Stuff Herb *brought back* from MARCH/DE Swapfest

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The MARCH Delaware Swap Meet for 2006

Bill Degnan of MARCH put together an old computer swapfest in Wilmington DE "near" the Wilmington History Museum on Oct 7th 2006. Here's the items I brought to (and brought back FROM) that swapfest. The primary rule for ALL items sold there was computer-related and dated before 1990. That left out a lot of my Apple/Mac stuf and my SGI and Sun stuff. The Second rule is that Herb Johnson only has a small station wagon, not a tractor-trailer, to bring stuff to/from Delaware.

The show itself had some issues - heavy construction at the entrance limited street traffic, it was organized only two months ago. But several MARCH members came and brought tables full of stuff, and trading was brisk among us. Many visitors got interested enough to not just buy, but to join MARCH! Some customers bought CARTLOADS of computers at a time - a lot of stuff was moved that day!. (Later on I'll put some pictures up with links from here. For a first show on short notice, I was more than satisfied - I had fun, I sold stuff, I got stuff.

Who is Herb Johnson?

I support S-100 computers with some side interests in other computers of the 1980's and 90's. I've provided S-100 manuals, and support for floppy drives, for decades. I live and work near Trenton, New Jersey.

Links to my major pages are on my home page at this link for Herb's Stuff.

My major pages of interest to owners of old computers are:
my S-100 personal computer equipment and documentation from the 1970's and 80's
classic Apple Mac equipment and parts;
some Multibus, STDbus and VME cards and manuals;
some old SGI and Sun computers
some DEC and DG equipment
floppy disk drives and docs for 8-inch, 5.25", 3.5".
some electronic test equipment
odds and ends bits of equipment and books

To email me, see see my ordering Web page for my email addresses.

Stuff Left/Sold from Delaware sale

Books: I did not bring books to Delaware; those at the show sold sporatically. Here's my CP/M, BASIC, and Tandy books available.


Here's a list of magazines available, from what I took to the show. I want to sell these BY THE LOT - all the Dr. Dobb's, or all the Microsystems, etc. Weights per lot are provided to determine shipping costs.

I have to get something like a dollar a magazine, for it to be worth my while to pack and ship. Weights are listed to determine shipping costs. "US Mail Media Mail, Delivery Confirmation" is the cheapest way. We know how to ship.

Dr. Dobbs Journal

        Early issues are by volume/issue. Later are by number only.
        where issues have a issue number and volume number: 8/18 is
        issue 8 (for volume 2), number 18. Multiple copies will be
        numbered in parenthesis: 44(2) is two issues. All issues in good
        condition and complete, many in better condition. Total weight 40 lbs.

        1977, Volume 2: 1 3 4 5 6 7 8/18 9/19
        1978, Vol 3: 24 25(2) 26(2) 29(2) 30
              note: also one set issues 21 to 24 bound
        1979, Vol 4: 31(2) 32 33(2) 34(2) 35 36(2) 37 39 40
        1980, Vol 5: 41 42 43 44(2) 45(3) 46(2) 47(2) 48(2) 49(2) 50(2)
        1981, Vol 6: 51(2) 52(2) 53(2) 54(2) 55(2) 56 57(2) 58(2) 59(3) 60(2) 61 62
        1982, Vol 7: 63 64 65(2) 67 68 69(2) 70(2) 71(2) 72(3) 73(3) 74(2)
        1983, Vol 8: 75(2) 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86(2)
        1984, Vol 9: 87 88 89 90 91

	1993, Vol 18: 199
	1994, Vol 19: 210
        note: I WANT issues 99 (Jan 85), 104 (June 85), 106 (Aug 85)
              also any Volume 1 issues (1976).

MicroSystems The CP/M User's Journal Total Weight 20 lb.

        1982    Sep/Oct issue
        1983, Vol 4: 1 2 3 4 5 7(2) 9
        1984, Vol 5: 1(2) 2 4(2) 5(2) 7 8 9(2) 10(2) 11 12(2)

Heath/Zenith magazines. REMark by year and months available, some duplicates: 1983 (5), 1984 (3), 1985 (11), 1986 (12) 1987 (9), 1988 (11), 1989 (5). Sextant was published quarterly or every two months. 1985 (1), 1986 (5), 1987 (5), 1988 (6). Kit Builders Journal 1987 (5), 1988 (6) 1989 (2). total weight 30 lbs.


*NO* Commodore and Amiga service manuals: no space, no time. YOu can see the complete list at this link.

*NO* Heath/Zenith Z-100 manuals and software No time to bring 'em. Check this page for what I have available.


Toshiba T-1100 Plus laptop, in travel bag. Dual floppy drive, B&W LCD screen, A/C supply. Works but boots intermittantly.

NEC Multispeed laptop, in travel bag. Some original manuals, A/C supply. Yellowed but not physically damaged. two floppy drives, B&W LCD screen. Dead NiCd's removed. Works, passes memory tests, but drives very noisy, damage disks and must be serviced.

TI 99/4a with manuals Several manuals, no A/C supply. Untested.

*NO* Data General Nova 4 systems. Didn't take but you can look at them...

Toshiba T-1000 laptop, in original box My wife's early laptop. Has MS-DOS 3.2 in ROM. Supports one 720K floppy drive. The screen is a 12X80 or so B&W LCD. And yes, this is before 1990 and it is only an 8088 processor. Includes original box, manuals, computer. No disks needed (DOS in ROM, remember?) Good condition, works fine, boots and reads disks! Battery dead of course. Forgot to take this one, nice to get it :"in the box".

*NO* DEC computers I didn't bring any DEC "systems" to the show, no time to mess with 'em.

*NO* Osborne 1 computers, blue case. I tested two of them and they have some functionality, but one literally SMOKED its power supply. So I' left them behind and I'll work on them another day.

Apple Macintosh computers: most of these I can't bring because they are too "new". I have two I decided not to bring: Apple Mac Classic, in the box and Apple Mac SE with souped-up 68030 processor card. I don't have time to test and clean and verify these, so they stayed home. details on these are at this link.

Instead I'll bring a Apple Quadra 605 in the box. This is one of Apple's low profile "pizza box" systems like the LC's. 68LC040 at 25MHz, hard drive and floppy. Looks like one of the earliest Quadra/Centris systems. Worked when last tested long ago. Just computer, packing and box with matching serial numbers.

Apple IIe in original box. Apple IIe with Apple Super Serial card, Apple Disk II card, John Bell card (ROMS of some sort). System looks clean, not tested or used. Matching serial numbers for box and system. **SOLD AT SHOW** for decent price, with unused Apple III version of Visicalc.

IBM 5140 "PC Convertible", a kind of "laptop" with an LCD screen and two 3.5" drives. From 1986, again it qualifies for Delaware! Untested, needs a DC supply, 12V - 15V have been suggested. Will not power up this system before sale. **SOLD AT SHOW**, rather cheap I think.

IBM Portable Personal Computer model 5155. Luggable computer, orange CRT screen and two 5.25 inch floppy drives. Keyboard also serves as base. When powered up, power supply failed. Sold AS IS NONWORKING. Weight about 40 lbs.

Radio Shack / Tandy Model III. Untested, no floppy drives and never installed. Apparently this was used with cassettes. No idea what is inside. **SOLD AT SHOW**

HP computers and devices

These are old industrial/scientific desktops.

I have two HP 87XM systems, I'll bring one. These are desktops with a small narrow CRT screen and built-in keyboard. Each one powers up and runs BASIC programs as typed in! Have an HP-IB connector in the back for HP floppy drives, hard disks, plotters, etc.

two HP 2926, dual 3.5" floppy drives. I'll bring one. These have an HPIB (IEEE-488) interface. Drives power up OK. Like ALL old old 3.5" floppies, they need to be cleaned and lubricated. We know how to do that: I may consider a deal where I fix the drives and ship later.

HP 9816 which is a terminal like computer with CRT, but missing an external keyboard. No space no time, left at home.

HP plotters. I have a few of the old HP 7457A-type desktop plotters. No space no time.


I have some UNUSED OLD STOCK Epson FX-100 and FX-80 ribbons!. Let me know if you want a few for $2 each. Sealed in original Epson boxes from 1996. I brought several of each. **SOLD FX-80 RIBBONS NEXT DAY**

Apple Imagewriter I in original box, matching serial numbers. Includes Accessory Pack box for Macintosh, with one manual and serial cable with DB-9 connector for Mac 128K/512K.

Apple Imagewriter IILQ, the l-o-n-g model, in original box. Includes Owner's manual, dust cover, power cord, Ribbon box with ribbon, two disks. Also, ORIGINAL Service manual from Apple Service, and two more ribbons. Untested but sold to me as working.

Canon PJ 1080A color inkjet printer from 1984, in box, with manual. Untested and unused for several years. It's an early inkjet printer. Forgot to bring, my loss your gain!

Other items

*NO* Oscilloscopes so you can fix your old comptuters! But no space no talk about them. Anyone who wants an oscilloscope from me can order it and make a deal for delivery.

Monitors: Sony Trinitron monitor, RGB and composite, 12-inch diagonal. Good news - it shows a BEAUTIFUL picture through the composite jack. I wont' give this one away. (And I did not - **SOLD AT SHOW**

Also an odd duck: a Kodak EGA monitor "projector" LCD screen, this device displays an EGA on a transparent LCD that you put on top of a transparency projector. Result: projection video!. In a nice violet/red carrying case, with manual and fan. NOt tested. Weight about 15 lbs?

Stuff ACQUIRED from Delaware sale

HEath/Zenith Z-110 with hard drive & controller Untested but looks in decent shape. This is the "low profile" Z-100. Also has proprietary S-100 analog card. This will be fun to bring up! There were THREE of these systems there, plus a Z-120 "all in one" with monitor. Proceeds from some of those sales went to MARCH.

Called "the hit of the show", a DEC Logic Trainer from Digital Equipment, dating from the mid-1970's. Educational tool for mock-up of simple logic circuits. Tres' cool toggle switches from the PDP-8/10 era. Acquired in trade. Also got a DEC Logic catalog, a paperback book from about the same era, from one of the book sellers.

Assorted Apple Mac network devices for SCSI to Ethernet. Useful for the oldest Macs.

Apple IIe, running We'll add this to our Apple II parts section. Obtained at a good price.

Several IBM PC repair books. Repairs of printers and PC's. Will be informative for my library.

Tandy model 100 laptop A very very popular low-power laptop for decades. Very clean, runs fine for hours on a charge, 4 X 40 display adequate for text work, runs BASIC. In a nice 102 black cover bag. We'll see if we can pass this one along, again obtained at a a good price.

Herb Johnson
New Jersey, USA

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