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video monitors for classic computers (Apple II, Mac etc.)

To support Apple II computers and Heathkit computers and S-100 vintage computers, I occasionally need some video monitors. Early vintage computers used analog televisions or "TV's" for display. They accept NTSC type "analog" video, either monochrome or color. The monochrome monitors typically have white or green phosphors - that's the color of the CRT display. Amber/yellow monitors were also made.

This Web page lists and shows some of those monitors I have for sale. They may come and go, so ask about what I have. I'll determine a price and (if I have your city/state/postalcode/country) I can tell you shipping costs. Most of these monochrome monitors are light and can be packed safely by me. Color monitors are VERY heavy and fragile. If they are dropped the RGB colors can become misaligned.

When ordering, please follow this link for ordering information, terms and conditions, and info about orders outside the USA.

Monochrome Monitors

These monitors are mostly 12 or 13 inches diagonally unless noted otherwise. Figure about 22 pounds for a boxed monitor, for shipping purposes. But FedEx Ground shipping will "size" that box for a "dimensional weight" cost equivalent to 30 pounds, anyway. Box would be about 18 X 18 X 14 inches.

Apple Monitor II and it's in the box. It's tested and working. The monitor case is slightly faded but with no "patches" of light or dark fading, it's pretty uniform. Here's one view of the monitor, taken on grass on a cloudy day. Here's a second view of the monitor. Here's the running monitor (the black band is an artifact of photography and is NOT really "there".) The box is a little worn and taped, but it has the same serial number as the monitor and includes both styrofoam packing pieces. Here's another view of the box. NO "Apple II Monitor II User's Manual", no manual, but those are often available. Weight of monitor in box is 22 lbs. We'd probably "double box", put the box in a box, that and packing added inside and outside the Apple box will add to weight and cost.

Apple Monitor III from Feb 1983. here's a photo with an Apple IIe. Tested and working, here's a running photo.. Monitor only, no box, no docs. Little fading. Unpacked weight is 17 lbs, packing will add to the weight and cost of shipping and packing.

Here's an Apple brand monochrome monitor. Probably a Monitor II, probably green.

Here's an Apple brand A2M2012 monochrome monitor. Here's the back of the monitor which shows there's a few plastic slots broken out. These old plastics get very brittle.

Here's a Decision Data brand monochrome monitor.

Here's a Panasonic brand monochrome monitor. This is a typical small studio monitor 9" diagnonally. These have pretty good resolution, good for text, and white phosphor. I usually have a few of these, of various brands.

Here's a Zenith brand monochrome monitor.

Here's a Zenith brand ZVM123A monochrome monitor. Here's the back of the monitor.

Here's a Zenith brand ZVM1230A monochrome monitor. Here's the back of the monitor.

Here's a Zenith brand ZVMH230A monochrome monitor, in the box.

Apple color monitors

AppleColor High-Resolution RGB monitor. 13-inch diagonal color monitor, 44 pounds. Here's the back.

Apple Multiple Scan 14" Display monitor. 14" diagonal color monitor, 25 pounds. There's a small pair of speakers in the front. Here's the back.

Apple Performa Display monitor. 14" diagonal color display, 26 pounds? 35 pounds?

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