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I mostly deal in Mac and old S-100 equipment (pointers later). But I also obtain other old computers in the process. Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) items for instance.SGI and Sun systems. Also, we list related equipment like terminals, tape media, and so forth. Despite their age, there is still interest in these systems.

If you are interested in these systems, you might be interested in other older computers. Check my my S-100 Web page to see all my S-100 (Altair, IMSAI, etc.) docs. Also check my Intel Multibus, STDbus and VME lists of docs and hardware I have.

Meanwhile, I have other activities on this Web site: Check my Home page for links to other sections on Astronomy and Optics; Apple Macinstosh stuff; S-100 computers and 8-inch floppy drives; SGI, Sun and DEC equipment; some "odds and ends" computer stuff; electronic and other test equipment; and personal information.

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SCSI drives

We have some small SCSI hard drives from our SGI systems. We don't reformat and retest these on SGI systems; we will see about other testing methods. But we can pull working drives from our various SGI and Sun systems and offer them as follows below. The "SCSI-1" drives have the old 50-pin flatcable connector used on Indy's and such; the "SCSI-2" have the D-shaped 68 pin connector such as used on O2's.

By 2010, these drives are 15 or 20 years old and are frankly failing from age. So we test them repeatedly to eliminate noisy drives, "stiction" drives, or drives that just won't work. We have to raise prices according. Available drives are typically 500MB, 1GB, some larger. The more recent drives are 1" tall, but we have older drives that are 2" or taller of usually lower capacity. As of 2010, our price for these start at $39 plus shipping; be specific about your needs for these drives when you ask for them.

We have a few Insite SCSI 3.5" floppy drives, I325VM, untested. check this linked Web page for specifics.

External SCSI hard drives with SCS1-1 type connectors (like on the Indigo, the "Centronics" 50-pin D) are available on my Mac Web page's SCSI drive section.

It seems some of my old Mac/Apple CD-ROM SCSI drives will also support some old DEC equipment. The Apple CD150 drive for instance is actually a Sony CDU-541-25 drive. The Apple CD-300 drive is actually a Sony CR-503C. I also have some 4X Toshiba XM-5301B drives. Check other sources to see if these drives can be used on your old DEC equipment.

SCSI-2 external drives, cases, cables, terminators

"SCSI-2" refers to the SMALL narrow D-shaped 50-pin connector. (NOT the LARGE 50-pin Centronics SCSI-1 connector!) The following are small white cabinets for external SCSI 2 drives. General measurements: about 10 or 11 inches wide by 10 or 11 inches long, 3 inches tall for the one-drive cabinets. They include an AC power supply, and they use a standard "computer" A/C power cord. While these held 5.25 inch SCSI drives, you can add "rails" to fit 3.5-inch SCSI drives. Cabinets have SCSI address switches but the wiring for these may not fit your drive's SCSI address jumpers. Prices do not include shipping. Shipping weight for single-drive cabinets is about 9 lbs; for double-drive cabinets about 12 lbs.

Photos of the one-drive cabinet:
Here's the outside; here's the inside; here's the back with SCSI-2 connectors.

I Have some SCSI-2 drives from Apple Mac equipment. Apple sold these with a PCI SCSI-2 controller card as an "upgrade" to improve drive performance. Check my Mac drives Web page for specific drives.

I have some 80-pin SCA SCSI drives from Sun? equipment These have a 80-pin narrow D connector on the back, no power connector. Single-ended fast SCSI drives. They are in a plastic frame for "hot swap" - might bee 540-2570 for SS4, SS5, SS20, help me identify them! Here's the handful I have, ask about condition and price:
four Conner CPF1080E (1GB)
one Sun branded Quantum Fireball 3702168-02
one Seagate ST32550WC
one IBM DPES-31080, Part No. 85G3667 (1GB)

external SCSI CD-ROM drives
SGI Grey cabinet, SCSI-1 connector (Centronix 50 pin) with Toshiba XM-5701 12X CD-ROM drives.
....Two units but only one power supply, has 5V & 12V three pin connector.
....CD-ROM drive and A/C supply $45 plus shipping. Drive only, $35 plus shipping.
PLextor PX-12TSe external CD-ROM, 12X drive, SCSI-2 connector. $35 plus shipping.
Glyph external CD-ROM, SCSI-2 connector, caddy-type drive. $25 plus shipping.
For more external SCSI CD-ROM drives, check my Apple Macintosh drives page

I have a number of SCSI-2 cables and terminators available. Contact me about SPECIFIC cable needs, especially for the drives and systems on this page.
SCSI-2 to SCSI-2, 12 inches to 24 inches, $8 with drive, $12 without.
SCSI-2 to SCSI-2, greater than 2 foot, $15 with drive, $20 without.
SCSI-2 passive terminator, $3 with drive, $6 without


My references for SGI, Sun and other sales are on my SGI Web page. I sell a lot of SCSI drives for Mac use, so also see my Mac references.

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