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This Web page last updated May 8 2019. copyright Herb Johnson (C) 2019. . Here's items I brought to Vintage Computing Festival - East VCF-E 2019, in Wall, New Jersey USA at InfoAge on May 3-5 2019. Sales were Sat and Sun only. - Herb Johnson

But first.. views of the event

[vcf-e 2019]

Herb solders up a compact Flash I/O board for an 8085
.. and here's where I worked on it Friday.

Antikythera Mechanism! But Not my first view of it!
Another view of this cut-wood replica. This hand constructed Antikathera Mechanism was purchased by Bob Roswell of the System Source Computer Museum in Maryland USA. It was constructed by David Goodchild (UK) who builds clocks and orreys.

More about the event is on my my VCF-East 2019 Web page.

COSMAC 1802 computer kit - SOLD OUT at the show

[vcf-e 2019]

Here's the 1802 MC sales page, if you wish to obtain the 1802 Membership Card dkit.

Here's the support Web page for the Rev J 1802 MC sold at the event.

The 1802 Membership Card was demo'ed and on sale. Bare-board sets, complete kits, prototype boards. See 'dem blinkin' lights! toggles! clicky fun. 8 Bit. RCA COSMAC 1802. Old school to the max. Complete kits at VCF-E included the "MCSMP Super Monitor Program, plus BASIC3" ROM and narrow-sized RAM. Several kits were available. Information on the BASIC 3 ROM sold is in this text document. The software is freely available at the sales page linked above.

Zenith ZT-1 video terminal in box

[vcf-e 2019] [vcf-e 2019]

Zenith (Heath) ZT-1 video terminal. Back panel has composite video out, parallel out for a printer, and phone-oline RJ-11 modem for dialup (probably 300 baud). 25 X 40 or 80 character display and some graphic chars. Manuals and AC wall-wart supply included. Powers up to a menu, you can set up dial-up phone numbers and features. Claims VT-52 escape code compatible. YOu'll need a crisp video monitor for 80 character work. So says the 1982 Popular Science review.

Unopened, untested for decades. In original box (did not confirm serial numbers) except I removed deteroriating black foam packing material. See if the newspaper is from Benton Harbor MI!

Citizen small 40-column printers

[vcf-e 2019] [vcf-e 2019]

Citizen iDB-560-RSL. Small desktop 40 column printer, about 8 inches long. Serial interface. Has dot-matrix head, uses two-color black/red ribbon, 2-inch NON-THERMAL paper. These were tested and printed OK on self-test two years ago, but not tested recently. Several will be available.

SD Systems S-100 boards - contact me to purchase.
$50 plus shipping through May 2019.

John Monahan has the manuals for these online on his SD Systems home page.. These are mostly IEEE-696 compatible, at least a subset of those signals. But the VF II and I/O8 I/O4 boards aren't complicated and will run on IMSAI's.

[vcf-e 2019] SD Systems, ExpandoRAM III 256K memory board, DRAMs removed from sockets. Unused stock from factory decades ago.

[vcf-e 2019] SD Systems, ExpandoRAM III 256K memory board, DRAMs in sockets, MK4684N-20 64K X 1. Unused stock from factory decades ago. Current eBay price for these DRAMs is $1-$3 a pop; here's 32 of them. Unused factory stock.

[vcf-e 2019] SD Systems, IO/4 board with two USARTs Zilog 8531 and time-of-day clock chip MM58167. Same as I/O8 board except fewer USARTs. Circular component is dead lithium battery. 1488/89 chips for RS-232 outputs on 26-pin headers. Unused factory stock.

[vcf-e 2019] SD Systems, Versafloppy II floppy controller card. WD1795 FDC chip. 5.25' and 8" floppy connectors 34/50 pin. Do I have a bunch of software for these!

Apple II computers

See my Apple II computers and parts for sale at this Web link.

Apple IIe system, Duo drive, monitor, printer

[ii plus]

In 2018 I acquired this complete 1984 Apple IIe system, as shown with Duo drive, monitor, and printer. Tested the IIe and drives and monitor again in April, work OK. Apple II A2M2010 Green 12" Monitor. Printer powers and prints, but I did not run it from the Apple IIe. This IIe is not enhanced; it has the 80 column/64K card, a disk drive card, and a printer card. I have (not original) boxes for the computer, printer and monitor (for handling NOT for shipping). There's also additional software disks and documents. All sold tested and working but AS IS no returns.

Here's the 1984 Apple IIe, unenhanced. Inside is the system board with 1984 27th week date-stamp and boards as installed. Here's the Apple monochrome monitor, green screen in operation. Here's the Panasonic KX-P1091 dot-matrix printer Prints OK, parallel interface, does multi-pass for higher resolution text. Ribbons are likely available from Staples today.

Apple IIe, 1 drive, no monitor

We've verified these Apple IIe computers in April. They include one Apple II floppy drive and disk controller, they boot DOS 3.3. Some have repaired power supplies (AC capacitor replaced). All sold tested and working but AS IS no returns.


Apple IIe with date code 8331, (c) 1982 has "ComputerCraft" nameplate on case above kbd. Not enhanced.
inside view
motherboard looks like date 3183, 6502 and CD ROM 342-0135
This IIe has a good complete keyboard, light brown keys with white letters
Boots DOS 3.3

[iie motherboard]

apple IIe, date code 8333, (c) 1982 not enhanced
inside view
370-6502 CPU
CD ROM 342-0135-B
This IIe has a good complete keyboard keys with white letters
Boots DOS 3.3

[iie motherboard]

Apple IIe, date code 8439, (c) 1982 not enhanced
inside view
R6502-40 CPU
CD ROM 342-0135-a
all keys with black letters
Boots DOS 3.3

Apple II plus

[II plus]

I have a 1982 Apple II Plus, working, appears to be unmodified from original. Video looked good, I booted DOS 3.3 in April 2019 (drive and drive card not included). The case label serial number is 424,XXX. An Apple warranty lable dates from 1982. II Plus motherboard date-stamped 8271 and has many year 1982 chips. There's a non-Apple 64K card. The keyboard has grey keycaps with white letters. The power supply (gold color) is of course working. Sold tested and working but AS IS no returns.

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