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References and Comments

All quotes are by permission of the buyers and are unsolicited. It's useful to read these comments as some people also describe their S-100 systems and their work. - Herb

K S of FL said: "I received the [STDbus sized card] rack yesterday in the mail. It was well-packed and in excellent shape. I put it together with no problems. All parts were there. Thanks for disassembling it to help reduce shipping costs."

BA from NY wanted a Solid State Music manual, to reexamine some board changes he made 30 years ago. He needed a better copy than the one "freely" available online. I sold him a copy from my original manual, with my thanks. He said "No, thank you! You are providing an amazing service for a very reasonable price." He also offered to assist and describe his changes on my Web site.

J D of IL said: "I'm one happy camper!!! Your boards arrived this morning. Both DRC 16K [static RAM] boards work perfectly out of the box. I'm still working with the Vector. [DC regulator] Voltages are right. It will just take a little methodical testing to zero in on it. Thanks for the great service and for all of your advice. I really appreciate the support." Later that day he said "GREAT NEWS!!! All three boards are working great.".

K. H. of North Carolina said: "I got the manuals today and I'll have to say they are better than I had hope for detail. The Northstar manual for the HRZ-UP8 had only the prom listing and the schematics [as] you mentioned but I wondered if you had more on the board operation. The prom list and schematics will help me get started trying to figure it out so it's not going to be a big deal. Thanks again for the manuals and let me know if you have more."

P. C. of FRANCE said: "Hi Herb. The manuals arrived today, you did a great job. Many thanks."

L. P. of ??? ordered several MITS/Altair 8800b manuals. He says: "Thanks Herb, The manuals are beautiful! I'll be ordering some more in a week or two." He later wrote: "I got my 8800bt running today with 16K RAM at the bottom, 4K at the top, turnkey board, and CPU board. I even downloaded 8K BASIC through the serial port and then ran a BASIC program. There were 2 blown chips, 3 missing chips, some capacitors gone, and the serial port was misconfigured. I never would have found and fixed all of the problems without the high quality manuals I got from you. They were well worth the price!"

K. S. of NC says: "I received both the [S-100] memory card and the [IMSAI] front panel documents Monday. Both are in good shape. I ran some [memory test] patterns on the card and everything passed. I have to order some parts for the front panel, along with some parts for the Elf CF/RTC card I mentioned, so it will be some time before I start working on the front panel."

L. F. of IA says: "By the way, the WD1002-05 I bought from you is also being used with a TRS-80 computer. I built a host adapter based on information I found on the web. So there is a clear example of the computer-host adapter-controller-hard drive chain. It works great, and the manual I got from you helped me understand what I was doing. I appreciate your time and patience. I enjoy learning with these old machines, and knowledgeable people like you help a lot.

R. R. of ??? says: "..received docs (Problem Solver 16K ram boards) today. Was able to use the info to get the boards working in my system. Thanks for your help and the good service."

P. C. of Denmark says: "Many thanks for your full reply to my enquiry on the [NEC] Spinwriter [printer] manual! However, www.google.com has performed another miracle in the meantime [and found a printer reseller..]. [But] I really appreciate your response - so few people care ,,, One of the bugbears of all electronic communications is that so few people bother to answer even desperate appeals, if they haven't got what you want (NEC being a case in point). So getting any kind of an answer is not only helpful but warms the cockles of one's heart! Thanks again!

M. A. of CA says: "Thank you for this shipment. The [Priam 8-inch hard] drives were exactly as you described and we have been able to repair both. If you should come across anyone looking for good, working Priam drives, we have them in stock ready to ship (all models)."

E.B. of NC says: "The [Compupro] documentation came late last week. It looks very good. Thank you. The CompPro RAM XIV is already up and running!"

R. A of CA says: "I just recieved the [Heathkit] manuals today, I'm very happy with them. Thanks!

F. F. of NY says: "Got the Ithaca [Intersystem] docs yesterday - thanks for getting them to me so quickly!"

M. F. of VT says: "I recieved the Z100 system today by UPS. It arrived in great shape and is running well. I have turned the outer cover around and conveniently parked the floppy drives on top for the time being. It booted well with the diskette. I had a copy of ZDOS and CP/M and they both booted fine also. I was impressed to find features in ZDOS that allow for the generation of custom character sets and keymaps. The Z100 runs strong and smoothly. These are impressive machines. I am looking forward to working regularly with it to find and use it's capabilities. I am very pleased. Thank you again Herb."

S. C. of MI says: "Yeah, the VAXstation arrived about a week and a half ago, I'm very impressed...it shipped really quickly, was packed well, and is in excellent condition. Thanks again!"

M. N. of AK purchased a manual, he says: "[Manual] received. As you stated, the quality is EXCELLENT. Nice doing business with you."

S. P. of NH says: "You have been a tremendous help to me. A short while ago, you may remember, I contacted you cold, out of the blue, to assist me by providing a copy of the manual for the Cromemco SCC that I had just recently acquired. You indicated the cost, and you very promptly answered my order with an excellent double sided copy of the requested manual....Thank you so much for being out there for me and anyone else who may be interested. You are providing an invaluable service."

SMP of NH said: "I received my [S-100] document yesterday. Thank you very much for the excellent reproduction. I have some more equipment in transit to me, so I believe I will be contacting you shortly for some more assistance. Thanks a million for being there!"

J. A. of AZ ordered an external disk drive for a Tandy Model 100: "Thanks so much for the help. You're doing a great job keeping these things alive.".

K. F. of TX ordered some 8-inch disk drives: " The stuff looks real good. Already have it installed and running. Thanks a lot for the extra manual. Didn't realize (or remember) that these drives had data separation onboard. Sure made it easy to interface. Hardest thing was to find a socket for that huge [50-line] cable. Had to whomp up a temp until Jameco gets one here."

M. B. of IN says: "I received the [Zenith Z-100] equipment a couple days ago, and everything seems to be working. Thanks for your time....Thanks for the [Heath/Zenith Z-100] Winchester and DOS disks. They were useful in getting my hard drive [system] working again."

J. K. of IL says: "The SSM cards arrived safe and sound. They were in great shape for such old cards. And now to hunt down manuals ..."

J. B. of WA says: "By the way, I like your website. You've done a great job of presentation and it's easy to navigate around the various pages."

A. W. of Ind. said "Hi Herb! I got the manuals and disks in good shape today. Looks like you did a good job with the copies as the schematics are quite clear. That's important to me as I do all my own repair. One of my Apple II projects will have to make room for the S-100 systems!"

D. F. of Milwaukee said: "Enclosed is a money order...I had anticipated the total charge [for the manual] would be much higher, and consider your charge very reasonable indeed. The manual was satisfactory."

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