items on this Web page. These will be tested but NOT WARRANTED. But my business is to sell parts, not systems.

Indy processors tested and working include the following:
R4600 100MHz no SC
R4600 133MHz no SC
R4600 133Mhz 512K SC
R4400 150MHz 1MB SC

To email me or to order, see see my ordering Web page for my email addresses.

SGI Indy parts

motherboards or "logic" board:. With age, the battery-backed RAM and time of day modules are running out of current. Not only does the time of day "stop", there's information like the Ethernet address which is "lost". See this Web page of notes about SGI Indy clock/battery modules. I may offer these boards with or without working modules.

power supply: The Indy power supply may be either from NIDEC or Sony. Both models have fans but the Sony fan only runs when above a certain system air temperature. The NIDEC brand supply has two power cables, the smaller connector of the two is about one inch? wide. The Sony supply also has two cables, the smaller connector is 1-3/16 inches wide. Either will fit the Indy motherboard at the corresponding 1-3/16 inch power connector. If your Indy motherboard has a one-inch power connector you will need the NIDEC supply. There are other operational differences between the two brands.

SGI parts for Indy:

IndyCam digital video cameras

I have many, many IndyCam digital video cameras, model CMNB006E, part number 024-0825-001. These attach to the Digital Video Port of SGI Indy systems. They use an I2C bus for camera control, check the Web for more info. If you know more, contact me please, I'd like to rebuild some of these.I will look them over and not sell any unit that has obvious physical damage.

Here's some interior photos of the camera:
the IndyCam inner metal shield
the IndyCam electronics and CCD the black CCD bezel is removable
back of the IndyCam electronics board

The 1/4" by 3/16" CCD, possibly Sony brand, has a 16 pin ceramic case, pins soldered in. There's a 49.0908 MHz crystal oscillator chip. The camera ends in a 2 X 12 cable connector , 1/16" centers. The camera is run by a DSP, Teleview Research DSP-270D8, from mid 1995. Analog chips include LT1054CS (switching regulator), IR3P66, 3112SA, Phillips TDA8709AT (CCD 8 bit A/D device), 78L15 voltage regulator, LM358D, MP7524JR.

SGI Indigo systems

[SGI Indigo]

Indigo systems, CPU, graphics

No more Indigo systems; just some remaining Indigo parts. Thanks to my Indigo customers for their purchases.

Indigo parts, as available.

Below are some prices and weights (for shipping) for some Indigo parts.

030-8060-001 Rev C - SGI Indigo, ZB4 zbuffer for GR2 board

Two PS/2 male-male cables for keyboards, 10 foot, new. $15 each.
SGI Indigo mouse, white, 9150800 - SOLD OUT
Indigo power supply - SOLD OUT

Indigo drive sleds

Here is a description of Indigo "drive sleds" and their use. Hard drives have mounting holes on the bottom and and on the sides. The drives mount to the sled via the bottom holes. Put the clips on the drives' SIDES, at the holes on the frontmost two holes. The clips will flex a bit in doing so, and help hold the drive in place in the Indigo drive bay. If I have clips, I'll provide them. Also, some of these sleds don't have the SCSI cabling to connect the drive's SCSI address jumpers to the Indigo backplane. To use those, you'll have to jumper the drive address directly, and avoid conflicts with other SCSI device addresses.

To email me or to order, see see my ordering Web page for my email addresses.

SGI Indigo 2 systems

[SGI Indigo 2] No systems available as of 2019.

Indigo 2 graphic & video related items

SGI A/V cable or "dongle" or breakout box, 018-8204-004 rev A, sometimes called "junior", for ev1. These have the three-row 26 pin "analog breakout connector" at one end, and the other has a triangular plastic piece with SVideo and RCA jacks for video and audio. A link that tries to explain some of this http://www.lurkertech.com/lg/ev1s.html">ev1 stuff is here. Price *while we have them* is $49 each plus shipping. One left as of Dec 2006.

Other Indigo 2 graphics:
a few single-board graphics cards, will list later.

Indigo 2 parts

[SGI Indigo 2]

SGI O2 systems

As of 2020 we have no SGI O2 systems, but we have some parts remaining.

To email me or to order, see see my ordering Web page for my email addresses.

O2 parts and upgrades

O2 hard drive sled: OUT.
2GB or 4GB IBM hard drive, as pulled, software on them w/o warranty, no passwords - $10 each.
O2 R5000 SC processor/logic module - OUT.
O2 R10000 SC processor/logic module - OUT.
O2 PCI riser card holder, R5000 only, $15 each.
O2 RAM modules, 32Mb, like 030-0876 KSG-O2/64, limited supply, $15.
O2 RAM modules, 64Mb, like 030-1492, KSG-O2/128 limited supply, ask.
O2 RAM modules, 128Mb, like 030-1473 KSG-O2/256, limited supply, ask.
O2Cam: video camera for O2 Model number 013-1577-001, 861021-0000, ZEYE 1.3. *OUT*
O2 CD-ROM, XM-5401b, - OUT.
O2 audio/video card no SVideo, pulled good: ONE for $25.
O2 audio/svideo/O2Cam card, pulled good: *OUT*
O2 R5000 power supply 060-0022-001, Sony APS-90, pulled good tested 12/21: OUT, wt. 3 lbs
O2 R10000, R12000 power supply 060-0032-001, pulled good tested 12/21: wt. 3 lbsOUT
O2 (blue) case parts, CD-ROM cover, fan cover: NOT AVAILABLE.
Adaptec UltraWide SCSI PCI card, w/external 68 pin SCSI socket: AHA2940W AHA2940UW: $15 plus shipping.
Presenter flat panel interface 030-1202-001-003 rev A. OUT
1600SW O2/LVD FP adapter 030-1170 one untested, good physical condition. SOLD 2022.
PCI card found in SGI O2. Solectron Texas brand, 1394 OHC1403 firewire card, three ports. SOLD .

SGI Octane

[SGI Octane]

No more Octane systems.
[SGI Octane]

Octane 32MB memory modules, eight, not recently tested. $10 each

Octane "door" Newer logos. 050-0185-001 is the molded part number. They have scuffs. One has a broken bracket of two which holds the door. What will you offer me? Remember there's shipping costs.

SGI 320 systems

[SGI O2]

Silicon Graphics 320 systems - OUT These are single or dual Pentium III based systems with specialized (non standard) RAM and onboard "Cobalt" graphics; a PCI bus; Ethernet and USB; audio, S-video. Some questions about SGI support for on-board FireWire and USB, but use USB keyboard and mouse. Here's a view inside.

We have a few SGI 320 parts only. No systems, no chassis.

SGI 320 part prices

SGI 320 3.5" or 5.25" drive "rails", 52080121-f, $5 one pair
Set of six RAM modules for 256MB total, all pulled from tested SGI 320's:
--- SGI 9210134B or NEC MC-385 or SMART SM540803574SGBA. Six for $59 plus ship
IBM DTTA-371440 14.4GB hard drive: Ultra DMA 33 IDE, 7200 RPM, 512K buffer. $29 plus ship.
terminator for 2nd processor slot: $5 plus shipping

Other SGI, mouse and keyboard, tapes,

SGI PS/2 type keyboards
I have these on occasion.

SGI PS/2 type mice [SGI O2]

SGI mouse, granite grey, block-like, 063-0001-001, 6 - foot cord
Partially cleaned, tested before sale, both pads intact. various yellowing on top.
Very yellow, $25 plus shipping. Less yellowed some grey, $35 plus shipping. "Best", $45 plus shipping as available.
SGI mouse, white, block-like, 9150809, 6 foot cord. ask for price.
SGI mouse, white, block-like 041-0144-001, similar to 0144 but different construction. Cosmetics vary. Ask for price

Mouse Systems (SGI, Sun) optical mouse at this link.

SGI USB keyboards, mice - see the SGI 320 above.

SGI Sirius video editing I have a SGI Sirius breakout box unit, CMN AS03, as photographed here. All I have is the box as displayed: no cables or software or interface cards. The back of the unit shows all the video and digital connections. Internally, there are no cards in the left-hand side of the case: apparently this is where the "serial option" board would be, it is not there. Look on the Web for more info: sources there say Sirius was supported on Onyx and Challenge machines. Again, this is ONLY the breakout box as described here. Price: $29 plus shipping, Shipping weight is 16 lbs packed.

Non-SGI or Sun keyboards

I have other keyboards described or linked-to on this keyboards Web page.

Sun DC300, DC600 tapes

[SGI Sun]

I have seven Sun-4 SPARC DC-300 DC-600 cartridge tapes as follows below. I believe I got them as a lot. They seem to date from 1990-92 and relate to Sun-4 class systems. Tapes of this type and age include tension bands which are rubber bands and they may brake. So these are sold AS IS. Make me a reasonable offer. Weight of several pounds in a small box.

1994 Sun-4 SPARC, DEMO, Object-oriented graphical modeling system
release V 5.1 (C) SL Corp (60MB DC600A)

[cart as above but V 4.0]

12/20/91 CenterLine ObjectCenter SUN4 V1.1.0
3/24/92 DAT apunix Computer Services HP-DAT

Sun Microsystems 7.0 SunNet MHS Sun-3 SUN-4 TAR format

ArborText Sun 3,4, 386i Object Install tape 1)TEX 2) Preview
3) DVILASER/PS 4) High Res Fonts 5) CM Outline PS Fonts
(case is sealed)

SunOS 4.0.4 Export SPARC, boot format, QIC24/9trk 2 of 2
part no 700-2154-10 rev A

external CD-ROM drives

I have a few external CD-ROM drives. I cannot test these for use on SGI's under IRIX, I don't have a running IRIX system. I have powered these up, I can at least test them for accepting and spinning up a CD. I use a vintage Macintosh computer to operate them as SCSI devices. Mac software says "yep, there's a Toshiba CD-XXXX drive as SCSI device 4" but Mac's need software drivers specific to brand and models of CD-ROM drives to "mount" or read a CD on that drive. They are sold as-described, as-is, no returns.

APS brand external CD-ROM drive 100384 contains a rewritable CD-ROM. Grey case faded in parts. An external power supply is included. There's two SCSI-1 connectors and an "active termination" switch, SCSI address selector, and two audio RCA connectors. Of course a power switch. Sold AS IS. Price as described, $45 plus shipping. Two external drives available, ask for details.

I also have external CD-ROM drives from Apple, which I can test as read-only drives on vintage Macintosh systems. Check my Mac external CD-ROM drive selections. There's also a selection of internal CD-ROM drives from Apple on that Web page; those include the drive inside the Apple (or non-Apple) branded cases. Remember: the case is just a shell, the functions and features of the "drive" are in the internal CD-ROM drive in the case. OK?

SCSI floptical drives, tape drives

We have a few Insite floppy drives, I325VM, from SGI Indy systems. These accept 1.4M 3.5-inch floppy diskettes, or 20MB "floptical" MO media diskettes. I'm not going to sell these at this time, when time permits I will evaluate them, they are scarce but not particularly useful, and difficult to maintain. In 2023 I found an informative Web/email discussion group thread about 20MB floptical drives.

We have a few small cartridge tape drives that are about the size of 3.5-inch hard or floppy drives. One model may be a DAT tape drive, Python 25601. We may have other models. These are sold AS IS, NO TESTING, NO RETURN, probably for a few tens of dollars depending.

SGI memory features and prices

Note: we do not warrent the information below to be complete or accurate. It is up to the buyer to determine fitness for THEIR use for any memory bought. There are other Web sites available with more and specific information; a Web search will find them. I'd appreciate any corrections.

for Indy, Indigo, and Indigo 2, memory MUST be added in groups of 4 SIMMs.

R4000 Indigo, Indy, Indigo 2: Industry Standard 72 pin pop-up, fast page-mode (FPM, a common variety; NOT EDO memory); "true parity"; 60-70ns. Also arranged by 36 bits (ex 4MB = 1Mb X 36). For Indigo 2 R10000: may require higher-speed memory to get full performance.

Octane 32MB memory modules, eight, not recently tested. $10 each.

Many people specify "gold leads" or gold pins. This is apparently due to concerns about corrosion and good contact between the SIMM and its socket pins. Some say that clean contacts and occasional maintenance of tin-lead SIMMS will provide satisfactory service.

To see my prices for 72-pin SIMMs check my Macintosh memory prices at this Web link. Of coruse the SGI's need parity RAM, and typically are 60ns or 70ns speed. and FPM memory (not EDO).

O2 memory, Octane memory, SGI 320 memory are unique devices, so check my systems listings for memory types and prices.

Sun workstations, systems and accessories

Sun and Mouse Systems mice and optical pads


Sun / Mouse Systems reflective mice. Sun 370-1170-01, Mouse Systems 401162-035. Three button which uses LED reflection from a mousepad grid. 8-pin miniDIN connector, for serial 5-volt interface. Cosmetics vary, most marked "Sun".

These mice are likely supported by a serial input interface. I'm looking for details on the Web, but here's some initial findings. Baud rate may be 1200 baud 8 bit no parity, and a 5-byte sequence. Five volts is needed and the output line may need a 1kohm? pullup resistor. We cannot guarantee this info, look on the Web for more info.

Pin 1,2 GND
pin 3 +5 volt
pin 4 mouse out, may need pullup resistor to +5
pin 5, 6 - reserved for serial keyboard?
pin 7 +5 power return?
pin 8 +5 volt

X and Y values are two's compliment 8 bits (-127 to +127)
Byte 1 - 10000LMR (bits, three buttons L, M, R)
byte 2 - change in X, 1
byte 3 - change in Y, 1
byte 4 - change in X, 2 (add to X,1)
byte 5 - change in Y, 2 (add to Y,1)

[Sun] [Sun]

Sun or SGI or Mouse Systems optical mousepad These are optical "grid" patterns on aluminum plates, covered with easily-damaged plastic. The patterns are read by the optical mice like the above. The photo of stacked pads, are fine and medium and coarse pitch; the photo of one pad is a coarse pitch - I define these terms below. These are hard to photograph, look at this photo, it's like photographing a mirror. That and convenience are why I'll describe these by feature damage.

A few are marked "Mouse Systems", or other brands, many are not branded. Numbers on back vary. These are used and scuffed, some are scratched, some look better, condition varies. Size from 7-7/8 X 9 inches, 7-7/8 X 7 inches, a few larger. Price depends on size and condition: they will be priced at tens of dollars, it costs $9-$10 to mail them in the USA.

There's questions like what's the pitch of the grid? I don't know how this is measured by the manufacturer. Here's empirical measurements I can make. The grid pattern density on them by my count, is either 85 squares per inch, or 60 squares, or 25 - the three in the photo, with a 1-inch ruler. Please note, "fine", "medium", "coarse" are entirely my names, not a standard. Maybe you can send me a photo or photocopy of your pad and a ruler; and I can match a pattern pitch. Or put a scale on your pad and count off one inch of squares.

Another question, what's the orientation?. The following is my nomeclature, not standard descriptions. Some pads have different lines of different colors in different directions. The optical mouse may operate differently depending on the "orientation of the pad" on your deski. Let's call "horizontal" the longest dimension of the pad. In this close photo of a 400207-003 coarse pad with "steel blue" lines, the horizontal lines are from left to right - they are black. The vertical lines from top to bottom, they are blue. The visual appearance of the pad I call "steel blue", there's other colors on other pads. My close-up photo of grid pitch also shows color variation.

Another question, what's the color? The above paragraph, describes orientation based on different colors of stripes - blue and black for instance. A black-on-black grid is monocolored of course. For an unusual color, here's a blue plus yellow grid from a green-appearing VisiOn-branded optical mouse pad.

Example pad: Mouse Systems apparent producer, with part number "XXX-402631-001", XXX being arbitrary. Dimensions 7-7/8 X 7 inches. Information suggests this may work with some Mouse Systems A/3 mouse. I'm calling this a "fine grid". One of the better condition of these looks as follows. top view and back view and a scanner view highlighting surface scratches..

More pads I had/have: Here's a 9-inch pad for instance. and a blue 7-inch pad but not a Mouse Systems pad. If you can inform me about brand/model use of these I would appreciate it. These part numbers suggest various use with various Sun and Mouse Systems optical mice and pads. However available technical information is limited and non-manufacturer information available is, so far, frankly confusing to me.

Optical pads available (or sold)

I have a few pads of the following types, some many be Mouse Systems produced, with part number "XXX-40XXXX-XXX*", XXX being arbitrary and * being a letter or blank. Dimensions are in inches and approximate. Descriptions are of more noticable defects, there may be more, these are used items and easily surface-damaged. I retain sold descriptions as "OUT", for information.

Part numbers on pads I have or had as of July 2022:

400007-176 coarse grid (VisiOn pad), 11 X 9, green, OUT image 
400207-001K coarse grid  (Sun M4 mouse?) 11 X 9, blue , OUT
401381-003, coarse grid 9 X 8, blue, OUT
400207-003J, coarse grid, 9 X 7.5, steel blue, 1" scratch, many tiny dings 
400207-003K, coarse grid, 9 X 7.5, steel blue, one 1.5" scuff, some dings  
400207-001K, coarse grid, 11 X 9, steel blue, 1" gouge, 2-3 1"+ scratches
400207-002revF, coarse grid, 9 X 7.5, steel blue, one (many pockmarks)

402105-003A (Sun M4 mouse?) medium grid 9 X 8, steel blue, OUT
403104-001A, medium grid, 7 X 8, light scratches and one 1" scratch 
403104-001, medium grid  7 X 8, steel blue, many pockmarks
403104-001, medium grid  7 X 8, steel blue, one 2" deep scratch
403104-001, medium grid, 7 X 8, steel blue, large area of damage and very scratched
400306-003D medium grid  8 X 9, steel blue, 4 or 5 scratches 1"+, some deeper

403368-001 Sun logo fine grid 7 X 8, black, OUT
402631-001 "Mouse Systems" fine grid 7 X 8, black, two 1" scuff, two 1" scratches 
402631-001 "Mouse Systems" fine grid 7 X 8, black, small scuffs, light surface haze
403368-002, fine grid, 7 X 8, black, center 1/3 very abraided
403368-002, fine grid, 7 X 8, black, one 1/4-inch scratch OUT

Sun and SGI manuals, software

Prices do not include shipping and packing and handling. Ask for quote.

SGI CD, Irix 6.1 I have original CD's from Silicon Graphics. All I know is what is printed on the CD, they are identical. The CD is printed "Irix 6.1, 812-0382-001, 7/95, Notes: Contains installation tools. Contains user-mountable filesystem". The CD sleeve has a lable "814-0382-001". The Web site linked below, says it is for Power Indigo (R8000) systems. $10 each plus shipping, four available. Here's some comments from a buyer:

Got it today and got it installed on my Power Indigo2. Thanks!

> I'm familiar with the Indigo2, and I think the
> "power" version is a badge (plastic label added to
> the case) for the, um 8000 processor? Thanks for this info,
> I'll add it to my Web site. So, it won't install on
> say a 4400 or a 10K processor?

To the best of my knowledge, that's all correct. The Power badge is kind of crescent shaped, and I think only appeared on R8000 based machines. At some point I'll get a picture taken. I don't actually have another working machine at the moment to try 6.1 on, but I believe that 6.1 is R8000 only. R8000 was the first MIPS IV instruction set chip, and I understand that it had a strange MMU and cache controller. I've seen SGI people say IRIX was "ported" to it, and I think they had a different compiler vendor for it too. I don't think any free OSs can run on it.

I'm pretty sure 6.1 was based on 5.3. The CD has XFS installs enabled. I'm also pretty sure that 6.2 merged R8000 and mainstream machine support. This [Web site] is a great resource. Thanks, John Finigan

Sun Desktop Sparc manuals. Set of Desktop Sparc manuals in box as follows below. $15 plus shipping
Sparcstation 1+ Installation Guide, 800-4784-10 rev A, 2 April 1990
Sun System User's Guide, 800-4826-10, rev A 2 april 1990
Sun System and Network Manager's Guide, 800-4851-10, rev A 2 april 1990

Sun Desktop Sparc manuals, sealed. Looks like same set as above, but it's sealed so I can't verify. Sealed bag has lable, 825-1321-02 revision A. $25 plus shipping.

Sun "Doing more with SunOS: Beginner's Guide". 800-1710-10 rev a 9 may 1988. $10
Sun "System Introduction". 800-1702-10 rev a 9 may 1988. $10

Where to get IRIX OS?

I get asked this a lot: "where do I get SGI Indigo 2 IRIX OS or the install CD's?". The following links and information are quoted from the Web sites given. Look there for details. You may want to read the forums and see answers to how people have downloaded CD's or used CD's of IRIX. Some people offer hard drives with fresh IRIX installs. I have not done any of those things, or confirmed the information below. I just sell hardware. - Herb, late March 2019.

Wikipedia for IRIX says: The last major version of IRIX is IRIX 6.5, which was released in May 1998. New minor versions of IRIX 6.5 were released every quarter until 2005."

an irix.cc Web site claims: quote "The IRIX Network is the world's premiere Silicon Graphics hobbyist community. Our site includes archives of other SGI sites, a wiki with SGI-related information, a forum for community discussion, two chat services (Discord and Internet Relay Chat), a marketplace, and a collection of FTP, rsync and HTTP downloads.". Some of the links are dead, however.

They have a forum/posting section and among the "sticky" posts is the following FAQ item:

quote - "Where can I get IRIX? - IRIX has not been sold by SGI (Now owned by HP Enterprise) in over a decade. We offer IRIX versions on the FTP servers and mirrors, and also you may buy CDs of it on eBay."

Further links from that site, seem to lead to irisware.net and has CD images I think.

monitors and cables

13W3 video cables: starting at $25 and up, ask for details.
no "13W3 to VGA adapters" available at this time.

We aren't selling SGI or Sun monitors. They are just too big and old, and VGA and LCD monitors are plentiful. To use modern monitors, you'll need something called "a SGI 13W3 to VGA adapter". "13W3" means there are 3 circular pins and 13 small pins in the connector. There's also a "VGA connector" otherwise called an HD15, with three rows of five pins. The 13W3 VGA adapters are typically short cables or small adapter devices. Sometimes they have little DIP switches on them, more about that later. PLease note: these Adapters have no electronics in them, they just reroute video lines, so it is UP TO YOUR MONITOR to be able to run correctly with the signals supplied - not the adapter. Here's some notes to inform you about SGI and Sun video signals and adapters and IF modern monitors can work with such video.

"I don't know if my SGI is producing video, or if my monitor has failed." If you want to know if your SGI Octane is producing video, you can literally see the signals by use of an oscilloscope. Either you have one and know how to use it; or you don't and you also don't know how to use it. So I will not describe this further.

13W3 SGI video signals; VGA LCD monitors; SGI to VGA adapters

I'll provide SGI VGA/13W3 information which has been discussed many times on the WEb; and lost and found a few times. You may have to find more of this information to proceed with either building or obtaining a "SGI to VGA adapter". This is not a magic device. I believe one must must MUST be familiar with what I'm about to describe in order to obtain one and find it useful.

I discuss "monitor video" in regards to Apple Macintosh computers and monitors, it's a similar situation. as part of my Mac monitors Web page; and as part of my Mac-to-VGA adapters Web page. That description does not include discussion of sync-on-green RGB monitors with 13W3 connectors - as used by SGI systems and monitors. The "W3" refers to the three circular connector pins, which carry red, green, blue signals - hence "RGB". And, the 13 pins which carry sync and other signals. Also, both on the Mac's DB15 and on the SGI 13W3, a selected few pins are GROUNDED to tell the SGI (or Sun) computer "use these particular frequencies or resolutions for video". That's how various SGI monitors "tell" the SGI computer what resolution (frequency) to use. Monitor adapters often have little switches, which ground certain pins. That pattern "asks" the computer (video card) for the correct frequencies; the switches can be changed by the owner. Other adapters simply wire some pins to ground, and "ask for" one set of frequencies.

Thus the SGI video signal may become "visible" on the VGA LCD display IF: if the 13W3 adapter is wired correctly for SGI and the VGA monitor; If the VGA or LCD monitor will "accept" those signals at an acceptable frequency; and if the signal-pins which "tell" the SGI computer (video card) the correct frequency-set to use. Again: Such adapters do not convert signals in any way; they merely route signals to the LCD monitor AND return a few grounded pins back to "tell" the SGI Octane to provide video signals of frequencies compatible to the LCD display.

One other consideration: not all 13W3 to VGA adapters are alike. Tthere are a number of ways such 13W3/VGA adapters can be wired. Apparently one buys an adapter "made for SGI computers" and say not one "made for Sun computers". It is likely, there's wiring information on the Web which one can find, for adapters intended for SGI use. Here's one such reference for SGI and SUN to VGA. A person can do what I did: cut up a 13W3 cable and wire up their own VGA HD15 to make an adapter.

If you the reader, don't wish to go thorugh all this, that's fine. You will have to find someone who can assure you of what 13W3 adapter you want to buy. If you need help on your SGI video, find someone who has SGI systems and monitors to diagnose your video issues. If you wish to discuss this further, there's probably still online discussion groups who have discussed this problem and may be able to discuss it again. But you may find those prior discussions may be of help. That is all I've got. Good luck. - Herb Johnson, Oct 2020

Sun items sold but still interesting:

Some time in 2004 I picked up a Sun Multibus-based 150U system but I did not have time to look at it until Oct 2004. This is a 15 slot chassis in a black, rack-mount box. The front is only labled "Sun workstation" but the back is labled Sun model 150U. Subsequently, in Jan 2006 I've sold the system. The new owner said he'll set up a Web site for it soon. You can look at what I sold on this Web page.

I picked up some Sun Multibus cards. Condition unknown but physically OK, dates 1982-1984. Check this page for a description of those cards.

I picked up a Sun 3/E VME based sets of cards.. Here is a photo of the chassis and the card sets.Sun sold a VME card set for a 68020 based Unix/Sun system. I sold it in 2010.

To email me or to order, see see my ordering Web page for my email addresses.

Non Sun non SGI but workstation

[HP 735]

HP Apollo 9000/720 CPU/memory board with 12 32MB memory modules. Board etch is HP A2095-66510 rev B, Weight about 4 pounds. Identified in HP workstation parts list as "new part number CPU" 720 PA-7000 (PCX-S) processor 50?MHz with 384?KB off-chip L1 cache (if 720).


Here's some customer's references, unsolicited. Locations are either state in the US, or country outside the US. Note: my primary sales are in the Mac world, so I have many more references there. These are just SGI and DEC and Sun references. - Herb

W.G. from WA said: "I've received the [front] panel from you and it looks great on my Indigo2, thanks so much again for helping source this hard to find part!"

W.M. of TX said: "Herb, I cannot thank you enough for the prompt service and execution of my order. Happy to report I am up and running [my SGI O2] again!" An overnight order of a power supply.

J.W. of NM said: "Just wanted to follow up that [the SGI power supply] was received in good condition & works great. Thank you!"

L.R. of PA. said: "I received the SGI Indy yesterday. Everything was very well packed and arrived intact, and the condition "was as you described it. I was able to swap over my hard drive and RAM, and everything works great. Thanks a lot!"

M.A. from CO said: "I received the SGI Indigo case today. It looks great! Thanks so much for your courteous and professional service."

G.F. of VA said "Just wanted you to know that I got the SGI mouse today and it is working great. Thanks very much!"

A. Z. from Switzerland said: "...Nearly unbelievable: your oversea parcel has arrived today after only 5 days. Excellent wrapping (mechanical & electrostatic protection). The [SGI O2 R10000 CPU] board & CPU both work well - except the old CPU-fan that we can easily order from a local company. So our system is running again - during 1-2 days a little bit on the hot side . . .. Thanks again for all your efforts !" G. N. from CHILE says: "The SGI [Indigo 2] High Impact gfx plus the MGV1 [graphics boards] arrived today, works great! , now i have something to do with the indycam that I had stored since the old indy passed away, besides the High Impact exectuted flawlessly the IDE 6.2 tests, thanks You dear Sir for the great service You give these days."

D. B. from MA wrote: "Finally got a test bed set up and successfully tested the [Data General] EC-10 board we purchased. Thanks for all your efforts.".

S.C. from the UK wrote: "Hi Herb. Just letting you know that the [SGI] O2 [audio/video] module arrived safely and is working fine. Thanks.."

M.Y. from OR ordered an SGI Indigo 2 R4400/250 processor. He says: "... got the stuff yesterday, Installed the cpu module and writing this from the Indigo2- really screams!!! Very happy with the order. Mozilla actually launches within seconds after clicking on the icon. Gimp is livable. Blender is really great at the rendering. Going from 150MHz to 250 with 2mb L2 cache - I can start some apps with what seems like skipping main memory. Thanks again!"

J. H. of MA said: "Herb, the [mother]board arrived yesterday - fast shipping! I installed it today and my [SGI] 320 is now back up and running, thanks so much for the part and I will certainly keep you in mind for any future purchases. Thanks again for saving my sanity !"

S. M. of Australia said: "Great news Herb - my [SGI] O2 arrived today! I've no way of ever knowing where the holdup was, but I guess it's all academic now anyway. I'd given up on ever actually seeing it, but it's here happily accepting an installation of IRIX at the moment. You were right of course - it was superbly packed and arrived in perfect condition, I can't help but be impressed. Thanks very much again for the sale and thanks also for being so willing to help with advice and assistance when it looked like [its delivery was] going to go "pear shaped" (as the British say). Very best wishes to you and I'll be in touch again one day I'm sure."

A. J. G. from NC ordered an O2 Processor/PCI module. He says: "Hi Herb, I got my order today, and it works perfectly in the O2. Thanks for your great service."

S. H. of BELGIUM said: "the [Indigo GE7 graphics] chips have arrived safe and sound. Thanks a lot. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Should I require any further parts, I will make sure to stop by your site again."

Zs Zs of Hungary said: "I have picked up R5000 proc and PROM yesterday in very good condition and put it into my Indy. ...I tested the new processor with prom diagnostic and it completed successfully. THank you."

S.M. of AUSTRALIA ordered a 24-bit graphics card for Indy. He said: "I've carefully plugged it in and since it requires a re-installation of IRIX for all of the 64-bit libraries (which I've not got time for today), I've run the PROM-based diagnostics and they all completed perfectly. That to me, seems to be about as much as one can ask for. I did boot the current installation and it's fully functional. Thanks very much indeed Herb, I'm very happy with everything....I was particularly impressed with the detail and precision of your payment and shipping procedures - just the sort of thing that inspires confidence, excellent!

T.C. of SINGAPORE said: "The parcel [with the Indy graphics and processor] arrived safely today. And I have installed the boards as well just now. All is well. Thank you very much! great service! Cheers.."

R.v.d.K of HOLLAND said:" My order (Indigo XS-24Z graphics board) arrived yesterday, and in great condition! Inserted the card, tested it, and it worked like a charm. Still some software to reinstall, but i'll save that for the rainy days. Thanks again..."

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