VCF-East 2017 Sales,

This Web page last updated April 4 2017. (c) 2017 Herb Johnson. Doing business as Herb Johnson. The following are items I brought to VCF-East 2017 in Wall, New Jersey USA for sale.

The VCF-East show went well. Why not look at my photos of the event?

S-100 boards, a few of each:

SD Systems Versafloppy II floppy controller
manual for trimpot version
much more VF II info, software

SD Systems ExpandoRam III, four banks 64K DRAMS (no chips, socketed)

- SD Systems IO8 serial board, 4 serial port (only 2 installed), clock chip, battery
MM58167 time of day clock chip
two Z8531 Serial [async] Communications Controller

S-100 chassis

Metal cabinet and cover, S-100 bus and power supply. With 18 slot Morrow terminated motherboard. The end slot is outside the case to support an IMSAI like front panel card (not included of course). Very impressive, industrial looking case. 33 pounds weight, 18" wide by 21" deep by 8" tall.

STDbus chassis

Micro-Source brand, 10 slot STDbus chassis, four Z80 cards
- Micro-source STD-SVI-2 serial board
- Micro-source MULTI I/O BOARD Z80SIO and CTC and ROM
- Micro-source X80 CPU with 64K DRAMs & ROM
- MSI FLP controller with FDC 1797 and I think Z80 DMA?

Oregon Micro Systems 68008 STDbus system in 7-slot chassis with power supply

"big boards" - Z80 single board systems

Exo Systems Corp, Z80 board - one with chips, one bare
- no docs! has ROM, floppy, Z80 CPU, RAM.

Big Board II. Z80, serial, RAM, ROM. some docs and disks. - many docs and disk images online

SCH2001 board, Z80 based No docs.

Wavemate Bullet, Z80 based Some docs and disks, also online.

keyboard for one of the "big boards".


COSMAC 1802 Membership Card kit
- 1802 processor, toggle front panel, supports RAM and ROM and serial
- fits inside Altoids can! runs on sunlight! complete kit! or just boards. - buy ROM, RAM, serial connectors too.
- Support Web pages

Other things

H19 terminal - works OK, looks OK

Apple IIe computers, various, tested and working
- some enhanced, some not. Some more yellow than others, different keyboards
- may include disk II card and one floppy drive.
- All tested to load Applesoft BASIC from disk
- all have good keyboards.
- photos and details on my Apple IIe system and parts Web page

AT&T Unix PC 7300. Powers up, displays block-char as it tries to boot the hard drive. Floppy drive does not rotate but light is active. You fix this....

AT&T WGS 6386/25 computer 386, 486, memory, hard drive, VGA, network
16-bit ISA bus, PS/2 kbd & mouse conns. Need Dallas brand Time of day RAM/battery for BIOS.
chassis like tank
control-alt-ins to access BIOS
some say, this is very much like the Olivetti M380-40.

AT&T 6300 plus keyboard, in box untested looks unused

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