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This Web page last updated May 15 2019. I attended as a vendor the Vintage Computing Festival - East 2019, in Wall, New Jersey USA on May 3-5 2019. Here's details about the exhibitors, speakers, consignment and vendors at the show. I'll report details on individual exhibits as time permits me to add them. - Herb Johnson

Photo of the old-guy soldering, is myself building the SD card interface sold by John Chapman / Glitchworks and assembled at the VCF-E show.

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Classes & talks, attending organizations

From, a list of classes and talks. Classes were Friday only, talks as noted.


From, a list of exhibitors and themes. Exhibits were Saturday and Sunday only.

[vcf-e 2019] A pop-up exhibit in the main hall was the Antikythera Mechanism! HEre's Another view of this cut-wood replica. This hand constructed Antikathera Mechanism was purchased by Bob Roswell of the System Source Computer Museum in Maryland USA. It was constructed by David Goodchild (UK) who builds clocks and orreys. But this is not my first experience with the Antikythera Mechanism!

[vcf-e 2019] Jonathan Chapman AKA Systems Glitch, ran a workshop to build his intel-8085-based boards. Last year was his CPU board; this year, a Compact Flash mass storage board, which I built on site. The site of the show, has a Makerspace as you can see.

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Much of the show was devoted to Unix related systems, as 2019 is the 50th anniversary of Unix. In this photo, the right side of the 2nd hall was almost all Unix machines in operation. ON the left, was a variety of Atari systems, as Atari celebrated 40 years.

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[vcf-e 2019] The first hall held a variety of exhibits. Here's either side; there was a center isle too!

[vcf-e 2019] My good friend David Gesswein, and his wife, ran their usual PDP-8 exhibit. They demonstrated use of punched cards and mark-sense readers (forms where you fill in little dots which are read automatically) on the PDP-8; a fairly typical application.


List of vendors courtesy of VCF Inc., their 2019 Web page of vendor descriptions. Vendor sales were in a different room than exhibitors. Sales were Saturday and Sunday.

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[vcf-e 2019] (Herb Johnson). That's me. The photo on the left was my table; on the right, a closeup of the COSMAC 1802 items I offered, Lee Hart's 1802 Membership Card . Here's some idea of what I was selling. And my Web site is here where you are now.

[vcf-e 2018] Corsham Technologies (Bob Applegate) Bob says: "Corsham Technologies will display our complete line of SS-50 machines including a motherboard, I/O boards, 6800/6809 CPU boards, and a mass storage system using a microSD card."

drakware sells devices to connect between keyboards and personal computers, when one is vintage and the other "modern". See for their products.

Francis Bernier offers various replacements & mods for Commodore 64 custom IC's, with surface mount modules that are compatible. But that's not his day-job! Look around C64 sites for contact information.


[vcf-e 2019] VCFed ran a consigment room on Sat and Sun. See For a %15 cut, items were shown and sold. They also offered excess items previously donated to them. Quite a selection, and quite a range of "quality".

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