Herb's Sun multibus and VME systems

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Sun multibus and VME systems

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In April 2004 I picked up some Sun related? Multibus cards. Condition unknown but physically OK, dates 1982-1984. Here's the list, with links to images.

Bridge Communications IECM, has 68000/10 processor, AM7990CD/60 chip, 16-pin and 26-pin connector. PWA 06-0021-02 rev 01 - may have sold, ask
OMNIBYTE OB 68K1A, master slave, has 68000/10, ROM, serial, parallel- may have scrapped, ask

Also with this set, a VMEbus card, Sun 3 SCSI card, Piiceon or Diceon 3A, 270-1236-02 rev A, NOT Mulitbus.

Some time in 2004 I picked up a Sun Multibus-based system. I sold it in Jan 2006. This is a 15 slot chassis in a black, rack-mount box. The front is only labled "Sun workstation" but the back is labled Sun model 150U. From Sun hardware notes, it may be some kind of 2/170 system or model 100 system. Here are the cards in it: dates are 1982, 1983. Weight of chassis and covers is about 60-65 lbs; it measures 17 X 17 inches, and about 20 inches deep. The Multibus cards mount vertically and their tops face the "front". The back has numerous connectors and the nameplate.

sun2 chassis with power supply and numerous cables to the boards.
Here is the back of the chassis. This is the lable there.
Here is the front cover of the chassis. The hole is for the AC circuit breaker.
68010 CPU card 270-1007-04 rev A
two memory boards, 270-1013-011
Tape interface card270-0526-02 rev C
3Com (Ethernet) card0111-01 rev 3 "ME controller"
color video card with R, G, B coaxial connectors 270-0461-04 rev A 501-0461-
Sun graphics monochrome video card270-0059-02 rev D

I also had this Sun card: Sun Microsystems card, 270-1003-06, rev A with AMD Z8530 UART, RAM, DB-9 connector, and two flat-cable connectors. Likely this is the Sun 501-1003 TTL monochrome video/keyboard/mouse board. What Sun was this board in? maybe a 2/120, or 2/170? Mouse and keyboard probably Type 2. I sold this card in 2014.

In Aug 2004 I picked up a Sun 3/E VME based system. I sold it in early 2010. Here is a photo of the chassis. Sun sold a VME card set for a 68020 based Unix/Sun system. This is a 12 slot dual width chassis, power supply, with following 9 cards, pictured from left to right and listed below. (If there's interest, I'll post the pictures of the cards.)

sun microsystems 3/E single board cpu 68020 20MHz & 68881, 4mb, 2 serial, 501-8028-01783
sun 3/E monochrome video framebuffer 1152x900, DB9 connector, diceon 3a 270-8020 rev 51, 501-8020-02352
sun micro 4/12mb w 4mb on board, 501-8031-02311
sun micro 3/E ethernet/scsi, 501-8027-02873

sun 3/E cpu #2 270-8028-04, 501-8028-01769
sun micro 3/E ethernet/scsi, 501-8027-03014
sun micro 3/E color video framebuffer 1152x900, 270-8029-04 rev a 1989,
501-8029-02684, BNC RGB and Sync connectors
Interphase v/scsi 4210, 2 50-pin ports, HL-0770-000-XOH
...daugherboard HL-0709-000-XOH
sun micro 3/E ethernet/scsi, 501-8027-03072

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