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Over the decades, I've worked on a number of Motorola 6800 or 6809 based vintage computers. Here's a list of those pages. Simple concept here. - Herb Johnson

Exorbus based systems

EXORset 30 Motorola (6809) development system
Motorola 6800 6809 EXORbus-based systems
odd Exorbus 6800 AMF boards

Cross assemblers

A68 6800 cross-assembler
asmx 2.0 macro cross-assembler including 6800

SS-50 systems

SWTP 6800 system
SWTPc 6800 system cleanup
SWTP SS-50 Web page
Frederic Le Duigou's SWTPC 6800 systems
Z80 card for the SS-50 bus
SS-50 Specification by Bob Applegate, Corsham Technology
Microcomputer bus history including SS-50 and Exorbus

Motorola D2 microcomputer and MIKBUG, related ROM monitors

Motorola MEK6800D2 computer
MIKBUG, Smithbug, related 6800 ROM monitors

Other 6800 6809 computers

MITS Altair 680
Pro-Log pre-STDbus cards including MPS 8611 with 6800 CPU
Herb's STD bus cards
- including Pro-Log PLS-868 one-card not-STDbus 6800 "system"; Pro-Log 7802, 6800 CPU StdBus board
ET3400A 6808 breadboard

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