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We sold early SGI systems for several years. As of about 2009, they are no longer of interest to new collectors, old collectors seem to have what they need or have lost interest. Most requests are now from dealers who are looking for parts for their customers. Also, many of these systems have become physically fragile, particularly the Indigo and O2 systems which have very fragile cases. So, I give up. From 2010 forward, out they go! whatever you want from me in SGI, better get it NOW.


There are three major issues about these SGI systems: brittle plastics, batteries, and OS's. Look around the Web or ask other owners for more information about these issues.

These old plastics are just too brittle. The SGI O2's are particularly fragile, I've seen them break like peanut brittle. Then the Indigo's. The SGI Indigo 2 and Indy have fiberglass cases which are more sturdy, and "newer". But all of these models which have "doors" have fragile hinges and locks which tend to snap off. The SGI Indigo systems I have left are without doors - the plastics are so fragile that the door hinges just snapped off. So that's why I say "cases *will* be damaged in shipping".

SGI systems dead batteries won't boot. They either have seperate batteries or the RAM/CLOCK modules have internal batteries. When the batteries "die" the small RAM that holds some setup data and date/time is lost. Generally if a battery is replaced or a battery is "wired in", the system will boot and date/time can be reset. See this Web page of notes about SGI Indy clock/battery modules.

Operating systems. These are NOT sold with an installed working IRIX, many of these are offered without drives at all. I have a few systems with old IRIX's that MAY work but I don't have passwords, and I don't warrent that software in any possible way, period. The drives are decades old, small (500MB or 1GB). I frankly don't think I can charge much, for all the trouble and effort to test them, yet offer them with no guarantees or passwords.

In short, these are offered as "parts" systems for you to restore or to fix other systems.

SGI models and parts

Follow the pointers below to specific SGI models; also some Sun and DEC stuff and related items.

If you are interested in these systems, you might be interested in other older computers. Check my my S-100 Web page to see all my S-100 (Altair, IMSAI, etc.) docs. Also check my Intel Multibus, STDbus and VME docs and hardware pages.

Meanwhile, I have other activities on this Web site: Check my Home page

SGI systems, parts

SGI processors

Here's the SGI large processors I have currently:

one 030-0808-001 rev 3 - Indigo2 R4400 250mhz (2mb SC)
two 030-8097-002 rev A & rev C - Indigo(2) R4000 100MHz
two 030-0966-004 rev C - Indigo 2 R10,000 195MHz

these weigh one to three pounds with heatsinks. Let me know your offers, but no sense in my selling these for less than $30 each plus shipping. I may ask for more, or less, when I check current prices.

for smaller processors, look at the by-system listings. I may have loose processors or I might pull one, depending.

SGI Indy and Challenge S stations

[SGI Indy] Over the years, I've picked up these Indy stations and IndyCam video cameras. With very few inquiries in the last few years, I've priced the remaining systems low; I will sell them or part them out. Here's what is left. See the top of this page for issues about age and condition. See this Web page of notes about SGI Indy clock/battery modules.

Here is a typical view of the Indy interior. This processor appears to be an R4000 (MIPS 3); the video card appears to be the NG1 XL-8. There are a number of Web sites that can provide more info on these stations, a Web search will find them. Shipping weight for one unit, 20 lbs.

These are sold with no hard drive, no floppy, no drive carrier. 24-bit graphics card, no memory. They will be powered up before shipping to verify operation. Quantities as of April 2013, ask what is available. At these prices, these systems are NOT WARRANTED. I may part these out at any time as my stock declines.

Indy R4600 100MHz no SC, three- $79 each
Indy R4600 133MHz no SC PROCESSOR, can upgrade a 4600/100 for $10 additional
Indy R5000 150MHz no SC, four left - $99 each
Indy R5000 180MHz no SC, one - $109 each
We'll consider selling motherboards or CPU's or both from these;
graphic cards and power supplies available.

pulled CPU modules: R4600/100, R4600/133 SC, R4600/??? SC. Or, CPU's from the above Indy systems. Ask about prices. Pulled CPU *chips*: ask, I've put some CPU chips aside, they have scrap vale at about $15, or collectable value.

two Challenge S systems They use the Indy CPU, power supply, disk drive & memory. They have a dual SCSI card instead of a video card. The "motherboard" looks like an Indy board but I presume has a different ROM. They seem to have various INdy-like processors. As of Aug 2012, I'll simply sell their parts. Let me know if you need Challenge-specific parts like the case or boards.

Indy JPEG cards - 8 bit graphics card with pair of GIO cards. Definitely 030-8139-005A (Indy JPEG Cosmo Compress) cabled to what might be "030-8138-003" Indy Video (D2-IV Compression). These are in a R4600/100 sysem with small RAM, IRIX 5.3 on the hard drive. GIO cards only, $35 the pair plus shipping. With system including drive, add $39 plus shipping.

To email me or to order, see see my ordering Web page for my email addresses.

SGI Indy parts

power supply: The Indy power supply may be either from NIDEC or Sony. The NIDEC brand supply has two power cables, the smaller connector of the two is one inch wide. The Sony supply also has two cables, the smaller connector is 1-6/32 inches wide. I believe the Sony model has no fan, the NIDEC uses a fan which may change speed in use. Either will fit the Indy motherboard with the corresponding 1-1/32 inch power connector. If your Indy motherboard only has a one-inch power connector you will need the NIDEC supply.

SGI parts for Indy: Also ask about parts pulled from systems listed above.

IndyCam digital video cameras

I have many, many IndyCam digital video cameras, model CMNB006E, part number 024-0825-001. These attach to the Digital Video Port of SGI Indy systems. They use an I2C bus for camera control, check the Web for more info. If you know more, contact me please, I'd like to rebuild some of these.I will look them over and not sell any unit that has obvious physical damage. yellowed case: $15 each plus shipping, AS-IS; "better" less yellowed case, $25 plus shipping.

Here's some interior photos of the camera:
the IndyCam inner metal shield
the IndyCam electronics and CCD the black CCD bezel is removable
back of the IndyCam electronics board

The 1/4" by 3/16" CCD, possibly Sony brand, has a 16 pin ceramic case, pins soldered in. There's a 49.0908 MHz crystal oscillator chip. The camera cable ends in a 2 X 12 cable connector , 1/16" centers. The camera is run by a DSP, Teleview Research DSP-270D8 from mid 1995. Analog chips include LT1054CS, IR3P66, 3112SA, Phillips TDA8709AT, 78L15 voltage regulator, LM358D, MP7524JR.

SGI Indigo stations

[SGI Indigo]

See the top of this page for issues about case age and condition. See this Web page of notes about SGI Indy clock/battery modules.

Indigo systems, CPU, graphics

By Oct 2012, I've sold off all my Indigo systems and related boards. Thank you to all my customers.

I have one Indigo case or "skin" with "door". Ask for photos and price. Here's an example of an Indigo case. Packed weight 8 pounds. 17 X 17 X 12 inches. Good/fair condition.

Indigo parts, as available.

Below are some prices and weights (for shipping) for some individual parts.

Indigo drive sleds

Here is a description of Indigo "drive sleds" and their use. Hard drives have mounting holes on the bottom and and on the sides. The drives mount to the sled via the bottom holes. Put the clips on the drives' SIDES, at the holes on the frontmost two holes. The clips will flex a bit in doing so, and help hold the drive in place in the Indigo drive bay. If I have clips, I'll provide them. Also, some of these sleds don't have the SCSI cabling to connect the drive's SCSI address jumpers to the Indigo backplane. To use those, you'll have to jumper the drive address directly, and avoid conflicts with other SCSI device addresses.

To email me or to order, see see my ordering Web page for my email addresses.

SGI Indigo 2 stations

[SGI Indigo 2] As of 2009, no more systems! Just parts.

Indigo 2 graphic & video cards & cables

Since 2005, most of my customers want graphic cards. We make simple tests, so graphics cards are sold as working under the ROM monitor when pulled.

SGI A/V cable or "dongle" or breakout box, 018-8204-004 rev A, sometimes called "junior", for ev1. These have the three-row 26 pin "analog breakout connector" at one end, and the other has a triangular plastic piece with SVideo and RCA jacks for video and audio. A link that tries to explain some of this http://www.lurkertech.com/lg/ev1s.html">ev1 stuff is here. Price *while we have them* is $49 each plus shipping. One left as of Dec 2006.

IMPACT card sets: all sold.

Other Indigo 2 graphics:
Extreme Graphics - 3 card set: $29 plus shipping, two sets as listed below.
- 030-8105-006 rev ?; 030-8226-002 rev B; 030-8106-005 rev G.
- 030-8105-006 rev B; 030-8226-002 rev B; 030-8106-005 rev G.
Elan graphic, XZ graphics, CL graphics - GONE!

Indigo 2 parts

SGI O2 stations

See the top of this page for issues about age and condition about covers. I've found that the O2 covers and bezels can be particularly fragile, depending on where they were kept. Shipping weight per system is 30 lbs.

Complete O2 systems, chassis in inventory - none

one O2 R10000 chassis, on black base, some covers intact, no fan or CD-ROM covers. CD-ROM included but not working. I consider this fragile and very hard to ship to keep the covers intact. No CPU available, but chassis recently tested. $39 plus shipping, additional parts except CPU avaiable as below.

To email me or to order, see see my ordering Web page for my email addresses.

O2 parts and upgrades

We have a few parts left not in systems. I strongly suggest you buy a system, I will charge more for parts than a system. Buy a system unless you are in Europe, since shipping costs depend on weight and distance. So shipping ONLY PARTS may save you money.

O2 hard drive sled: OUT.
2GB or 4GB IBM hard drive, as pulled, software on them w/o warranty, no passwords - $10 each.
O2 R5000 SC processor/logic module - OUT.
O2 R10000 SC processor/logic module - OUT.
O2 PCI card holder, specify R5000 or R10000, $10 each.
O2 CD-ROM, XM-5401b, - OUT.
O2 audio/video card no SVideo, pulled good: $10.
O2 audio/svideo/O2Cam card, pulled good: $20
... These cards have audio, Svideo, composite, and O2 camera connectors. NO camera included.
O2 power supply 060-0022-001, Sony APS-90, pulled good: $19 plus ship, wt. 5 lbs
O2 (blue) case parts, CD-ROM cover, fan cover: NOT AVAILABLE.
Adaptec UltraWide SCSI PCI card, w/external 68 pin SCSI socket: AHA2940W AHA2940UW: $10 plus shipping.
O2 RAM module, 32Mb, $5 each plus ship.
O2Cam: video camera for O2 Model number 013-1577-001, 861021-0000, ZEYE 1.3. untested, $29 plus shipping.
Processor cards: see my list above

SGI Octane

[SGI Octane]

No more Octane systems, as of 2009, when I gave away the last two I had.

Octane CPU module: R10000, 195MHz. Can't retest, sold AS IS, ask.

Octane "case", covers only including bottom. Later version, has small number tag glued to it but case intact with door, good cosmetics some scuffs. Ask for details and price. Shipping will cost a little due to size not weight..

SGI 320 stations

[SGI O2]

Silicon Graphics 320 stations These are single or dual Pentium III based systems with specialized (non standard) RAM and onboard "Cobalt" graphics; a PCI bus; Ethernet and USB; audio, S-video. Some questions about SGI support for on-board FireWire and USB, but use USB keyboard and mouse. Here's a view inside.

We have a few parts, no systems, no chassis.

SGI 320 part prices

SGI 320 case, no PS, no drives, hard drive cage may be included: $49 plus ship, packed wt. 30 lbs, includes costs of packing. OUT as of 2011.
SGI 320 3.5" or 5.25" drive "rails", 52080121-f, $5 a pair
Set of six RAM modules for 256MB total, all pulled from tested SGI 320's:
--- SGI 9210134B or NEC MC-385 or SMART SM540803574SGBA. Six for $25 plus ship
motherboard: 030-1314-007 rev B *OUT*
VRM for 2nd CPU: 073-20742-50, $15 plus ship *TWO AVAILABLE*
SGI 320 power supply, ASTEC SA302-3505-1221, *OUT*
IBM DTTA-371440 14.4GB hard drive: Ultra DMA 33 IDE, 7200 RPM, 512K buffer. $29 plus ship.
dual PII MMX 450MHz 80523PY450512PE SLU27 $15 for both plus shipping
card to fill 2nd processor slot: $5 plus shipping
one black SGI USB mouse, M-UD43, 060-0011-001, logitech 930245-0000. $15.
one black SGI USB keyboard, $19 each plus shipping, $25 with mouse. Shipping cost high due to SIZE.

Other SGI

SGI PS/2 type mice, keyboards also Indigo

SGI mouse, granite grey, block-like, 063-0001-001, 6= foot cord $25 not yellowed, $15 yellowed
SGI mouse, white, block-like, 9150809, 6= foot cord $25
SGI mouse, looks like one above, 041-0145-001, short cord, $25
SGI mouse, grey, streamlined, 063-0009-001, 6+ foot cord, $25. Few left, faded yellow.

SGI keyboards, PS/2 compatible (not Indigo) - ask

SGI Indigo keyboards,9500801, w/cable. a few available, ask - PS/2 keyboards won't work. Price probably over $49 plus shipping.
SGI Indigo mouse, white, 9150800 - OUT. PS/2 mice won't work.
Indigo to PS/2 adapters seem to be sold for $40 or more. I don't sell these.

SGI Sirius video editing I have a SGI Sirius breakout box unit, CMN AS03, as photographed here. All I have is the box as displayed: no cables or software or interface cards. The back of the unit shows all the video and digital connections. Internally, there are no cards in the left-hand side of the case: apparently this is where the "serial option" board would be, it is not there. Look on the Web for more info: sources there say Sirius was supported on Onyx and Challenge machines. Again, this is ONLY the breakout box as described here. Price: $29 plus shipping, Shipping weight is 16 lbs packed.

SGI tapes for 4D systems DC600 type tapes from 1988, 1989. make offers, be specific.
4D/20 Microcode patch tape 1 and 2, nine tape sets
4D1-3.1 standalone/miniroot tape 1 and 2, 1/13/89 & 12/12/88 eight tape sets
4D1-3.1 standalone/miniroot tape 1 and 2, 12/12/88 two tape sets
4D1-3.1 NFS tape and docs, 1 tape
4D1-3.1 ESD Developers SW kit, two tapes 4D1-3.1 special, 1/13/89, one set as follows:
...801-0023-0010 Execution only Evn tape 1
...808-0001-010 Standalone s/w
...808-0002-010 miniroot s/w
...808-0052-002 EOE SW1
...808-0053-002 EOE PP1
...808-0054-002 EOE MAN1

SCSI floptical drives, tape drives

We have a few Insite floppy drives, I325VM. These accept 1.4M 3.5-inch floppy diskettes, or 20MB "floptical" MO diskettes. we don't have any of the floptical disks, period. I don't have a means of testing these, and there has not been much interest. What I've done is to clean these of dust, lubricate the mechanics, and move the eject mechanism. That's all the testing and work I can do. These are therefore sold AS IS UNTESTED but mechanically worked on as described, NO RETURNS, REFUNDS OR REPLACMENTS, for $29 plus shipping.

We have a few small cartridge tape drives that are about the size of 3.5-inch hard or floppy drives. One model is a DAT tape drive, Python 25601. We may have other models. These are sold AS IS, NO TESTING, NO RETURN, at $19 plus shipping.

SGI memory features and prices

Note: we do not warrent the information below to be complete or accurate. It is up to the buyer to determine fitness for THEIR use for any memory bought. There are other Web sites available with more and specific information; a Web search will find them. I'd appreciate any corrections.

for Indy, Indigo, and Indigo 2, memory MUST be added in groups of 4 SIMMs.

R4000 Indigo, Indy, Indigo 2: Industry Standard 72 pin pop-up, fast page-mode (FPM, a common variety; NOT EDO memory); "true parity"; 60-70ns. Also arranged by 36 bits (ex 4MB = 1Mb X 36). For Indigo 2 R10000: may require higher-speed memory to get full performance.

Many people specify "gold leads" or gold pins. This is apparently due to concerns about corrosion and good contact between the SIMM and its socket pins. Some say that clean contacts and occasional maintenance of tin-lead SIMMS will provide satisfactory service.

To see my prices for 72-pin SIMMs check my Macintosh memory prices at this Web link. Of coruse the SGI's need parity RAM, and typically are 60ns or 70ns speed. and FPM memory (not EDO).

O2 memory, Octane memory, SGI 320 memory are unique devices, so check my systems listings for memory types and prices.

Sun workstations, systems and accessories

Sun mice. Sun # 370-1170-01, Mouse Systems # 401162-035/A . Three button mouse, needs reflective grid, uses LED reflection. 8-pin small connector. Cosmetics vary. $15 each plus shipping.

Sun or SGI optical mousepad These are the metal "grid" patterns which are used by the optical mice. Ask about price and availability.

Some time in 2004 I picked up a Sun Multibus-based 150U system but I did not have time to look at it until Oct 2004. This is a 15 slot chassis in a black, rack-mount box. The front is only labled "Sun workstation" but the back is labled Sun model 150U. Subsequently, in Jan 2006 I've sold the system. The new owner said he'll set up a Web site for it soon. You can look at what I sold on this Web page.

I picked up some Sun Multibus cards. Condition unknown but physically OK, dates 1982-1984. Check this page for a description of those cards.

I picked up a Sun 3/E VME based sets of cards.. Here is a photo of the chassis and the card sets.Sun sold a VME card set for a 68020 based Unix/Sun system. I sold it in 2010.

To email me or to order, see see my ordering Web page for my email addresses.

Sun and SGI manuals, software

Prices do not include shipping and packing and handling. Ask for quote.

SGI CD, Irix 6.1 I have original CD's from Silicon Graphics. All I know is what is printed on the CD, they are identical. The CD is printed "Irix 6.1, 812-0382-001, 7/95, Notes: Contains installation tools. Contains user-mountable filesystem". The CD sleeve has a lable "814-0382-001". The Web site linked below, says it is for Power Indigo (R8000) systems. $10 each plus shipping, four available. Here's some comments from a buyer:

Got it today and got it installed on my Power Indigo2. Thanks!

> I'm familiar with the Indigo2, and I think the
> "power" version is a badge (plastic label added to
> the case) for the, um 8000 processor? Thanks for this info,
> I'll add it to my Web site. So, it won't install on
> say a 4400 or a 10K processor?

To the best of my knowledge, that's all correct. The Power badge is kind of crescent shaped, and I think only appeared on R8000 based machines. At some point I'll get a picture taken. I don't actually have another working machine at the moment to try 6.1 on, but I believe that 6.1 is R8000 only. R8000 was the first MIPS IV instruction set chip, and I understand that it had a strange MMU and cache controller. I've seen SGI people say IRIX was "ported" to it, and I think they had a different compiler vendor for it too. I don't think any free OSs can run on it.

I'm pretty sure 6.1 was based on 5.3. The CD has XFS installs enabled. I'm also pretty sure that 6.2 merged R8000 and mainstream machine support. This [Web site] is a great resource. Thanks, John Finigan

Sun Desktop Sparc manuals. Set of Desktop Sparc manuals in box as follows below. $15 plus shipping
Sparcstation 1+ Installation Guide, 800-4784-10 rev A, 2 April 1990
Sun System User's Guide, 800-4826-10, rev A 2 april 1990
Sun System and Network Manager's Guide, 800-4851-10, rev A 2 april 1990

Sun Desktop Sparc manuals, sealed. Looks like same set as above, but it's sealed so I can't verify. Sealed bag has lable, 825-1321-02 revision A. $25 plus shipping.

Sun "Doing more with SunOS: Beginner's Guide". 800-1710-10 rev a 9 may 1988. $10
Sun "System Introduction". 800-1702-10 rev a 9 may 1988. $10

monitors and cables

We aren't selling SGI or Sun monitors. They are just too big and old, and VGA monitors are plentiful. But we have some 13W3 monitor cables, and a few 13W3 to VGA adapters. "13W3" means there are 3 circular pins and 13 small pins in the connector. The cables usually measure a few to several feet long and have 13W3 connectors on them, males at each end. the 13W3 adapters are typically short cables or small adapter devices. Adapters have no electronics in them, they just reroute video lines, so it is UP TO YOUR MONITOR to be able to run correctly, not the adapter.

13W3 to VGA adapters: from $20 plus shipping. Tell me if it is for a VGA monitor to a Sun or SGI, etc. system; or a Sun/SGI monitor to a Pentium/Windows system. I can't tell you if it will work, only that it will connect the two items. I have a few of each.

13W3 video cables: $15 for short male to male, a few feet long. $20 for longer. shipping extra.

Additional information


Here's some customer's references, unsolicited. Locations are either state in the US, or country outside the US. Note: my primary sales are in the Mac world, so I have
many more references there. These are just SGI and DEC and Sun references. - Herb

M.A. from CO said: "I received the SGI Indigo case today. It looks great! Thanks so much for your courteous and professional service."

G.F. of VA said "Just wanted you to know that I got the SGI mouse today and it is working great. Thanks very much!"

A. Z. from Switzerland said: "...Nearly unbelievable: your oversea parcel has arrived today after only 5 days. Excellent wrapping (mechanical & electrostatic protection). The [SGI O2 R10000 CPU] board & CPU both work well - except the old CPU-fan that we can easily order from a local company. So our system is running again - during 1-2 days a little bit on the hot side . . .. Thanks again for all your efforts !" G. N. from CHILE says: "The SGI [Indigo 2] High Impact gfx plus the MGV1 [graphics boards] arrived today, works great! , now i have something to do with the indycam that I had stored since the old indy passed away, besides the High Impact exectuted flawlessly the IDE 6.2 tests, thanks You dear Sir for the great service You give these days."

D. B. from MA wrote: "Finally got a test bed set up and successfully tested the [Data General] EC-10 board we purchased. Thanks for all your efforts.".

S.C. from the UK wrote: "Hi Herb. Just letting you know that the [SGI] O2 [audio/video] module arrived safely and is working fine. Thanks.."

M.Y. from OR ordered an SGI Indigo 2 R4400/250 processor. He says: "... got the stuff yesterday, Installed the cpu module and writing this from the Indigo2- really screams!!! Very happy with the order. Mozilla actually launches within seconds after clicking on the icon. Gimp is livable. Blender is really great at the rendering. Going from 150MHz to 250 with 2mb L2 cache - I can start some apps with what seems like skipping main memory. Thanks again!"

J. H. of MA said: "Herb, the [mother]board arrived yesterday - fast shipping! I installed it today and my [SGI] 320 is now back up and running, thanks so much for the part and I will certainly keep you in mind for any future purchases. Thanks again for saving my sanity !"

S. M. of Australia said: "Great news Herb - my [SGI] O2 arrived today! I've no way of ever knowing where the holdup was, but I guess it's all academic now anyway. I'd given up on ever actually seeing it, but it's here happily accepting an installation of IRIX at the moment. You were right of course - it was superbly packed and arrived in perfect condition, I can't help but be impressed. Thanks very much again for the sale and thanks also for being so willing to help with advice and assistance when it looked like [its delivery was] going to go "pear shaped" (as the British say). Very best wishes to you and I'll be in touch again one day I'm sure."

A. J. G. from NC ordered an O2 Processor/PCI module. He says: "Hi Herb, I got my order today, and it works perfectly in the O2. Thanks for your great service."

S. H. of BELGIUM said: "the [Indigo GE7 graphics] chips have arrived safe and sound. Thanks a lot. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Should I require any further parts, I will make sure to stop by your site again."

D.O. of Ontario CANADA said: "*>All arrived OK and working! I think the [nonworking] Octane needs a new motherboard from what I can tell (on order), but otherwise is great! I installed the [Indigo graphic] Elan last night, and got around 17k polygons/sec running full-screen Powerflip. Here's a quote you can use: 'Excellent guy to deal with, all parts arrived extremely well packed, and as ordered. Was patient about answering questions and helpful with suggestions. All in all, a good experience dealing with him.'"

Zs Zs of Hungary said: "I have picked up R5000 proc and PROM yesterday in very good condition and put it into my Indy. ...I tested the new processor with prom diagnostic and it completed successfully. THank you."

K.F. of Alaska USA said: "I picked up the external scsi-2 case on Tues It arrived in perfect condition. Thanks again for the great products/prices. I look forward to doing business with you again :-) Your fast service and customer service are well worth the value of [your] products."

S.M. of AUSTRALIA ordered a 24-bit graphics card for Indy. He said: "I've carefully plugged it in and since it requires a re-installation of IRIX for all of the 64-bit libraries (which I've not got time for today), I've run the PROM-based diagnostics and they all completed perfectly. That to me, seems to be about as much as one can ask for. I did boot the current installation and it's fully functional. Thanks very much indeed Herb, I'm very happy with everything....I was particularly impressed with the detail and precision of your payment and shipping procedures - just the sort of thing that inspires confidence, excellent!

T.C. of SINGAPORE said: "The parcel [with the Indy graphics and processor] arrived safely today. And I have installed the boards as well just now. All is well. Thank you very much! great service! Cheers.."

R.v.d.K of HOLLAND said:" My order (Indigo XS-24Z graphics board) arrived yesterday, and in great condition! Inserted the card, tested it, and it worked like a charm. Still some software to reinstall, but i'll save that for the rainy days. Thanks again..."

J. K. said of FL said: "Thanks for the fast shipping and great emails. The [Indigo] case is exactly as I expected and should clean up nicely. I will be sure to recommend your site to anyone who is looking for older or spare [SGI] parts. Thanks again, it's been a pleasure."

J. W. from GA said: "Hi Herb, [the Indy R4000 and R5000] package came in good condition today! thanks for the great deal!"

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New Jersey, USA
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