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This Web page last updated June 6 2016. It's about my Web pages with Bill Beech links. - Herb Johnson, link to my home page at the end.

Who is Bill Beech and why do I reference him on my Web site?

Bill Beech has had a Web domain, nj7p.info (also nj7p.net) since at least year 2000 that I know of. He's maintained for many years, information on vacuum tube specifications and references on military radio equipment; and Web links to related Web sites. I've known him since about 2010, when he and I collaberated by email and hardware exchange on a number of S-100 (Compupro, SD Systems) and Multibus (Intel) projects and reverse engineering activities. Bill produced a number of assemblers, dis-assemblers of Intel 8 and 16-bit processors. He's also recovered sources for some of Intel's (former) old 8-bit software tools and their ISIS

As a result of my collaberations, many of my Web pages point to Bill's work in these areas, and he's added that work to his Web site. As his Web pages change every few years, I'll just use this Web page to refer to the ones which share my interests in vintage computing. - Herb Johnson

Links to my Web pages where my work with Bill Beech is referenced

various discussions about my Intel Multibus 80386 system

s_owners.html S-100 owners
s_intel.html Intel stuff I have
float.html 8080 floating point software

DRI and ISIS, in the 21st century

restore page on ROM monitors
examples of vintage system restorations
Intel MON 80 PROM

ASMX cross assembler, my variation
A18 1802 cross assembler, my version

Where's Waldo...I mean Bill's pages?

Bill changes his Web site organization every few years, so links to his Web site may "break". Here's some stable links to his site and some aids to finding vintage computing work on his Web site.

nj7p.info, "Bill's Ham Radio Web Server". "the original Web Mil List and Online Tube Manual". He generally has a section on "resources" which lists vacuum tubes and their specifications, manuals, radios and "my computers" which generally links to vintage computers which are based on S-100 and Multibus bus structures.

from the "my computers" link, I hope. A Web page with links to specific "old computing" hardware and software projects. These may be cataloged by bus architecture, by tools he's used and developed; and floppy diskette formats. Another category is "Test Equipment and Miscelaneous", which is also informative.

Under S-100 he should have Web pages on Compupro and SD Systems, and some other S-100 computers. Floppy disk formats may also be mentioned, Bill has worked on floppy disk controllers and established CP/M and ISIS disk formats.

Under Multibus should be Intel systems like the System 310 (80286 Xenix) and System 80/10 and 80/20 (Intel 8080 based). He has systems based on other bands too. Also on Intel Multibus 8080 CPU boards with various features. Some related branded products too.

Under Tools, he's developed assemblers and monitors, and reverse-engineered or re-sourced Intel monitors. Also, operating systems like CP/M and ISIS (Intel) and PL/M (Intel programming language). Bill gives credit to Mark Ogden for converting some FORTRAN based PL/M compilers into C. In 2015-16, Bill has worked with Richard Main on Intel ISIS-II development systems. Richard Main was a former Multibus developer; he's returned to work on Intel Mulibus development systems, bringing them into the 21st century.

Details will be on Bill's Web pages of course. I can't represent all of Bill Beech's vintage computing work; his site shows results and some background; I show other background when he works with me.

Bill's older pages

Note: Bill had (as of 2015) an older archive on nj7p.org with an older home page. That may change over time. nj7p.org/Toys/toys.html covers some of the computers and software described above, but not all. Also he shows some 8-bit systems like Apple II's, Kaypro, Tandy.

- Herb Johnson

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