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Customer References

All references here are unsolicited and quoted with permission. Individuals are only identified by initials and US state (two-letter code), or country outside the USA. We've sold Macs since 1997, so not every compliment is listed here ;) .

J.T. of Canada said "Just to let you know, [IIsi NuBus adapter and NuBus network card] arrived today and everything is in working order. Thanks again!"

E.S. of OH said: "[The Mac SE CRT and yoke] arrived safe and sound last night. Looks great! (Picture attached) Thank you so much!"

L. M. from TX said: "Just wanted to let you know that I have been using the [IOMega 100 SCSI external] Zip drive and it is working fine [on my OS9 Mac computer]."

D.H. from MO said: "The package arrived tip top and the CRT [and floppy] drive are in great shape. Your personalized attention to our questions and making sure we found just the right parts is greatly appreciated! Once again, thanks for your excellent customer care. "

J.G. from CO said: "Just wanted to let you know that I did get the [PCI graphics and FireWire/USB] cards and they both work excellently!! Exactly what I needed. Plus the shipping was super fast. Much appreciated. Thank you again so much! Iíll be ordering some more stuff in the near future."

J.H. from Calif. said "I just wanted to let you know that everything arrived and is working great [on my Powerbook 165c], even the [purchased internal] floppy drive! It was a bit hard to find the CD-ROM driver for System 7.1 [for the purchased CD-300 drive], but I eventually found it. Thanks again!"

M.K. of MA bought a Mac Plus keyboard to replace the gunked-up keyboard bought "at auction". "Just letting you know that I got a chance to re-case and clean up all the keycaps and the difference is night and day between the old board. [With a working keyboard on my Plus, I] Got to experiment with a lot of software I never had the chance to use growing up."

J.M. from CA said: "Just wanted to let you know that I have received the [Mac 128K] keyboard and everything functions perfectly. Thanks again for all of your help, I really appreciate it."

W. P. from NY said: "Just wanted to reply back and let you know that the [MaxPwr 450MHz Power PC] processor arrived safely and is working great in my PowerMac 9600 - it feels a lot snappier now. Thanks again. It was a pleasure doing business with you."

C. C. from Paris said: "Just a note to let you know everything arrived in great shape. Thank you for your time, assistance and special service to make sure I could pick up these parts [while visiting the USA]."

D.O. of VA said "I received the [Mac Plus travel] bag last night. I was shocked at how quick I received it. It looks great and totally fits my needs (e.g. fits the mac plus, keyboard, mouse, AND the external hardrive). Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!!!"

J. V. of FL said "Herb, I received the Pascal manuals and diskettes today. I commend you on the prompt service, shipping, and well-boxed items ó Thanks so much!"

D.Y. from California, ordered an early Apple ADB keyboard in very good condition. The response when sent was: "I look forward to typing on your beautiful keyboard. " When recieved was: "The keyboard arrived today. It looks very good. Thank you for selling it to me, and thank you for keeping the mac alive! Cheers and have an excellent weekend sir! ".

"coco" from MA said: "Just wanted to let you know I got the iMac I/O Port door yesterday and it's PERFECT! Just what I needed, thank you SO much!"

A. R. of AL bought some DIMM EDO memory: "The RAM can in today and works great. Thank you!"

K. E. from Seattle WA said: "Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your sending the Apple DOS compatibility card with PDS adapter [for 6100 systems]. It's working great!"

C. L. in Germany said: "I have received the boot diskette and it works fine! Now I can put my old Mac [Plus} on my desk next to my iMac, to get a picture almost like the "Happy Birthday, Mac" page on the Apple site [in Feb 2014]...Thank you for instructions and preparing the disk."

R.A. in France said "I have received your parcel quickly. I have connected the [Apple HD20] drive today only. All is working perfectly. Your delivery meets exactly what I was looking for and I want to thank you for that. With my best regards."

I. R. in Germany said ".. [The first-class package to Germany] took one and a half months....The [Powerbook 145] RAM seems to run fine and the trackball also works. Due to some error, I haven't actually gotten Linux to run on my PB145B yet (this was what the RAM upgrade was for), but that's another battle for another day. So it all worked out okay. (Yay!) Thank you very much indeed for all your help."

B. K. from MN said "Good evening - received the G4 Digital Audio power supply on Thursday - installed it Friday morning. It works perfectly and I am a very "happy camper". Thanks a ton!!!!!"

C. R. of CA said "The four floppy drives arrived,, but I wasn't able to test them until today. First, I was amazed at what good shape the box was in [from shipping]. However, the best was how you packed the items. It was like an engineer would do it (guess I know why). Thank you. All of the drives tested fine. In addition, they look very good (one does indeed look excellent [as ordered])... Hence, you continue to make me a happy customer."

J. R. of FL said: "I received both floppy [drives] today and I'm happy to report that after blowing a little air into the [unrefurbished as-is] PowerBook floppy [drive] and installing it in the machine, it functions brilliantly. Please receive my sincerest thanks for helping me make a couple of pretty swell machines work as they should. I have a few very early Macs that are operational; whenever I have an issue I'll turn to you first."

C.R. of CA said: "The two IIci GE brand supplies arrived today. They were packed well, and they worked well. If you were an [online auction] seller, I would give you five stars. Instead, I'll just say thanks."

E.N. from NC said: "I received the package today in good order and, more importantly, [DIMM and L2 cache] works as it should in my Performa 6360CD. Thank you again, Herb, for taking the time to "pre-test" everything to make sure it would work just fine. I sincerely appreciate it!"

K. T. of VA said: "I finally had a chance to install the [SCSI hard] drive today. I was able to partition and initialize it with no problems. The drive works great! Thanks again for your fantastic service."

R. M. of OH said "Just to let you know, I received the Apple items you sent today. [Apple Keyboard II, ADB square mouse, and Mac to VGA video adapter] Everything looks great - just what I wanted. Thanks."

DR in TX said: "I finally got around to installing that Centris 610 motherboard today--no more "chimes of death!" Thanks and I'm sure I'll be in touch again sometime as my collection grows (and breaks down)."

M. K. in NC said "I got the [Mac motherboards] yesterday. What nice boards! Excellent condition. I was especially pleased with the IIfx one. The most expensive Mac ever... It's great that the designer's names are right on the board like that... Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for great products and service."

T. Tl. in California said "The [800k floppy] drive and spare motor assembly arrived and both worked perfectly! The spare motor assembly had the correct gear but I decided to try the assembly as is and it ejected the disk just fine; so now I've got a spare working drive! Thanks for the great service and products!"

K. J. in the United Kingdom said "The part arrived on Wednesday but I wasn't at home for the package. I picked it up from my local depot the next morning and it is superb. Many thanks again for all your help on this."

E. D. of TN said: "Thanks for the [G4] power supply Herb! I just installed it and my machine is running beautifully. Thank you so much again."

D. T. of TN said: "The LaserWriter IIg board arrived today before I even found time to look up its status with the tracking number. Thank you for the excellent packing. I tested your board both with its original 5 MB RAM and my board's 32 MB RAM. The configuration page reports that the EEROM is "OK." [and] "Enterprise" is now remembering its name and that its startup page is disabled. Thank you for your help. I'm so glad you had this part available and that you got it to me so quickly."

G. R. of CA said "Received power supply March 3rd. Works great; another Apple II+ resurrected. Thanks."

O. F. of Switzerland said: "I received your package [of two 68040 processors] in great condition. I tried one of the CPU, it works perfect."

D. L. of Ireland said: "Thank you very much. I received the SE/30 logic board. It looks in great condition. I hope there is still a little life left in the capacitors. If not, I'll replace them in any case. It was pleasure doing business with you.....delighted with the product." (Note: capacitors are components which often fail on SE/30 boards, it's a known problem.)

B. M. of Ohio said: "With the exception of a partially wet box corner due to the rain, the IIsi arrived with no shipping damage. You packed the thing very well. Got it up and running in the basement and will eventually get it set up back with the other comps."

J. H. of MA ordered a keyboard for a pre-G3 Mac. He says: "This is a late thank you for the excellent response. All is well now with the old computer that my wife uses. Thanks again..."

"Fred" of Georgia had an eMac with a dark LCD screen; he was not sure what to do or order. I did not have eMac parts but I gave him some advice. He said: " Thanks SO VERY much for your helpful response. I did your test, and found out that there is a faint image on the [running eMac] screen when illuminated with a flashlight [very close to the screen while watching] in a dark room. Now, I am looking for the old style mini-VGA adapter so I can hook it up to an external monitor. You did not have to ever reply to my email, but you did, and you also helped me - CLASSY ACT INDEED!"

D. J. of WA ordered some system software, copied as freely available from Apple. He said "I got the disks (Grayshare, System 7 tune-up) in the mail yesterday. Both disks worked perfectly and my SW II is up and running like a champ! Thank you so much for all of your help. I have appreciated doing business with you."

S. B. of NC bought a Kensington external fan for a Mac Plus, and wrote: "Herb, thanks so much for getting that fan to me so promptly!!"

J. R. of New Zealand said "Hi Herb, the (Mac Performa 630) power supplies have arrived safe and sound. Thanks for the great service."

J. D. of California says: "I recently bought a 1.2 gig Quantum hard drive from you for my old Mac Color Classic. I just wanted to let you know it arrived in perfect shape, and I installed it last weekend. It runs like a top! Thanks much! "

E. C. says: "Everything arrived in one piece and the machine got the once over last night. I am so glad I ordered the [Mac to VGA video] adapter with the resolution dip switches.. have a nice weekend. Thanks again!"

E. B. of PA writes about a laptop power supply he purchased: "It arrived while I was away [and a neighbor] was gracious enough to bring it in for safekeeping....At first the Powerbook didn't respond but after keeping it plugged in overnight; voila!!! It works like a charm but the laptop is now awaiting... System 7 software on floppies ready to go into it. ..Thaknx for your service; if I ever need anything I'll definitely swing back by and give you a perusal!!!"

Customer A. H. reported the G3 I sold him was dead. We were just going to offer a replacement motherbord when he wrote: "To make a long story short, I decided to try a different power cord in spite of the fact the power cord I was using was good. Turns out the G3 doesn't like it. Tried a different cord, and it boots up just fine. I looked at the other power cord closer, and it has a little bit of raised plastic around the plug end that makes it bend slightly to one side when its plugged in the G3, and I guess its just enough to prevent it from making contact. I'm very sorry for all the trouble. Everything's great, I'm very happy."

G. C. of VT wrote: "Herb, The stylewriter 2200 arrived Saturday. I plugged in some new print cartridges, and it works fine. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your friendly, helpful service and quick shipping. I enjoy your web pages, as there is a lot of information there not readily available elsewhere. I expect that I will be ordering from you again soon. Another satisfied customer, [signed]"

J. S. wrote: "my [Ethernet card] received last week and is purring away inside my SE/30 - thanx for quality product and fast shipping!"

W. R. of Oregon said: "I picked up the Duo [A/C power] adapter yesterday & tried it out last night. Works great & I have my little laptop back again! Thanks! I will keep your address handy, I'm always needing obscure Mac parts!"

D.E. of ?? said: "Herb, thank you for sending my [Color Stylewriter 2400] by FedEx. It arrived safe and sound four days after you sent it. You don't know how much it means to me to have a printer again. As an English teacher these days, a computer and printer are essential for survival. Thanks also for the refund on the [ink cartridge] carrier and the nice rebate. [Note: I could not provide an ink cartridge so I refunded that price plus a few dollars.] Thankfully, my old one worked. You are an honest businessman, a rarity in this day and age. If I know of anyone I can refer to you, I'll certainly do so."

BL wrote: "Thanks, Herb. Received the [Zip 100] drive last week and I'm happy to say that my client now has a backup of his critical Mac Performa data on Zip disk. I appreciate your quick turnaround on the order-- it's a relief for us to have this done."

W&A of CA says: "We received the LaserWriter Select 360 printer today. Thank you for your prompt reply. The printer works great. (Especially considering that our old printer stopped working completely.) Thank you again. We will keep your website on hand in case we need any further printers or supplies. Very happy customer."

G. L. of ?? says: "I appreciate your time and research in aiding me to get my [Personal] Laserwriter NTR to work [with my Window 2000 system]. ...I was about to give away an outstanding printer until I found you and you worked me through the alternative settings. [Now] it has been printing perfectly. I really appreciate your time and patience."

C. S. of ITALY says: "... installed [SE/30] RAM you shipped. It work perfectly. The ethernet card also is fine (with a cross cable I link the SE/30 to my Powerbook Alu). Thanks a lot. Ciao"

S. A. says: "Mr. Johnson, my [8600] power supply arrived on Tues and it only took about 10 minutes to put it in and be up and running. It works just fine. Thank you so much. My brother has all macs in his business in North Carolina and I will give him your name."

M. W. of GA says: "I received the CD-ROM drive today, it fit perfectly and booted up just as well. Thanks very much for helping me out."

C. D. of ?? ordered a G3 accelerator card. She said: "Thank you, I received my card, and it is in perfect working condition. It was very enjoyable doing business with you. I look forward to conducting other transactions with you in the future."

G. C. of MD ordered a stripped down Powermac 9500. He said: "Package arrived last evening. Everything looks great and seems to be exactly what I need. I will definitely keep you in mind for future needs. Thanks again."

A. C. of GA bought a Laserwriter IIg controller card. He had some trouble installing it but after some email exchanges he wrote: "I don't really know what made the card work; all I did was turn off the print reinstall the old card, start it up turn it off; reinstalled the new card and reseated the toner cardridge and the green light came on. Thank god because I did not want to return the card. I bought a Ethernet transceiver and boom print like a champ. I want to thank you for you help and your web site."

R. U. of KY bought a video/audio editing card, after some negotiation to provide a proper transfer of ownership for the manufacturer. He recieved the card and wrote "Thanks Herb. I installed it in my Powermac 9600 and it worked great. All the hardware and software works great! Thanks for a great buying experience and it won't be [the] last."

B.S. in MN bought a system but later had a few problems which he resolved. We gave him credit toward some parts for that system. "I recieved the replacement Zip drive and the Powerbook SCSI cable, both are in excellent working order. Again I thank you for going beyond what is normally expected of when buying used equipment. Just to let you know, the computers I purchased from you have helped develope and present the program I am currently involved in creating, which is an ecology based magnate school up here in Ely. (I actually used the Powerbook for a PowerPoint presentation this weekend)."

T. M. said: "Received the memory chips as ordered and installed them in my LaserWriter IIf today. And the Apple Printer Utility reported that there are now 20 megs of memory available! Early indications are that it has reduced the compilation time for complex print jobs by several minutes. Good doing business with you."

T. M. of AZ said: "I received the [Ethernet] adapter in the mail today, hooked it up, and it works just fine. I'm now able to print to my old LaserWriter. I thought your price was fair and your service was prompt, so I'm recommending you to my friends."

H. M. of JAPAN said:" Thanks for your quick shipping, I've received the package [of Mac processors and programmer switches] today. The items are in great conditions, especially SE reset switch is really good one.I'm collecting old compact Mac items, so please let me know when you find [other such items]. It was a good deal for me this time. Thanks Much!, ARIGATOU GOZAIMASHITA!!"

S. N. from the UK said: "The ImageWriter II has just arrived and is working fine! Thanks very much for that. I didn't expect it to be so noisy when it prints, but I like it..I have just downloaded the PDF file of the IW II manual and found the section for adjusting for paper thickness.. I shall try setting the paper thickness lever and see if the noise is reduced. I like impact printers, for they are more human-like and accept old tricks. ."

W. J. of IN says: "I thought I should let you know I have received the [Duo 280] powerbook and acces[sories] and everything arrived in good condition and works fine. I have already repartioned the hard drive and updated the system. Thanks again."

S. M. of Sweden bought an internal controller/interface card for a Personal Laserwriter 320. He told me: "Today I received the I/O card. I have installed it in the LaserWriter and the printer worked again!! I'm so happy about that and I would like to thank you for your effort and prompt attention on this matter.... Many, many big THANKS."

R. H. of PA ordered a Powerbook 165 and says: "Received the powerbook in great shape last week - have been playing with it already. Thanks for the upgrade- whoa, even a modem. Really had to dig to find the old disks with my printer program and MSworks so I could load them on. Thanks for the speedy service."

J. S. of TX ordered a LaserWriter IIg: "Thank you! I receive the printer Friday and install all today. The only glitch was that I needed a "crossover" [Ethernet] networking cable since I'm connecting directly (without a hub) for now. It wasn't working using the LaserWriter 8 driver and standard Ethernet cable. Though all seems to work fine, now....Thanks for shipping the printer so quickly."

Mr. O of OH ordered a PowerBook 3400c for parts. He said : "I just wanted to let you know that the PB is working great. I got a HD cable for 14 dollars. I put in a HD, and it works great! Just in case you'd like to know its not a 180MHZ it's 200MHZ. Once again thanks for all the great service."

A. N. of Scotland said: "Just a note to say thank you very much for the Sonnet [G3 accelerator] card - it arrived on Wednesday..... The card is installed and is working beautifully - it just needed an extension which was easily downloaded from the Sonnet [Web] site. It has certainly speeded (sped?) up my [PowerMac] 7300, and made it usable again!"

M. M. of FL said: "The LaserWriter II arrived today. I purchased and assembled a inexpensive TV stand to place the printer on. The machine works wonderfully ! I also installed the printhead [you shipped] to the Imagewriter II. It also prints wonderfully !"

N. H. of CT said: "Thanks. I received [the software] today in good condition. Pleasure doing business with you and I shall monitor your WEB Site regularly to see what you may have that I want....The thing that I liked was your questioning why I was buying such an old [software version]... You could have just sold it whether you thought it would run on the later systems or not. It runs just fine..."

S. M. from Florida said: "Got the used Mac 7200 yesterday. Everything works great. As usual I am very pleased. UPS delivered it promptly and it booted right up. I'll put in a new hard drive and a little extra memory and it'll be good to go for a few years I'm sure. There is so much use left in these machines, it is awful to think some people might consider them antiques. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future."

A. K. of OR said: "The PowerBook 100 arrived late yesterday. All looks to be in good condition and it functions fine. I installed System 7.1 on it late last night and it's working good. The [external] floppy drive case I had looks better so I will probably swap the two..... I am very pleased! Thanks a lot."

R. M. of WI said: "[The IIfx system] arrived 6 hours before your e-mail. I checked it out around noon and it works fine. System 7.1 is AOK for my usage: i.e. numerical modeling for sonar systems. The reason for [my] sticking with MacIIfx is my library of MS QBasic programs that I've accumulated since the 80's. Later Macs [versions of Microsoft QBasic] aren't compatible."

K. V. of OK said: "I owe you an apology [for a delayed reply]. I received everything fine, but left on business. Everything hooked up fine and is fully operational on all MAC's. I appreciate your patience during our discussions [about ordering items]. As soon as I get some time I'll be back to your site and order some other odds and ends. Again thanks, and sorry for the late reply!"

K. L. of MT said "Very prompt delivery of the Mac 512k power supply. Nice that USPS services on Saturday. I came home on my lunch break, install the board, and had the machine running within 15 minutes. Also, thank you for providing the instructions. Power supplies can be a little hairy. (Or should I say shocking?) Again, thanks for the help."

A. L. from Italy said: "Hallo Herb, you really can't imagine how happy I am. Your [Mac Plus] mouse arrived and ,last but not least, works very well with my Plus. I'd like to thank you very much for the kind messages you sent me. I hope to hear you again even if only for a chat."

M. A. from Japan said:" I found that the SE/30 was very valuable one. Its logic board is socketed CPU type and inside the case there are signatures of Apple's members who developed SE/30 ( Steeve Jobs also signed ). I must say "Thank you very much" from bottom my heart !"

T.C. of MO said: "I received the LC and monitor today. They are very nice. The color of the monitor is top notch. The packing was great as usual. I can't tell you how much I have appreciated your honesty and integrity with respect to all of my purchases. I also feel the various components I have bought represent a great value too. Obsolete to some but not all. Thanks."

J. R. of MA said: "I just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks. The IIfx arrived on Wed fine and dandy (and only 1.5 days after you emailed me about the shipment!). After setting it up I was pleasantly surprised that you had formatted the drive and had installed a system folder -- something you hadn't mentioned, which made my job all the easier!"

L. L. of Quebec CANADA says: "I just received the computer, all is fine, works pretty well :):). I'm surprised how clean it is :). I want to thank you very much for all, I'm satisfied at 120 per cent. Long life for your compact mac service mr johnson :)"

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