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Apple II parts or computers, not systems, not advice

While obtaining Mac systems, I occasionally find some Apple II products. I'm selling these as parts in general, tested individually or together when I can. I'm not guaranteeing working Apple II systems for use, sorry. Parts prices vary, and so a price for a whole computer will be close to the sum of PARTS value, because that's how I can sell them. Here's a link to my Mac stuff I usually sell. . Here's how to email @ me and how to order.

Terms: I've done some testing where I can, I'll describe what I did. Decsriptions are reasonably complete and accurate but some parts may have been sold. Beyond these descriptions and the items listed here, I have no additional docs, no advice, no information about Apple II items or their use. I'm not making promises on "systems" as complete and for-use. These are sold AS-IS no return, tested as noted. I've had several happy people who bought Apple II parts on these terms.

I've added to my Web site, a 6502 and 65C02 cross-assembler with C source. It's compiled to run in Windows as a 32-bit command line program. Details at the linked Web page.

When ordering, please follow this link for ordering information, terms and conditions, and info about orders outside the USA.

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Apple II drives
Other parts - cards, other hardware
Apple II keyboards, keyswitches
Apple III keyboards
Apple II computers as sets of parts
Apple II books, diskettes; probably not
Tech info: Apple II Duo drive cable

Apple II drives, cards, other hardware

Condition of all hardware AS IS, many items are described as tested, ask for details. We test what we can, we can run some Apple II systems and do functional tests on keyboard, power supply, drives - not exhausive tests, not at these prices. Look at some of the parts-systems on this Web page. Motherboards to boot-up disk BASIC. Ask for price but minimum price for any item is likely is $19 per item plus shipping. Some items are priced.


Since about 2019 we've not sold Apple II drives, because they are commonly sold cheaply on "that auction Web site". I'm not going to underprice drives I've tested and worked on and have to describe.

Apple II disk drives, traditional Disk II style, modestly tested and cleaned. We lubricate the rails, and do simple tests like boot DOS 3.3. We aren't doing "alignments" or stress-testing. A number of these are available.

Apple IIe-style 5.25" disk drives in plastic case, conditions similar to above. Not many available from us.

Duo Disk drives as available. We sometimes have cables and controllers, ask for specifics. Here's a wiring list for a Duo Drive cable.

Disk II interface cards by Apple 650-X104, no cables. Previously tested OK. Similar cards from other brands, ask. About 13-sector versus 16-sector DOS 3.3 cards. Some 16-sector cards have a sticker, a red apple numbered 16. Look at the part numbers of the P5 and P6 PROMs.

          13-sector    16-sector    
          ---------    ---------
     P5   341-0009-xx  341-0027-xx or 341-0127
     P6   341-0010-xx  341-0028-xx or 341-0128

Disk II interface cards with cables. "IO controller 655-0101". 820-5003 A few if available at $49 each.

We have Apple Macintosh 800K 3.5" floppy drives, not Apple II models. These will be tested on Macs not Apple II's, we don't have the apple II controller for them. Here's a stack of 800K 3.5" drives by cosmetics. the bottom one is fair-poor, very yellow, a pale patch from a label, writing. The middle drive is good; uniformly faded, no other defects. The top drive is very good; lightly faded. We service these for the Mac, drives are pulled out of the cases, cleaned, lubricated and tested. See the Mac drives Web page for prices.

Other parts

Quantity THREE (3): TYMAC Controls PPC-100 Parallel Printer card. Has 20-pin header on it and EPROM chip. I have 2 cables total, ending with Parallel Centronics connector, 2 foot in length. NO INFO, no warrenty.

(2) BAM-16 16K RAM cards, "907A", with short DIP-16 cable.

Apple II, IIe, II+ Power supply including models 606-5001, 825-0510-A, others. Tested and working. about 10 inches long by 3.5" by 2.5". Here's an image of the DC power connector. Since 2016, I replace the AC capacitor which often smokes and burns when failed. $69 plus ship - I'm charging for replacing that cap. 3 pounds shipping weight. If you want a specific model or case style of power supply, be specific and it may cost more.

Apple IIe cases only - not available. I was offering empty Apple IIe cases, but shipping costs for the size (not weight) of these cases are almost the same as shipping a working Apple II! At a box-size of roughly 21 X 18 X 8 inches, these typically cost $25-$50 in shipping, depending on distance shipped. So it's unlikely I can offer these inexpensively.

Apple IIe and other motherboards - ask but be specific in what you want. Use the photos on this Web page for specifics. Because of rising Apple II interest in recent years, I can't price these until asked.

Apple Super Serial card II, 670-0020. Used, with cable, not tested but look OK, *out of stock July 2021*.

Apple II Super Serial Card in unopened box, A2B0044. Sealed box, includes card 670-0020, cable, manual, documents. Here's an unsealed box I had, the sealed boxes should be identical. It's the box with the color photo of the SS card and cable on it. Ask if available and price, but likely to be close to $100 (not cheap).

Apple IIe memory expansion - 80 col 64K card 607-0103. Ask.
Apple IIe I/O controller 5.25 Drive Controller Card 655-0101 820-5003-B. Ask.
Apple II parallel interface, 670-0021

Apple IIGS memory expansion card, 670-0025-A. Fully populated with memory, probably 1MB, three banks are socketed with NMB AAA2801P-06 (256Kx1 page mode DRAM, probably 120ns); soldered one bank of TMS 4256-15 (256K X 1 page mode 150ns) . Tested several years ago.

EX80, some kind of RAM card? Ask.

Koala or Gibson brand light pen. Two cards, one is a long card for one slot, the other a card in a cartridge for another slot, one wire connects the two. Light pen included. No info about this, ask for details or let me know if you know more.

Gibson Light Pen board, module, light pen device. Black module for Apple II bus, wired to another card with a 7-pin circular connector.

Practical Peripherals Graphicard with 2 X 10 pin connector. Printer card?

Grappler + (plus) 2 X 13 connector with long printer cable. Printer card.

Apple II keyboards

I may have some Apple II or IIe keyboards for sale, from the Apple II or IIe systems shown on this Web page. I show some keyboards below as well. I also have some keyboard keyswitches or keycaps for some Apple II models, but not all models. For caps or switches, pleaseo identify which cap or switch you want, from either these photos or elsewhere on the Web or your own photos. I identify some Apple Macintosh keyswitches on this Web page. Some of them are compatible with Apple II keyboards. A Web search, may find more information about your Apple II and the keyswitches it uses.

SOLD example: Apple II plus keyboard: top view and back view. Copper lettering on the keyboard PC board says "606-4118-0, PCB 820-0028-01, The Keyboard Company ASSY k620-3001-0, PCB K820-0005-02". The encoder board is 820-0020-01 390. Here's the back again. An inked stamped number is 021588, probably a serial number. This keyboard was SOLD in 2019.

Solder pin spacing is approx 6/32" = 3/16 inches Please note, the number-6 keystem visible in the photo is NOT original to the II Plus; it's now been replaced but I don't have the correct keycap for it. See this photo for the correct short-length keyswitch-stems and here's the bottom of the keycap and the angled height-adapter between the keycap and keystem. This keyboard was SOLD in 2019.

SOLD example: Apple IIe keyboard, black-lettered keys: top view and back view. Here's a photo of the keycap and keyswitch. The solder pins spacing is approx 10/32" = 5/16 inches. Keycaps on this keyboard are very much like Macintosh Plus (tan) keycaps Here's an Apple IIe keyboard with a Plus "delete" key. The colors are very close, the Mac keyscaps will fit the IIe keyboard.

SOLD Example: Apple IIe keyboard, white lettered keys. A photo is below among the IIe systems. Here's a photo of the keycap and keyswitch. for that keyboard. Note there's a keystem black adapter, a white keystem.

Here's a photo of a an Apple IIe extended keyboard and its keyswitch. Solder pin spacing is 5/16 inches. The insides of the keycaps are black, at least on this keyboard.

Apple III keyboards

In 2022-23 I have some Apple III keyboards, under repair. Look on this Web page for details.


Look on my Macintosh Printers page for Imagewriter and Imagewriter II printers. Shipping on these can be expensive due to both size and weight. The Apple Stylewriters are inkjet but carts are hard to find and the Stylewriters are becoming fragile. Since 2020 there's not much demand for printers.

Apple "scribe" Thermal Transfer Printer A9M0306 sold with the Apple IIc. Has thermal ribbon. another photo Apple "Thermal Transfer Printer", A9M0306, which was sold with the Apple IIc. Pretty yellow of course. Has the IIc cable and the paper stand/tray. I powered it up in Feb 2022. It appears to try to operate, but the 5/16 wide thermal ribbon breaks when printing, probably from age of ribbon.

So it's sold AS IS no guarantees of results, no returns (shipping costs too high). Weight is 15 lbs + 1 lbs for the stand. Size roughly 16 X 12 X 5 inches. I'll price it at $59 plus shipping.


I have Apple and non-Apple monochrome monitors on this linked Web page. I don't like to ship monitors, they are too fragile.

Apple II computers as sets of parts

Price and terms: Price upon request. Sold as parts, not warranted as systems for use for many reasons. Look above for details about the parts in these systems. The systems below were tested in simple ways. If sold as working, they booted DOS and Apple BASIC and ran simple BASIC programs. If sold as not working, they are as described. I don't guarantee them as working systems for your use. They are sold at "parts value" prices - the sum of the drive, power supply, keyboard, etc. I cannot "make a complete system" or to construct a system to your specifications or for specific purposes - that's just too much work, these are too old, these prices don't include support for your use, they cannot be warranted, they are not offered with software.

Apple II Plus computers, working

Here's an Apple II Plus with drives. An Apple II+ system with two Disk II drives and drive controller. Looks nice. Details upon request.

Complete as bought, Apple IIe system, Duo drive, monitor, printer

[ii plus]

I acquired this complete 1984 Apple IIe system, as shown with Duo drive, monitor, and printer. Tested the IIe and drives and monitor again in April, work OK. Apple II A2M2010 Green 12" Monitor. Printer powers and prints, but I did not run it from the Apple IIe. This IIe is not enhanced; it has the 80 column/64K card, a disk drive card, and a printer card. I have (not original) boxes for the computer, printer and monitor (for handling NOT for shipping). There's also additional software disks and documents. All sold tested and working but AS IS no returns.

Here's the 1984 Apple IIe, unenhanced. Inside is the system board with 1984 27th week date-stamp and boards as installed. Here's the Apple monochrome monitor, green screen in operation. Here's the Panasonic KX-P1091 dot-matrix printer Prints OK, parallel interface, does multi-pass for higher resolution text. Ribbons are likely available from Staples today.

Apple IIe computers, working

We have a few Apple IIe systems available: see explanation "we don't sell systems" in previous paragraphs above. Cases vary, they won't have gouges or heavy yellowing. Keyboards are tested and working and generally complete as shown. These booted DOS 3.3 OK and seem to function. They have the IIe accessory card, and were tested with drives and a drive controller.

Of course IIe's vary by model and features - "enhanced" or "unenhanced" have different ROMs and CPU chips and may have other differences. It is up to you the buyer to determine (and tell me) what you want and what you want to buy. I will provide some information, and answer some questions. We can't warrant your results with these systems or parts.

[iie motherboard]

Apple IIe with date code 3183, (c) 1982 has "ComputerCraft" nameplate on case & back. Not enhanced.
inside view
motherboard looks like date 3183, 6502 and CD ROM 342-0135
This IIe has a good complete keyboard, light brown keys with black letters, needs light bulb
Boots DOS 3.3

[iie motherboard]

apple IIe, date code 8333, (c) 1982 not enhanced
inside view
370-6502 CPU
CD ROM 342-0135-B
This IIe has a good complete keyboard keys with white letters
Boots DOS 3.3

[iie motherboard]

Apple IIe, date code 8439, (c) 1982 not enhanced
inside view
R6502-40 CPU
CD ROM 342-0135-a
all keys with black letters
Boots DOS 3.3

Apple II books, diskettes

There seems to be little interest in Apple II physical books or diskettes; the supply of cheap ones is adequate. I'm not offering these currently.


Below are some Apple II customer references, by permission. For references from my Mac sales, follow this link.

D. of CANADA said, of a IIgs purchase: "Thank you ever so much for preparing the parcel as you did. The unit is in greater shape then I had hoped . It has been a pleasure doing business with you. All I can really say is thank you , thank you..... Have a great day."

S. O. of MO said: "Wanted to let you know the Apple IIGS Owner's Reference and 5.25" Drive Manuals arrived this afternoon. Everything looks great....Thanks for your time and hobby!!!"

D. R. of ??? said: "I received the package yesterday. Looks good. One [Apple II logic] board and power supply worked perfectly. The other [logic and power supply] items I can use for parts or fix. If you have [other such items] let me know. Thanks..."

Useful Apple II tech info

Duo Drive cable info

Duo drive cable pinout is as follows but NO GUARANTEES:

DB25 male DB19 male
2	1
3	18
4	2
5	15
6	19
7	6
8	9
9,21	3
10,14	4
11	17
12	10
15	11
16	12
17	13
18	14
19	7
20	8
23	5
24	16

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