Herb's Mac cards: PCI, NuBus, PDS, LC & more

Most recent revision dated Oct 2 2014

The parts listed here are good used PCI and NuBus cards, specialized cards for HPV slot, and earlier PDS and LC cards for early Macs. Also, processor accelerators, bus expansion cards, and special function cards. There are links on this Web page to other kinds of Macintosh cards on my other pages.

"NuBus" is the name of the plug-in card BUS connector on the motherboard. It is an early Mac standard for adding cards, started with the Mac II series. They were also on early Performa, early Quadra, and early Centris systems. Don't confuse NuBus with early Mac processor slots or PDS slots on "compact Macs" like the SE, SE/30, and on some Mac II systems.

NuBus is not the same as "PCI", PCI is a later card bus standard on many PowerMacs including the 7200, 7300, 7500, 8500, 8600, 9600, G3 and G4 systems. and related systems.

Apple also offered "LC slot" cards for the models LC, LC II, and LC III, and a few other systems. There were also "comm slot" cards for many Macs. See my LC and comm slot section for links and details.

I also have on this page some add-on parts for the "compact" Macs: Plus, SE, Classic and so on. Typically these are PDS slot cards. Other Mac parts are listed on my Mac Parts Web page. If you don't see a part for a system I list on other pages, ask for price and availability.

All parts are used and tested unless noted, see my condition section for details. We also have a variety of Mac accessories, add ons and books and software as linked from my Mac home page.

When ordering, please follow this link for ordering information, terms and conditions, and info about orders outside the USA.

Parts on this and other pages include:

PCI cards

PCI is the name of the bus standard for most cards which plug into the motherboards of most PowerMacs and G3 Macs. (Not the processor cards however.) Check my PowerMac section to see PowerMac systems; my my iMac section to see G3 and later systems. For network (Ethernet, 10bt) PCI cards, also check my networking section. SCSI controller cards may also be in my Mac hard drive section. Some PCI cards are listed on my iMac and G3 parts page.

PCI video cards

AGP video cards for the AGP slot can be found on my Mac G4 parts Web page.

Game Wizard by Micro Conversions Inc. PCI video card. Has 3DFx video chips. Large PCI video card. $29.

CoolDVD E4 DOOIN DVD decoder card. PCI card by E4, Elecede. Used in older Macs that don't have hardware or software DVD MPEG decoding. WE DON'T HAVE SOFTWARE, very hard to find on the Web. $25 plus shipping. Possibly associated with "buz" SCSI/VGA card below.

ATI Rage 128 GTL, 630-2858, video card. PCI video card, typical for G3, etc. PN 109-57400, PCI MACH 64, with HDI-15 (VGA) connector. $15 plus shipping

ATI Rage 128 GTL, 630-2896, PN 109-57500, similar to above. $15 plus shipping.

ATI Mach64 video card. PCI video card, typical for PowerMac 9500, G3, etc. PN 109-33200, PCI MACH 64, with HDI-15 (VGA) and DB-15 (Mac video) connectors. Takes a memory expansion card 109-31600-00, not included. $19 plus shipping *OUT of stock*.

ATI Mach64 video card. PCI video card, typical for PowerMac 9500, G3, etc. PN 109-32900, PCI MACH 64, with DB-15 (Mac video) connector. Takes a memory expansion card, 109-31600-00 not included. $15 plus shipping

"buz" SCSI and VGA card. Video-capture and editing board combined with a SCSI controller. Chips include zr36067, zr36060, saa7111, saa7185. Has SCSI 50-pin internal connector, external SCSI-2 50-pin and MALE DB-15. NO SOFTWARE, card only. $25 plus shipping. Possibly associated with "coolDVD" card above.

Apple G3 audio/video "A/V personality card" with SVideo and video in and out, for video capture. NOT PCI, it plugs into the G3 audio/video card slot, replacing the audio only card. Check my iMac parts page for details.

Twin Turbo 128MA video card, from 9600 system, $19 plus shipping.

Radius video card. PCI video card, long card. Has a lot of memory, millions of colors at 1000 X 800. Wish I could determine what model this is! $19.

USB or FireWire PCI cards:

These will vary as available, ask for current stock. Pulled from systems, no software included. Generally a USB card that is not identified as "USB 2.0" will be USB 1.1 - check with manufacturer or check the specifications of the USB chip if identified. Do your homework.

PCI card USB only:

"USB2.0 Host Card" with VIA VT6212 chip - 4 USB ports. $19, one available.
"UH-275", short card, OPTI 82C861 chip. 2 USB ports. $10 each four cards
card with OPTI 82C861 chip. 4 USB ports. $19 each, one cards
Adaptec AUA-3100LP, 3 external USB ports, one internal. $19 each, one card

PCI FireWire only: Radius FireWire PCI 2330, 3 ports ( from SGI 320 Pentium system); 1 card, $15 each. Belkin F5U503, 3 ports, $15, one card

PCI FireWire AND USB: MacAlly Firewire/USB FH-UF2, 151-02302-001. 2 firewire, 2 USB ports, plusone internal Firewire. ---drivers at "http://www.macally.com/techsupport/drivers.html" for Mac or PC ---with OPTi 82C861 and NEC and TI chips. 2 cards, $19 each Sonnet Tango 2.0. 2 USB, 2 Firewire external; plus one USB one Firewire internal. 1 card $19 Keyspan U2FPCI. 3 USB, 2 Firewire external, plus one USB one Firewire internal. 1 card $19

Apple's SCSI-2 drive upgrade

The following cards are for use with Apple's SCSI-2 drive upgrade, which provided higher performance than Apple's on-board SCSI-1 controller and SCSI-1 drives of the era. The upgrade consisted of a PCI SCSI-2 card and internal SCSI-2 cable, to these SCSI-2 drives. The SCSI-2 drives are available via this link.

Apple internal SCSI-2 cable, for two drives plus controller, $10 with card.

Atto ExpressPCI PSC SCSI controller card, 50-pin SCSI-1 and 50-pin SCSI-2 internal connectors. Has external SCSI connector not normally used. $29 plus shipping.

Other Apple PCI SCSI cards

Apple labled PCI SCSI card, Adaptec AHA-2930. Internal 50-pin flatcable connector, external SCSI-2 card. $29 plus shipping. External cables available, specify SCSI connector needed at other end.

Other PCI cards

CT4870 Sound Blaster Live! audio PCI card, $25 plus shipping.

USB to SCSI controllers, "cables"

USB to SCSI "cables" is an incorrect way to describe what is a USB to SCSI device or controller. These are not wires or cables but electronic devices which connect externally to a Mac USB port. See my USB to SCSI controllers Web page for more information.

SCSI cards for Windows, Pentium, Intel systems

Some of our customers want to run their SCSI drives from their Intel, Windows, Pentium systems. So they are looking for SCSI controllers to add to those systems. We keep a small stock of such cards. We can't warrent they will work on YOUR system. We may be able to test them on some Windows systems here in house, we will test if we can. SCSI controller cards have various external connectors: either DB-25 like Macs, or a SCSI-2 (narrow 68 pin SCSI) or a SCSI-3 (narrow 80-pin SCSI). Check our cables section for cables and adapters. Some of these cards also have INTERNAL SCSI connectors, which may or may not be usable depending on use of external connectors. Don't ask me for explanations, check the Web for specifics. Also consider use of a USB to SCSI controller. See my USB to SCSI controllers Web page for more information.

PCI bus cards with DB-25 connectors include:
Adaptec 2902, 2906: $15 each

PCI bus cards with SCSI-2 connectors include:
Advantsys ABP-15; NCR815XS, BusLogic BA80C30, Adaptec AHA-2940, etc. etc.
Prices start at $20, ask for specifics, let me know what INTERNAL connectors you want.

PCI bus cards with SCSI-3 connectors include:
Symbios Sym8751SPE (four available), Adaptec AHA-2940W, Adaptec AHA 2940UW, etc.
Prices start at $25, ask for specifics, let me know what INTERNAL connectors you want.

ISA SCSI cards are also available. These will start at $10 plus shipping, be specific about features, or brand and model. Cards include Adaptec, Domex DMX3181LE, others. Many have DB-25 connectors.

Apple cards for "PC": ISA bus card

These are cards by Apple for use in Windows or MS-DOS systems. They have the "ISA" card edge connector, not NuBus. SCSI controllers for these systems are in another section.

Tangent PC MacBridge card Asst 227050-00. 8-bit ISA card with DB-9 connector. Probably a LocalTalk or PhoneNet network card. $39 plus shipping. One available.

NuBus and earlier video cards

NuBus video cards

The following are NuBus cards, compatible with Mac II series systems and many Quadra, Centris, Performa and PowerMac systems which have NuBus slots. All cards have the Apple DB-15 video connector unless noted. We also have some information on Mac monitors to compare these cards to. For other video cards, check my video section of my Mac parts page. For some Apple name and feature info, look at this info file on video cards..

Features of video: "Video" is defined by horizontal and vertical frequencies, and by "resolution". Also, by the number of available colors. Look these "video" terms up on the Web for what they mean, if you are not familiar with them. Briefly, higher scan rates for horizontal usually mean more resolution, some LCD and CRT type monitors can't accept some "frequencies" of horizontal scan rates. "resolution" means number of pixels per line, or number of horizontal lines per screen image. For example, "640 X 480" means 640 horizontal pixels per line, 480 lines per screen. "more colors" means more shades of color for each pixel. More memory on the video card provides more colors or more pixels.

The following NuBus cards will work with most Apple 14-inch to 17-inch monitors; and with most modern VGA monitors with a Mac DB-15 to VGA adapter. We can't warrent YOUR VGA monitor's success. But cards are tested with a VGA monitor.

Radius Precision Color 8-xj (CLR8) 632-0115. $39.

Radius accelerated 8-bit Graphics I/F 632-0188-02 rev A4. $35

Radius Precision Color 8xj or 8xi, 630-0115 8-bit accelerated, ROM 1.31. 256 color, 640 X 480 or 1150 X 780. ROM supports 13" or 14" Apple monitors, Radius Precision Color 19in, multifrequency monitors, SVGA monitors. short Nubus card. $39

Focus Enhancements P/N 10038, thousands of colors 640 X 480. $39

Radius 24 bit graphics, Precision Color Pro 24XK, 632-0107-03.
millions of colors 1024 X 768 or 800X600 or 640X480. OUT, was $59 plus shipping.

RasterOps True Color video board, "color board 364" long NuBus card. RasterOps 2400-002 chip. Bt473KPJ35 and Bt253KPJ chips. Has DB-15, Svideo and RCA jack connectors. May be input board, I do not know. Displays millions of colors at 640 X 480. $35.

RasterOps 24STV video capture board. Long NuBus card. Has DB-15 RCA and SVideo jacks. Small narrow-D connectors for what's likely a daugherboard. Print on board includes "SBC-2B1" I have some software on diskette for this card, removed from working system. $35

Apple High Resolution card, 630-4222, 630-4230. 256 color at 640 X 480. $39
Apple Mac Display card, 820-0400, prob 256-thousands of colors w/two 68-pin (256K?) VRAM sockets, $35.
Apple Mac Display card, 820-0310-05, prob 256-thousands of colors w/two 68-pin (256K?) VRAM sockets, $35.
Apple Mac Display card, 820-0600-A, millions of colors, no VRAM sockets. $25.

These work with at least Apple 14 and 15-inch monitors:
SuperMac Spectrum/24 card, V1.6, Apple 15-pin connector: 640X480Xmillions. $25
Apple Macintosh II video card, 820-0198, 640 X 480 16 colors, or 256 colors. $19 for 16-color, $29 for 256 color.
E-Machines, 030-1330-05, dated 1991, millions of colors. $25

These do not work with the 16, 15 or 14-inch Apple monitors or VGA: these typically work with the monitor matching the card name and brand. Ask about price
Radius TPD II-M card, ROM 2.2, probably Radius two-page display
Radius GS/CM board, ROM 2.2,
Apple workstation/Portrait video card, 820-5037, probably for Apple Portrait monitor
SuperMac Technology Graphix card, 9-pin & 15-pin connector, ROM 1.5.
Mac II Dual Page card, 9-pin connector, probably Apple Dual Page display

Nutmeg Systems video card, DB-9 connector,
Apple Two-page monochrome video card (Apple connector),
Apple Macintosh II Monochrome Video Card, 15-pin connector
Lapis Technologies Mac II Dual Page video card (9 pin DIN-9 connector),
Mac II mono Video card, 15 pin connector,, 820-0285A

These are special purpose or high-resolution video cards:

Julian Systems "Genlock Board" rev B. DB9 and DB15 connectors.

SuperMac Spigot video capture card. Nubus, with RCA jack (like VCR video connector). Apparently captures full-frame but limited resolution video. Quite an achievement on old Macs in the era. I have a few of these. two Web pages with more info are: a little story about the first sales of this card; and fragments of Q&A captured from the old Radius Web site. $29 each card.

truevision brand NuVista+ Video production card. 2MB RAM. Long NuBus card for quality video work. used but I have the box with card, books and diskettes. Also have VGA to BNC cables for those old monitors. Ask for price and details.

SCION VG-5 Video Frame grabber, rev A. NuBus. DB-9 connector. No software. *sold Oct 09* here's a Web link for info from April 2007

Radius Direct Color 16/24 video card 630-0105-B. BT439KC, BT457KPJ110 chips (RAMDAC?). DB-15 connector. Long Nubus card, untested. Two available. Apparently they only support Radius Color or Two-Page monitors at 1152x882 resolution.

rasterops 8/24 XLi board. ROM says 8/24XL V1.3. Rasterops 2400-0026 chipand three 2400-0004 chips, RAM and sockets for RAM, DB-15 connector.

I"ve not evaluated these cards by monitor compatibility.

Clearview G5XL
Emachines or E-machines 029-1529-02
Emachines 029-01329-01
Lapis ProColor Server 24, Focus Enhancements p/n 10038

PDS Video cards

I have some HPV video cards for the PowerPC 6100/7100/8100 PDS slot as follows below: these are not NuBus cards. (Note: The 6100 needs a PDS to HPV adapter to support one of these cards.) Check the Web site I've referenced here for info related to these cards. (Note: the 6100, 7100, and 8100 use a HDI-45 connector for their internal video. Check my parts page for an adapter to Apple's DB-15 video connector.)

Apple model 820-0522-A, HPV slot Video display card. has four empty VRAM sockets for 256K VRAMS. Has 1MB on card already. Shows thousands of colors at 640X480 monitor resolution. With typical Apple DB-15 video connector. $15 each

Apple model 820-0509-A, HPV slot Apple display card. Has 2Mb on board, more colors than 820-0522A card above. Has four empty VRAM sockets for 512K VRAMs. With typical Apple DB-15 video connector. $25 each.

256K VRAM for 820-0522-A HPV display cards, 68 pin. $5 each
512K VRAM for 820-0509-A cards, 68 pin. ask if available and price.

Apple A/V card 820-0510-A, HPV slot display and SVideo card; used on Apple "A/V" systems for the 7100, 8100 (and 6100 with HPV slot adapter.) This card has the Apple DB-15 connector for video, plus two SVideo connectors. $35 each.

Video/svideo/TV cards

I have the TV tuner card for 630 and 6300 type systems, and for 6400 and 6500 type systems; and possibly for the earlier 5300, 5400, 5500 systems. Check my PowerMac page or my 68040, Performa, etc. page for those systems with the card included. Look for "TV" or "Svideo" or "A/V" as a feature of such systems. Nubus or PCI video capture cards will be listed on this Web page, look in those sections; and possibly as part of an A/V system on the Mac system pages mentioned above.

For example, for the 630 or 6300 series of systems,I may have a TV Tuner card, model 820-549-A. And I have the "Apple Video System" card (820-0567-A) for the 6300 or 630 A/V slot for video input and capture. Similar Apple Video System cards are the S-video in/out (820-0737-01) and TV Tuner card (820-0549-A).

Also, from a 6400/180, I may have I have a video in/out card set. The "out" card is a Focus Enhancements brand, a cable connecting a panel with video connectors (BNC & RCA) to a small plug-in card. This has numbers 006-26-97 P/N 10075-3. The card set includes an Apple brand 820-0745-A card with video IN, an RCA connector and S-video connector. Ask about this or similar cards.

As of April 2005 I have a 6500 system with an Avid Cinema PCI card for SVideo and the A/V upgrades for TV/cable in and Svideo in. Check my PowerMac Web page to see if that system is available.

I have a Avid Cinema USB video capture device, in the Avid package, for iMac. This is an external device you plug into your USB port. Device with sVideo and composite inputs and USB cable; Svideo cable; composite cable; manual. No Avid CD however. Device recognized by USB as Avid Cinema but can't test without software. $29 plus shipping.

As of 2005 I get almost no requests for TV or SVideo cards. So I will simply keep them with their respective systems, and offer them as a package. Check my various systems Web pages to find these cards and a price with system; or ask me to quote for the cards seperately.

LC slot, comm slot cards

[LC slot, comm slot]

The upper connector with many square holes is the "LC PDS SLOT" connector as marked in yellow at the left end. Typically cards for this connector mount "sideways" or horizontal, and are a few inches by several inches long.

The lower connector with a long single slot is the "COMMUNICATIONS SLOT" connector, as marked in yellow below and leftwards of that connector. Typically cards for this connector mount vertically and are only an inch or so tall by several inches long.

Apple and others offered "LC slot" cards for the models LC, LC II, and LC III, and a few other Mac systems. On the LC, this slot amounts to the PDS (Processor Dependent Slot) connector. Other Mac PDS items are listed either on this page, or on my Web pages specific to one model of Mac. LC slot cards are typically network or modem cards, sometimes video cards.

There were also "comm slot" cards for many Macs, which have one "comm slot 1" or "comm slot 2" connector. These are single slots on a Mac motherboard where, typically, one would add an Ethernet card or a modem card.

My LC and comm slot network cards are on another page.. A description of LC slot and comm slot Macs by model is on a text page.

I have one LC slot video card in 2008, the Spectrum/8 card for the LC PDS slot. Check this Web page for features and software. Ask about price and availability of this card, or for other LC slot cards.

Compact Mac video cards (not NuBus)

I have a number of video adapters for the SE and SE/30 (SE\30) by Radius and other manufacturers. These are monochrome (not greyscale, not color) video for specific monitors like the Radius TPD or FPD. I have similar items for a few other manufacturers. Most of them have software in ROM and will start up without additional software. They were tested and working when pulled. This is all I know about them, search the Web for more info.

IIsi Supermac cards

I have a IIsi dual-slot PDS adapter card. SuperMac 0007527-0001 rev B. Two right-angle PDS connectors on a PDS riser card. See below for card which uses this. It's probably too big for an SE/30.

I have a IIsi video capture card which needs the above PDS adapter or equivalent. Supermac 0007542-0001 rev B. Has RCA jack input, Phillips SAA7191WP video digitizer chip. No docs, no software. It's probably too big for an SE/30. Ask about price.

Video cards for the SE/30 PDS:

Lapis SE/30 video card for PDS slot: PDS/30 DPD by Lapis Technology Inc, 1990.
DB-9 video connector, ROM, card says "P/N 10006 rev 3 scb/kcf/rds"
Focus Enhancements says this is a monochrome card for Dual Page Display 19-inch monitors. I have a number of these available, $10 each.

Xceed color video card for SE/30 and IIsi. Numbers on the card include "E86981-15-0 09/93 FCCID F5R0369 PGD-900075". The card was likely built in Sept 1993. This card fits in the SE/30 PDS slot and includes a DB-15 connector for Apple video monitors. The card produces 256 colors (8-bit) on a 640X480 display, without additional software. But it apparently has options for higher resolutions (800 X 600) but may need additional software to do so. Curently we only have a system extension for this card. We also lack the very valuable but rare CRT adapter, which allows this card to use the SE/30 CRT for a grey-scale display. This is not for sale at this time but we'd appreciate references to more software or to that adapter. We have most of the information needed to replicate the adapter if and when time permits. We recognize this card with adapter has been sold recently (2007) for at least $500 US.

Video cards for the SE: ask about pric.
Note: unless noted, these SE Radius cards need a Radius Magic Bus adapter 630-5010-A for the SE, which we have available.
Radius MPD/SE, video connector not available, two wires.
(2) Radius TPD. BNC connector
Radius TPD/FDP-ASIC, BNC connector
Lapis Tech. Inc display server. 9-pin and 15-pin connector

When ordering, please follow this link for ordering information, terms and conditions, and info about orders outside the USA.

Video cables and adapters

Mac monitors and video cables have moved to my parts Web page.
Mac & VGA video adapters have moved to my parts Web page.

Other cards and adapters: GPIB, audio, etc.

Some adapters and cards are listed in other sections with our Mac systems. See the top of this page for pointers to those sections. In general the items listed here are either priced or "make offer". Sometimes I can be flexible on these prices as these are unusual devices.

SOme NuBus cards may be in my test and instrumentation Web page.

Nubus card, ECRM RIP Rasterops 2400-0026 chip and three 2400-0004 chips. Two TI 74BCT2420FN chips, one TI 74ACT2440FN. This long NuBus card appears to be for use with phototypesetters or imagesetters. It has its own 68000 16Mhz processor and memory, and a narrow SCSI 50 pin external connector, presumably to a specialized printer. The software associated with it (no warrenty or guarantee or license) appears to be Harlequin RIP, from ECRM. You may or may not need a "dongle" to operate this card or its software. The card when powered has several blinking LED's in various patterns. A Web search will find some information on this card and related products. An additional charge if you want the software, it may be on a hard drive or ZIP disk, and again no warrenty or guarantee or license offered for software.

Nubus card set, Texas Instruments TI Microexplorer. Nubus card with daugherboard of memory. This was a TI product, marketed by Apple in 1988, a 32-bit Lisp machine.*SOLD Nov 2005*

"Apple Video System" for 5300 and 6300 series systems. This is a two-card set with A/V inputs and a TV tuner. We pull these from various Macs; check one of our 6300 series systems to see if we have such a system. One video sysetm card (820-0567-A) goes in the A/V slot for video input and capture. There is also a card for the external video which mounts on the back of the computer. And there is the TV tuner card (820-549-A) which takes a cable or antenna connection. Working, used, without software: $35 plus shipping.

Mac SE card: GPIB or IEEE-488 controller . This card controls an instrument bus also known as HP-IB. Many Hewett-Packard electronic instruments use this bus. This card fits into the PDS slot of an SE, and it ran under System 6. I've pulled what I think are the drivers off that system, but just in case I will sell you the card AND the SCSI drive (20Mb-40Mb). Priced to move at $29 plus shipping.

Nubus card: NB-GPIB/TNT IEEE-488 controller from National Instruments. This card controls an instrument bus also known as HP-IB. Many Hewett-Packard electronic instruments use this bus. This card is a "NB-GPIB/TNT" a long Nubus card. The card's model number is "181835-01". No software or drivers from me, check the Web. Looking for offers. One GPIB extender to get the GPIB connector well past the back of the Nubus cage. three cards available as of April 2004

Nubus NB-DIO-96 digital I/O card from National Instruments. Short NuBus card with long data connector on card bracket for external cable. Designed year 1991, Assy 181565-01 rev A2.

Nubus NB-DIO-32F analog &digital I/O card from National Instruments. I have two NB-DIO-32F cards: 180505-01 rev D3, 180505-01 rev D2. Long Nubus card. Here's a photo of one.

For more IEEE-488 devices, check our odds and ends page.

Strawberry Tree brand Analog Connection M2 or ACM2 NuBus card. (Company bought by IOTech.) May be part of WorkbenchMac package (not included). Copyright on card 1987, on lable 1992. 50-pin flatcable connector on outside end of card. Numbers on card: 113-2-6 113-4-6. Mostly small CMOS digital chips, but also AD7545AKN chips. If you have tech info I'm interested, or you can buy the card! Make offer.

Becton-Dickson "Mac Acquisition card" Long NuBus card. with 68020/16 processor on board. has external many-pin connector (3 rows) and internal 20-pin socket card connector. card has numbers ASSY 03-20061- Schem 07-20061- 10-20061-05. Make offer.

Nubus card by CSI, dual serial ports ROM on card says "Hustler Rev 3.383 Copyright CSI 1996". Has what looks like two Appletalk/serial ports on back, driven by Zilog ESCC (serial) chip. 68008 processor on card as a local controller. No docs, no software, just the card. Tell me what it is and what it is worth!

Apple "Emerald City" PC Drive card, NuBus card to drive external PC floppy drive (DB-37 connector). Apple 630-4161, 820-0213A. We also have an Apple 5.25 inch drive! We tested these in May 2012 and they work ("PC File Exchange 7.0" under System 6). What's it worth to you?.

Macintosh SE-bus PC Drive Card from Apple, 820-0241-A. This appears to be a card that plugs into the SE PDS socket, and which provides some kind of PC-compatible floppy disk interface. Cable comes out of back of SE with DB-37 connector, presumably the same as used by the old IBM XT for external floppy drives. No docs, no software, not tested - have fun! Make offer. We also have an Apple 5.25 inch drive with 37-pin connector.

Also: Macintosh II PC drive card for NuBus. , 820-0213-A. Apparently operates a PC compatible floppy disk drive, like the card above. DB-37 connector. Make offer.

For the Mac SE: Mac ADIOS card, possibly an HP-IB or IEEE-488 device for the SE. Plugs into the PDS slot, has connector for back of SE. I also have pulled what may be the "driver", a desk accessory for System 6.0.3; and the 40MB hard drive. Let me know what all this is worth to you.

Other system expansion products

NuBus data acquisition card: Becton-Dickison Mac Acquisition card, assy 03-20061, made probably in 1994. No docs or software, sold AS-IS untested. Long NuBus card with 68020/16 processor, several custom chips, ROM and RAM. Has 62-pin DB connector to external world. If you need it, it's just $29 plus shipping.

Apple Mac IIsi NuBus adapter with CPU cache, 68882-20 math coprocessor, processor cache memory. Model number 820-0303-02 or M0481LL/A. Allows you to add a small NuBus card to a IIsi, it fits on the PDS connector. Includes small card cage to support one short NuBus card, for instance a network card or video card or other NuBus card. I don't see how it could work in an SE/30, but it has the same PDS slot as the IIsi. Used, $19 plus shipping. Some UNUSED available for $29 plus shipping.

PowerMac 6100 PDS to NuBus cards. An adapter which plugs into the PowerMac 6100 series PDS connector, which provides a NuBus slot on a right angle so a NuBus card can be mounted parallel to the motherboard or logic (and still fit in the flat 6100 case). Check to see if we have these available.

6100 system 486 Dos Compatible card with 6100 PDS slot adapter ONLY, NOT including DOS cable or DOS software: 20$.
DOS software disks, copy, $10 with card or cable
DOS manual, see my
books and software section

note: the DOS compatibility card , model # 820-0591, is an Intel 486 66MHz processor, with video and sound card, and with a 72-pin SIMM slot on it (RAM available). This card needs a DOS card cable to "patch" the MS-DOS display into your Apple monitor cable, you switch between DOS and Mac OS via keyboard or mouse commands. Limited number of these cables available, ask for status. Software for these cards may be available via Apple's Web site, check there for details under software downloads for older products. Or buy our 6100 systems with DOS card software installed.

The DOS Cable mentioned above has a DB-15 male connector at one end. One wire comes off to a DB-15 female end. The other wire comes off to a 26-pin connector in three rows. THAT connector also has DB-15 female and an icon for a joystick. The Apple number on the cable is 590-2104.

[Reply card]I have two Apple / Reply Corp. DOS compatibility cards for the PowerMac systems. Each card has an Cyrix Cx486-DX2/66, an 80486 compatible processor; a 68-pin SIMM slot; an S3 Video chip; and some audio support. This card fits the PDS slot on a 7100, the card is titled "DOM 7100". It has the Apple high-density 26-pin connector typical of Apple's DOS cards. [As of Oct 2009 these cards were probably sold.]
[Daystar accel.]

Accelerators, processors, and other upgrades.

If you are looking for G3 type processor upgrades or accelerators, or accelerators for PowerMac systems, including Sonnet and NewerTech, check our PowerMac G3 accelerator section for those items.

Processor upgrade options or accelerators may provide features like cache memory (faster program execution), NuBus expansion, 68881 or 68882 FPU's (math coprocessors or coprocessors), processor speedups or new processors. Most of these cards are specific to one Mac model or series of models. Also, check my network card WEb page, some network adapters include a math coprocessor.

Note: SOme buyers of accelerators report problems of various sorts - crashes, no startup. Your problems may be due to memory issues. For instance, your current memory may be too slow for an accelerator. Before ordering, please consider checking the RATED speed of your memory. The only way to do that is to physically look at the CHIPS on your memory SIMMS or DIMMS, and read off the last few digits of the chip's identifying number. Typically that number will end in the following: 12, 10, 08, 07, 06, 05. THose indicate speeds of 120ns (nanoseconds), 100ns, 80ns, etc. Give me that info when you order. This sounds tedious but it may save you time and fuss later.

Radius PhotoEngine NuBus card - very unusual!. Card ASSY 632-0213-01. Not a video card but a COPROCESSOR card, with four AT&T 3207F02 DSP processors. Used with Radius software to accelerate Adobe Photoshop on "slow" NuBus systems. Check Vintage Box as of 2007 to get more info. The PhotoBooster was a 2 DSP version for the PDS slot. Hard to price this one, can't test, no software, but pulled from working system.

Radius RISC Quick Color processor card 630-0035-B. ROM says Quick Color 297-0041-A Long NuBus card with eight 6264 RAM chips on it. Two available. Possibly associated with Radius video card?

Daystar FastCache card, cache memory for IIci. PLugs into cache socket. $25.

Daystar IIci 40MHz processor board, 68030/33 and 68882/33, but branded to run at 40MHz. Plugs into cache socket. $49

I have one Daystar numeric coprocessor card for the LC or LC II, it plugs into the LC's PDS slot. $25. Otherwise, many LC slot cards include a socket for a 68882 coprocessor. Check my Mac card Web page for LC slot cards.

Daystar Digital Mac II upgrade, plugs into the CPU and FPU sockets. Has 68030/50 CPU and 68882/50 FPU board, also a RAM card. Will be priced at least the value of the socketed CPU and FPU.

Daystar PowerCache card with Mac II adapter. Has 68030/33 CPU and 68882/33 FPU. Adapter plugs into Mac II CPU and FPU sockets.

I have one used Sonnet Presto PPC 100 card. It's a 100MHz PowerPC processor card. The Sonnet box says it has 1 MB cache. It's for the 68040 PDS slot, which is on the Quadra 700, 800, 900 and 950. They made an adapter for the Quadra 610 but I do not have that adapter. I have the card, a sealed diskette, and an installation manual. I have not powered up the card lately, I don't recall its condition, but it looks intact. I'd offer it for $39 plus shipping, as described.

Apple accelerators and caches

For PowerMac G3 accelerators, check my G3 and G4 Web page

Apple Power Macintosh Upgrade Card for the 68040 PDS slot. This card, pulled from a Quadra 700, has a PowerMac 601 40MHz-60MHz processor. Later versions were known as the Daystar PowerPro. Apple's Web site says this card M2843LL/A is compatible with the following 68040 computers: Quadra/Centris 610 (w/ PDS angle adapter); Q 630; Q 700; Q 800; Q 900; Q 950.

The PowerMac card has a PowerPC 601 Processor with 256K level-2 cache, expandable (or may have) 1MB. Speed 50MHz nominally, but it will run at double the clock speed of the host system, from 40Mhz to 60Mhz, under at least System 7.1.2. You use the Power Macintosh Card control panel (we'll supply this on diskette) to turn the card on and off, a useful feature when your software may need the '040 and its numeric processor. $35 plus shipping.**SOLD FEB 2006**

Apple Mac IIci CPU cache card, $10. Provides small speed improvement by adding processor RAM cache, just plug in cache slot!

Apple IIe card for LC slot Check the Web for details. This card plugs into the LC slot of various Macs and runs Apple II software. It has a special connector for a Y-cable to connect to joysticks and Apple II drives. As of May 2012, we do not hve the cable or card available.

CPU chips, processor chips

In 2006, most requests to me for CPU chips are for faster processors to upgrade 68040 systems. If you want a faster CPU card for a PowerMac, check either my G3 accelerators or look at the PowerMac page for faster Apple CPU cards. Otherwise check my Mac pages for specific Mac system cards or motherboards with the processor you want, and ask for a quote for the processor - it will be close to the cost of the board.

"LC" means the processor does not include the math coprocessor. Those are less desirable chips. Prices below do not include shipping packing handling. Also check my Web pages for chips on accelerators & specific Mac motherboards.
68LC040/25: $12 each
68040/25: $15 each
68LC040/33: $19 each
68040/33: $25 each
68LC040/40: not available, price to be determined
68040/40: not available, price to be determined

68030 processors: ask for specific speeds. Look at my older Mac pages for motherboards with the desired chips. I may be able to buy through other dealers, ask me.

68881, 68882 coprocessors: ask for specifics, but look at the systems which normally include these. Prices from $19 depending on speed, package.

The 68882 coprocessors for many of the 68030 systems used a PLCC package (square, pins wrapped around the edge) for the chip, and the chip is inserted in a socket. Most times the socket is in a network card, so check our network card page for the network card appropriate to your system. We offer the 68882 coprocessor in the PLCC package at 20MHz speed for $19. If you need another kind of 68882, contact us with specifics such as what system you want it for, what speed, etc. .

SCSI accelerators

If you want to improve hard drive performance, one way is to install Apple's SCSI upgrades. Apple had an upgrade for its "servers" which was a SCSI-2 PCI card and various SCSI-2 hard drives. These provided faster drive access and used more advanced drives than their SCSI-1 on-board controller and SCSI-1 drives of the era. Take a look at the controllers and drives on this Web page for details and prices.

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