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[stdbus card] We have a quantity of STD Bus cards, and STDbus chassis. We'll pick more up from time to time, but my complete STDbus inventory should be on this Web page. MOst items are for sale. Some systems are shown which I may not sell, I'm looking for more information and comment and other owners. Items sold are offered AS-IS NO REFUNDS at modest prices - ask for a quote. These cards are not tested but are generally in good condition and undamaged. We will describe their visual condition, usually offer photos.

We also have some original STDbus documentation. Generally we make copies of documents for 20 cents per page plus postage and handling if paper copies wanted. This price may change without notice.

In addition, I have some Intel 4040 based Prolog brand cards and docs. They are not STDbus but they are very similar. These cards and docs are not for sale currently, but I can provide copies of docs.

Before the STDbus, Pro-log sold board-based microprocessor products on the same 56-pin card. See this linked web page for information on those products.

The STDbus was developed in the mid-1970's by ProLog and Mostek as a 56-pin bus on small cards. It became an IEEE standard known as IEEE-961 in 1987. Compatible cards were manufactured by many companies in the 70's and 80's. The bus was extended to 32 bits with a dual-use 136-pin edge connector and called STD-32 in 1990. 56-pin cards became differentiated between STD-Z80 and STD-80. The STD-80 spec provided for 16-bit data paths and 20 address lines by multiplexing data and address, useful for 80286 and 68000-class processors. STD-Z80 refered back to the earlier non-multiplexed design, by then used mostly on Z80 processor-based designs.

Unfortunately, by 2015, many former STD-bus manufacturers no longer exist, or carry legacy info on their Web sites.

Versalogic cards
(many Versalogic cards are compatible with Analog Device cards, other brands)
ZiaTech STD-bus info and pt.com no longer appear on the Web.
WinSystems STDbus information is no longer at winsystems.com.

We have some other old computer cards as well. Check my STDbus, VME, & Multibus page for links to those items, and to my S-100 and Mac and SGI stuff as well. Here is how to email @ me and ordering instructions. Herb Johnson

STDbus prototype. general I/O boards

Here is an image of some STD bus prototype cards; left to right, Prolog 7904, MicroLink 97130, Prolog 7900.
I have some used STDbus protoboards, which could be stripped of wirewrap sockets for board reuse. Here's photos of some boards I have. I have others with more IC sockets on them. Ask about availability and prices.

You can also build something, using an STDbus ProLog or other brand, general I/O board. Those boards have logic on them already for byte-wide I/O to a IDC (flat cable) connector or other connectors. Look up on the Web, an old ProLog or Versalogic or other STDbus catalog for a reference to those cards. For example, "ProLog Series 7000 Product (or Technical) Manual". bitsavers.org has an inventory of STDbus documents. Most of these Prolog I/O cards are 7600 series. I have some of those I/O cards, and more detailed documentation, as listed below; the list provides a ProLog number and descriptive title.

STDbus acquisition #4

Box BR-1

CDI brand CD0331-5A, 64K DRAM card, d416 chips 16KX1

SSM Prolog brand STD-7801 card 8085A, RAM, ROM. (3)
Pro-Log PLS-868 , one-card 6800 CPU, 4 ROMs, 4-2114 RAM (5)
 - DIP sockets for I/O ports  
Pro-Log 7802, 6800 CPU, 4 ROMs, 8-2114 RAM (1)
Pro-LOG backplane and 8-slot card cage, pink card slides, DC power connector

8-slot card cage with backplane, black slides, 
with Pro-Log 7907A terminator card
with 4-slot wide power supply, fits into slot. 

Applied Micro/Technology brand, 
--  TI4301 card, two Z80 PIO chips
-- ST4201 card, static RAM TMS 4045

Amtek brand, STD-11.01 card, TMS 9918A video board with Z80 PIO, Z80 CPU, ROM

Mostek brand:

450-00367-00, MDX-DEBUG ROM/Serial card with five MOSTEK ROMs (4) see below
450-00636-00, MDX-CPUII, Z80 CPU, CTC,  6 sockets ROM or RAM 24-pin (2)
450-00922-01, MDX-FLP2, FD1797, Z80 DMA (4)
450-00663-00, MPX-SIO Z80 SIO chip (3)
450-00358-00, MD-CPU Z80 CPU, CTC, ROM 24 pin (3)
450-00361 or 000360 32K DRAMs 4116 chips (3)
450-01064     MDX-CPU3 Z80 CPU, 3801, ROM, PIO (1)
450-00370     2 X PIO (3)
450-00487     MDX-UMC  8-ROM board (1)

board in original box, Mostek 450-00366, 450-00367, MDX-DEBUG.
ROM DEBUG with serial COM 2502, 5 ROMS. 3 more boards available, no box. ROMs dumped & disassembled.
These ROMs contain Mostek's ASMB and DDT-80. See documentation for manuals:
MDX-Debug (board with these ROMs), DDT and ASMB, and MDX-EPROM/UART (board without ROMs). See this Web page for details and codes

Box BR-2

Vector 4610 and some Pro-Log brand, STDbus protoboards. Many have wirewrapped sockets. (13)
Some of these were in this chassis.

7108, 13-slot STDbus backplane with 9 pin DC connector on short cable
7885A 8085 CPU (2)
7885  8085 CPU (1)
7701  16K RAM 2114 (3) one board populated w/RAM
7702  ROM board 8 X 24 pin (2) no ROMs
7304  dual UART 8251s (2)
7303  hex keypad and 6-hex display (1)
4113  I/O port card
7901  STDbus extender card
7803  Z80, RAM, ROM (2)
7601  I/O card
M7921 in-rack power supply
7904 Prolog prototype card  unused (1)
many  used prototype boards available like these

Data Translation DT5702/12V 16 channel 12-bit A/D converter and Z80 PIO

EM Electronics and Geist brands, D/A 416-2 card. Enhanced photo showing IC's. including Analog Devices AD7846 and AD711 and AD5860.

Applied Micro / Technologies brand, ST4101 Z80 CPU Z80 DMA chip

Micro/Sys PM 8251 - 2716 EPROM reader/writer with ZIP socket on panel

ECM brand? A/D converter with Datel ADC-HX12BMC and 8255 PIO

no brand, 102862 relay card, eight Crydom SSRs S3022A "high voltage"

not STDbus, Curtis brand panels, 2 X 25 pin IDC male connector to 2 X 25 screw terminals (3)

STD Bus acquisition #3

[stdbus card]

PRO-LOG boards

STD-7707 DRAM cards
STD-7909A bus terminator (2)
STD-7705A 32K EPROM 8 sockets
STD-7304 dual UART card 8251A
STD-7508 TTL I/O card
STD-7806 Z80 ROM RAM CPU card
STD-7387A floppy drive controller
7108 13-slot STDbus backplane in card cage w/ Molex power connector

other brands

RMAC? I/O rack interface (3)
- STDbus board, drives cables out to some other system

RMAC IBM-PC (XT) PC/LINK card 10202 cables to
RMAC STDbus LINK card 10302 (cable not available)

ROBOTROL parallel I/O and clock card
ROBOTROL RSD-7728 Analog Board (2 but one bad) w/docs
ENLODE Display Driver MDL-235-1 (two ICM 7218CIJI chips) w/docs
- multiplexed LED driver 7 segment hex common anode 8 digits
National Instruments GPIB-961P

STD Bus acquisition #1

box H-1

VersaLogic PL-7601/4A rev 0. marked "7604A". has 8 16-pin DIP sockets for I/O from 74273 and 74244 chips. 2 boards
ProLog PL 7604A "openware" cards, sockets for 74LS273 and 74LS244 mostly populated. 7 boards
ProLog PL 7702A, 16K memory. 16K of SY2128 static RAM. 1 card
ProLog PL 7702A, 16K memory. 16K of TI 2516 UV erasable ROM. 3 card
ProLog PL 7702A, 16K memory. no ROM or RAM. 2 card
ProLog 7507 I/O, 1 board
ProLog PL 7709 64K Battery Memory Card. 2 of 8 sockets with 6264L-10 RAMs, battery pack. 2 cards.
ProLog PL 7704, Byte-wide memory card, four cards
New Matrix 7911/RPC Memory Board. RAM/ROM, uses 16 2716-type chips, no memory. 2 cards, with docs

box H-3

ProLog PL 7308B-01 Counter/Timer cards w. P8253-5 chips - four boards
ProLog PL 7308 Counter/Timer cards , several boards
ProLog PL 7308A Counter/Timer cards , 1 boards
proprietary I/O cards, each with 20 MOSFETS, four boards
...each has 10 IRF531 N-channel 20A, 60V; 10 MTP8P08 P-channel 8A 80V
Proprietary DC power cards, P/N 350130-902 rev 53 (with 5V DC to +/-12V 375mA converter) 2 cards

box H-4

ZiaTech ZT8815 cards, 80188 processor, two boards:
- one rev A with no ROM, RAM, or processor
- one rev B with no ROM or RAM, has 80188 processor
- have diskettes as follows:
--CPU 188 DOS Emulation V2.0
--On Target Debugger Tutorial
--On Target Debugger V 3.0.11
--manuals available, see list below
Computer Dynamics DAD-48 A/D cards w. four AD667 chips each, two boards
iSBX card, ZiaTEch ZSBX30 with two 8256 chips, one board

Ziatech STD32 board, with DSP56001FE20 chip, 3X HM628128RAM, ROM, serial
Ziatech ZT84CT30 "integer" board, has 16C49 chip

Datricon ACS 09, 6809 CPU with ROM, RAM, 6551 UART

STDbus acquisition #2

The following STDBus cards were acquired a few years ago. Many of them are unused and sealed in antistatic bags, some opened and unused or lightly used, a few show some use. We'll tell you what we see when you ask for specific cards. The number on the far right is a count of boards.


Data Translation    3881-PIO       Data Acquisition Module              2
Bustech             Z80-PIO4       two Z80 PIO,                         2
Matrix              7911-064       Extender card                        1
                    other extender cards available
ProLog              7909A  Terminator card with Network, reset,LED      7 each
Mostek              MDX-SIO 450-00375-00 board, some chips out of sockets
Mostek              probably PIO board, 460-00370-00    some chips out of sockets
Mizar			5-slot motherboard, see details
Mostek              MDX-PIO, corrosion damaged board, 450-00370, parallel, no chips
Mostek              MDX-SIO, 450-00375, a little corrosion. No UART chip


Intelledex          319070B        64k EEPROM (8x Dallas DS1225Y)       1
Intersil            ISB-3101       Z80 CPU (1 w/ bad socket)            3
Matrix              7911-AC        ACIA                                 1
Matrix              7911-RPC       SRAM                                 2
MicroLink           97098-15       Video (6845 CRT + 9pin D conn), docs       1
MicroLink           97147          Z80A CPU                             1
MicroLink           97160          6ch. UART                            1
MicroSystems/Mostek MDX CPUIIA     CPU ?? No processor installed        1
MicroSystems/Mostek MX-BCLK        Battery Backed Clock? (Battery L     ?
MicroSystems/Mostek SB8412         Z80 CPU                              1
MicroSystems/Mostek                Z80 PIO                              1
National            GPIB-961P      GPIB Interface                       2
Penn Microsystems                  Memory?                              1
ProLog              7801           8085 CPU                             1
ProLog              7863           8088 CPU                             1
Transwave           K8073          8073 CPU                             1
WIN Systems         MCM-CLK        Realtime Clock                       1
Enlode Inc          200-1          Realtime clock COP402, OKI M5832     2
Applied Microtechnology ST4504 rev C video 6845, 4 X 2114, no docs               2


ProLog              7308           Counter/Timer                        10
ProLog              7702A          16k Memory                           2
ProLog              7705A          32kx8 EPROM                          2
ProLog              7706-04L       Battery Backed SRAM                  1
ProLog              7707-128       DRAM                                 1


Ziatech             ZT8812         8088 CPU                             3
Ziatech             ZT8820(B,C,D,E)SRAM / EPROM                         8
Ziatech             ZT8821         Memory                               4
Ziatech             ZT8823         Memory                               1
Ziatech             ZT8830         8088 CPU                             1
Ziatech             ZT8845         I/O                                  1
ziatech             ZT8814         80188 CPU w/zsbx-20 board WD9914 GPIB? 1

Box S-5

MicroAide           80-023         Opto Input                           1
ProLog              7304           Dual UART                            6?
ProLog              7603           Input Gate                           1
Prolog              7301           RS232 & current loop                 1
Prolog              7602           output card                          1


ProLog              7605           I/O                                 17
Enlode              238-1          56-Line Driver                       2

Enclosures & Frames

STDbus systems

6502 card set, Rockwell 65xx chips No docs.
6502 CPU card w/6522, 2732 ROM, RAM, serial
10812 6502 STD Enterprise System Corp. Scc/C 901857
Intersil ISB-3240, 64K DRAM card 16K populated
Intersil ISB-1230, ROM serial card card 2732A
DT2712 02673, 10-bit A/D card ADC1021CCD chip & CA3130 input and CD4051's on connector
also extender card and proto board available, various brands.

Set of Mostek Z80 STDbus boards in cabinet as shown
Nice cabinet rack-width
typical STDbus backplane, open frame power supply
Various Mostek Z80 boards for a CP/M system, operating an 8-inch floppy drive.
ROM/Serial card, Z80 CPU, MDX-FLP2 floppy/DMA, MPX-SIO Z80 serial, 32K DRAM, etc.
Documentation and disks with it, docs described elsewhere on this Web page.

Mostek Z80-based STDbus system of cards, backplane, cage:
MD-CPU, Z80 board, 450-00358-00 & 450-00357-00
MDX-UMC static RAM, 450-00487-00 & 450-00486-00
MD-DYNAMIC RAM, 450-00361-00 & 450-00360-00
MDX-DEBUG serial and RAM or ROM, 450-00366-00 & 450-00367-00
MDX-WW2 prototype board, 450-00408-00, 450-00407-00
contained in Octagon brand 5-slot card cage & backplane, Molex power connector
top of card cage has switching power supply, untested

Mostek STDbus set of cards in five-slot cage and backplane:
MDX-UMC 450-00487 RAM card, seven MM4802 RAMs
MD CPU 450-00398 Z80 CPU card with ROM RAM
MD DYNAMIC RAM 450-00361 16 sockets for 4116-2, 8 in socket
450-00367 DEBUG (serial/ROM) board, five 24-pin sockets, UART
MDX-WW2 450-00408 empty proto board

Oregon Micro Systems chassis and boards, untested
7-slot STDbus chassis with switching power supply of 5V, +/-12V and 24V
MC68 68000 8Mhz CPU board with ROM, RAM, 2 X 68230 chips
IO16 16 optoisolators and 6522 PIO chip

Pro-Log 4040 system, not for sale but take a look. See this exhibit web page

10-slot STDbus backplane and card cage, with four cards (possibly sold):
Micro-Source Z80 card w/ROM, RAM
Micro-Source Floppy controller 1797 w/Z80 DMA chip
Micro-Source multi I/O board (Z80 CTC, SIO) serial
Micro-Source STD-SVI-2 RAM and I/O
The cards have some wire modifications. Ask for details if interested.

STDbus & similar card cages, backplanes, power supplies

I have a bunch of card cages and chassis that support backplanes including STDbus, power supplies, etc. Check my Web page of cages and chassis. Some specific STDbus cages, chassis and backplanes are listed on this Web page.

Applied Micro, PC100A STDbus cabinet. 17 X 17 X 7 inch,
10 or 12-slot STDbus backplane and cage, two cabinets
typical open-frame power supply
- one cabinet 10 slot STDbus backplane + 12 slot custom-wired backplane
- one cabinet 12 slot STDbus backplane double-spaced slots.

9-slot Enlode brand STDbus backplane and card cage. 409-T-P-ND-NPS/SP27. No power supply. A few available.

Oregon Micro Systems chassis see above for brand-name boards. 7-slot STDbus chassis with switching power supply of 5V, +/-12V and 24V.

10-slot portable STDbus chassis w/handle 10 slots, open frame power supply, in nice case with handle and support. two cases available, one as shown and one with closed plastic panel.

STDbus card cage, backplane with 16 slots. One available.

Prolog brand STDbus card cage & backplane with 8 slots. OUT, none available.

Mizar brand 450-000597-00 6-slot STDbus backplane on card. Connectors are 3/4" apart, card is 5.5" long across slots, 5" wide. Board also has STDbus edge connector. $49 plus shipping.

Prolog model 721C, STDbus card cage in cabinet, may also bee BR16-T 7000 CCD 107488 Rev B. Has 13 slots, AC power supply which apparently is 110V or 220V. Here's the back with AC and fuse. a 12VDC fan, a little noisy. Some have a blank aluminum white-painted front cover. Ask for price and availability, three available as of Feb 2016.

Vector brand CCF-13 card cages, will hold STDbus cards, possibly others if user-modified. CCF-13 card cages are equivalent to today's Vector brand CCA13M/90 cage with metal card guides. Check Vector's Web site for description for a catalog description. I have several of the CCA13M/90 cages unused in original shipping boxes. Cage is 5.23" high, 9" deep, and 19" long (rack mount). Box is slightly larger. Cage holds 21 cards in metal slots 3/4" apart. Supports 4.5" x 6.5" circuit boards such as STDbus cards (photo) or classic Vector 3662A6 or 3662-9 with 44 pin edge connectors. Backplane not included. $49 plus shipping each, shipped in original box.

I have used card cages similar to the Vector's as above, with a horizontal door. This photo shows the cage, for 19-inch rack mounting and about the same dimensions as the Vector cage above. There's 11 slot guides, more could be added. The depth of these guides is comparable to the Vector cage, but the rails are closer to the front of the unit. Two of these used cages are available at $39 each plus shipping.

Here's a photo of a disassembled rack, easy to ship. If interested I'll provide dimensions and details.

Another used card cage with door: a rack with point-to-point wired 44pin (not STDbus) and door. But you might fit STDbus connectors in this cage. $49 each plus shipping, with connectors.


Documentation set #4:

Micro-Link STD-141 A/D converter

Applied Micro PC100A mainframe tech manual, 1981 and 1982 versions
Applied Micro ST4303 A to D converter

Amtek STD-11.01 operators interface guide

Micro/Sys CP/M User's guide
Micro/Sys SB8420 dual serial card guide
Micro/Sys SB8341 DMA controller guide
Micro/Sys SB8510 Floppy controller guide

Mostek manuals: operational manuals unless noted
Many related to
Mostek system described on this page.

MDX-EPROM/ROM <- Debug board w/o ROMs
- various rev K rev L
MDX-CPU3 Z80 tech manual
MDX-EPROM/UART and errata
MDX-UMC memory expansion
MDX-422N dual RS422
MDX-SC/D system controller / diagnostic
MDX-FLP floppy controller
MDX-FLP2 floppy controller tech review
- also upgrade FLP1 to FLP2
MDX-PIO Z80 PIO parallel
MDX-BRAM battery RAM
MDX-SST hardware single step
MDX-BCLK batter time of day clock
MDX-INT interrupt expander
MDX-PFP power fail
MDX-SASI-1 tech notes

Mostek software etc. manuals:

PPG-8/16 PROM programmer
DDT-80V1.3 and ASMB 80V1.0 <- ROM DEBUG assembler debugger
MDX FAE Training, summary of MDX modules

M/OS-80 operations manual MK77984-4
-- update 4420064 (1982)
MODUB - software modular library V.1
MOSGEN System generating Utility MK71001
RADIUS rehosting guide 4420243, development

Documentation set #3:

Robotrol RSD-7728 analog card manual
Enlode 235 Display Driver user's manual

STD 7806 z80A manual
STD 7710 512K RAM manual
STD 7683 8088 manual w/ addendum
STD 7304 dual UART manual
STD 7387 floppy disk card manual
STD 7707 64K/128K manual
STD 7705 32K EPROM manual
STD 7702 16K memory card manual
STD 7805 48 line card data sheet only
STD 7909 terminator schematic only

STD-7710 512K ROM
STD-7663-3 8088 CPU
STD-7712 512K DRAM

Q2XXXA DC voltage signal conditioner manual
Q2XXXB DC current signal conditioner manual
Q2XXXN 3-wire potentiometer signal conditioner manual
- was used with Robotrol cards RSD-7728, RSD-7758, RSD-7778

Documentation set #1:
Analog Devices User's Manual RTI-1225, RTI-1226
Pro Log Series 7000 STD Bus Tech Man.
--includes brief data sheets for 7101, 7102, 7301, 7502, 7503, 7601, 7603, 7604,
--7701, 7702, 7801, 7802, 7803, 7901, 7902, 7904
Pro Log STD 7000 7308 counter /timer card user manual (and 7308A)
(2) VersaLogic 1990 Std Bus Products Catalog
--ProLog 7X00 series matches to VersaLogic VL7X00 series
(copy) ProLog System 2 Model 30, general description
--includes very brief info on 78XX products, notes, 1988 price list Data sheets for IRF531, MTP8P08 MOSFETs

Computer Dynamics CPU-188 Hardware Ref. Manual, 36 pages
Computer Dynamics CPU-188 Hardware Programming, 174 pages including 80188 and other data sheets
Also 3 original diskettes available. One is "On-target Debugger Tutorial" format PC-DOS date 03/31/88 (per printed label). One is "CPU-188 DOS Emulation Ver 2.0 Jan 10 1989 (c) Lines Unlimited. ONe is "On target Debugger Ver 3.0.11 UPGRADE (c) Soft Advances (c) Lines Unlimited. The Programmer's manual mentions the "On-Target Debugger support".

Documentation set #2:

Analog Devices RTI-1226, RTI-1225 A/D Converter
Braemar Compute Devices CM600/8741A

Computer Dynamics CPU-9 Z80 Board

Enlode Product Catalog - 1/2 page briefs on following cards:
20, 210, 213, 214, 215, 230, 235, 236, 238, 239, 240, 241, 24, 300, 310, 339

Intersil, GE ISB-3101       Z80 CPU
ISB-3331 3 channel PIO card
ISB-3710 data channel serial I/O
ISB-3711 data channel serial I/O

MicroLink  STD-089 97098-15  Video (6845 CRT + 9pin D conn)
MicroLink  STD-130 97130 Prototype Card
MicroLink  SDD-160 97160 6ch. UART 

MicroSystems/Mostek MDX-422N dual channel RS-422 serial interface
MicroSystems/Mostek MDX-PIO parallel
MOstek MDX-SIO Rev A serial
Mostek MDX-DRAM Dynamic RAM
Mostek MDX-CPU I Z80

Micro/Sys Product binder with 2, 4, 6 pages per product:
SB 8414, 8020, 8010, 8082, 8088, 8270, 8122, 8130, 8301, 8320
8301, 8303, 8341, 8345, 8355, 8270, 8326, 8466, 8500, 8510
8520, 8740, 8412, 8414, 8420, 8422, 8451, 8602, 8602, 81C20, 84C23, 84C6
PS 8200, ECX 188 computer

Penn MicroSystems PM2212A RAM card

PRO-LOG manuals

prolog STDBus Tech manual and Product Catalog 1983 (feb)
Prolog 722 STDBus Box Disk Package
Lynx1 data transfer users manual
ProLog 7303 Keyboard / Display
ProLog 7308 Counter/Timer
7320 priority Interrupt 
7388 floppy controller manual
7401 thermocouple card 
ProLog 7501  Medium Power Output
7502 SPST relay output card
7503 7506 opto isolated card
7507 I/O rack interface card
ProLog 7601, 7603, 7604 I/O
76C04 CMOS input/output card
ProLog 7605   I/O 
7605-0 7605-1 programmable TTL I/O cards
7606 parallel I/O card
7701 16K static memory
7702 2716 EPROM
ProLog 7702A  16k Memory
77C02 16K bytewide memory
7704 bytewide memory 
7705 32K RAM
ProLog 7705A  32kx8 EPROM 
ProLog 7706-04L Battery Backed SRAM
ProLog 7707-128 DRAM 
77C08 cmos 64K
7709 64K memory
7712 512K memory
7801 8085A
7802 6800 CPU
7803 Z80 processor card
7804 Z80A
7805 8085A
7806 7807 Z80 card 
ProLog 7806-1 Z80A Multifunction
78C13 Z80 processor card
7815 8085A Processor Card
78C15 80C85 Processor Card
7901 I/O utility card (schematic only)
ProLog 7904  Prototype Card 
ProLog  7909  Termination Network / Sw. + LED

Ziatech manuals

ZT8812/13 manual
ZT8821 manual
ZT8820 manual
TX8910 manual and binder

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New Jersey, USA
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