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This page has networking and related communication items for older Macs, from the "compact" Macs through Power Macs. We provide hardware and limited software, and some information about them. We provide no advice or support for these items other than that. So REVIEW MY NETWORKING NOTES if you are unsure about what you are ordering.

As a courtesy to my customers, I will offer on these network items only the right to return these by 7 days after reciept for a refund of the purchase price. This does not apply to items described "AS IS", those are priced accordingly. Returned items must be in the same condition as when sold and complete of course. This does not include a refund for shipping costs. Most of my customers have been happy with their networking purchases, I've had few returns over the years, but KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING.

Items on this page and related links include:

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For other Mac items, check my Mac home page for links to all my other Mac items, accessories, and systems.

When ordering, please follow this link for ordering information, terms and conditions, and info about orders outside the USA.

NuBus networking cards

NuBus is Apple's method of adding cards to Mac II, Quadra, Centris and other systems. Check YOUR system's documentation to see if it supports NuBus cards. For some Apple name and feature info on these cards, look at this info file on network cards. For docs and disks, a Techworks manual and disk is available, and an Asante manual and disk is available follow the links for details. To my general knowledge, these cards are 10bT or 2bT. The stock of NuBus cards I have are too old to support 100bT.

NuBus network cards with RJ-45 connector (10bT Ethernet twisted pair); short length that fit all Nubus Macs. All with RJ-45, some have DB-15 connector, some have BNC connectors. Cards include Apple 820-0511-A, Farallon EtherMac NSC, TEchworks 10612-0001 and -0002, and others. $49 each and up.

Nubus network cards that are longer, fit some but not all Macs. Ask for price, brand, connector details.

Asante MC3NB with RJ-45 and DB-15, revs B1 B2 G1 G2 C1 - OUT. These have been reported to work better with modern 10bT network switches, but we cannot guarantee performace. Performance may depend on your Mac OS and extensions and other software.

Various "short" NuBus Etherport II cards by Shiva, Farallon, Dayna, Excelan, Asante, etc. thick/thin Ethernet, ENET/CNET switch. BNC and/or DB-15 connectors only, for Thin or Thick Ethernet. $35 each and up. DB15 to RJ45 Adapters available for $10 with card.

Nubus card, ROM says "Sonic Systems 1993 V1.025 The Diskless Mac" Has DB-15 connector, RJ-45 connector, jumper with "thin/TP" lable. (may be lost 11/2011)

Nubus cards with AAUI or AUI mini-DIN network connector (Apple's tiny network connector) are also available Follow this link for a brief description of network connectors.Network cabling adapters convert AAUI connections to Ethernet conections.

PCI bus networking cards

Late model PowerMacs use a PCI bus for expansion cards, such as an Ethernet network card. That card has an RJ-45 connector for 10bT Ethernet networks. We have a variety of used PCI 10bT or 100bT Ethernet cards available.

PN593-TP, Farallon EtherMac Card, a PCI card for 10bT Ethernet. Unused. We also have a 30-page manual and 800K diskette we can copy. (The manual covers the EtherNet and EtherWave product.) Card with copy of manual and disk is $35 plus shipping.

for SE/30 and/or IIsi: Ethernet network 2-card set

Network cards for the SE/30 are always in demand. We maintain this listing even when we are out of these SE/30 adapters. We'll quote prices only when units are available.

The IIsi has the same PDS slot but because of the space limits in the SE/30, some IIsi network cards will not fit the SE/30. Many of these network cards include a socket for a coprocessor. I sell the 68882-20Mhz FPU coprocessor chip seperately, follow this link. The coprocessor is not needed for the SE/30, which already has this chip on the motherboard. It's an option for use with the IIsi; otherwise it's operation is simulated by Mac software. If your software would benefit from a floating-point math coprocessor, chances are the documentation for that software will tell you this.

Asante MacCon Ethernet network 2-card set, for SE/30 OR IIsi with 10bT, 10b2 and 10b5 support and FPU coprocessor socket. This card mounts inside the SE\30. Models I have sold are: "Mac Con for IIsi SE30 P/N 09-00005-00 rev.C2" or "C1" and "Mac Con 30ie MCPT P/N 09-00005-00 rev.C2" or "C1". Either has an attached network interface card, as described below. Also available is a 50-page manual (copy) and install/diagnostic diskette! Plugs into the PDS socket, has a pass-through connector for another PDS adapter card.

The network card of this set says "Asante Technologies Inc, MacCon+ TK/TP rev B". There is an RJ-45 connector (10bT) and a 15-pin DB-15 connector (10b5, thick Ethernet). Some models have a BNC connector (10b2, thin Ethernet); specify this if you need it. LEDs show network status. Units without the BNC/10b2 connector have a switch with positions labled "TPL TPN TK"; units with the BNC have a jumper for these options.

The Mac PDS card of some sets says "Mac Con for IIsi SE/30 PN 09-0005-00 Rev C2"; or "Mac Con 30ie MCPT P/N 09-0005-00 Rev C1" - but these units look identical. It has the math coprocessor option: a socketed 68882 at 20MHz, used with the IIsi but NOT with the SE/30 (it has a coprocessor). These two cards are cabled together, cables included.

Asante MacCon Ethernet card, as above, for SE/30 or IIsi.
without coprocessor for SE/30, $?? per unit, shipping weight 2 lbs.
See my
Asante manual and diskette offer.

TechWorks FPU coprocessor & network card set for IIsi ONLY, ask if available and price, read further.
Has socket for 68882 coprocessor.shipping wt 2 lbs.
Remaining stock has the following Ethernet connectors: a 15-pin DB-15 connector (thick Ethernet), a BNC coax connector (thin ethernet). Also two LEDs. We provide a DB15 to RJ45 adapter with these cards. Cards are untested, either used or unused, keep reading.

These cards are dated 1992. These two cards are cabled together, cable included. This card WON'T FIT in an SE/30 chassis to reach the SE/30 PDS slot because the chassis is in the way. Techworks manual and install diskette available, may be PDF and copied disk, keep reading.

For the above TechWorks IIsi card set, I have a Techworks manual and disk, follow the link for details. We have a few sealed boxed sets of these cards at extra cost, that includes an original diskette and manual. Otherwise we provide copies.

Farallon PN594-TP, Ethernet network 2-card set, for SE/30 OR IIsi with 10bT, 10b2 and 10b5 support and FPU coprocessor socket. This card set mounts inside the SE\30. Models I have sold say "Farallon 5000118-00-01". One card plugs into the PDS socket of the IIsi or SE/30. The other card is an network interface card with RJ45 (10bT) connector. $?? plus shipping.
ASK IF AVAILABLE. We have a diskette and manual for the Farallon card

metal bracket for SE, SE/30 back panelThe network card set, has a PC board with network cable connectors. On the SE/30 or SE, there's a metal bracket to hold that card, so the connectors are accessable on the back of the SE or SE/30 through a removable back panel. Here's a photo of that bracket. Be sure your SE or SE/30 has that bracket when you purchase your network card. I do not have many of these to offer.

SE/30 IIsi Asante Token Ring card set unused. I have one unused set in box, Asante MacRing IIsi 00-00024-011 from 1993. Should fit IIsi and SE/30 PDS slot. Shielded twisted pair connections to TokenRing networks. This is not Ethernet! Box says "System 7 .. TokenTalk, Novell Netware 3.11, Apple 1PC, Mac-to-IBM 3270, Lan Manager, Banyan vines, TCP/IP" *compatible*. "includes MacRing Manager network config and diag software for your Mac". 4 or 16 MBPS. No guarantees of performance.

SE Ethernet cards

I sometimes have SE Ethernet card-sets. Ask for details and costs. They are similar brands to the SE/30 Ethernet cards shown above. Also check that your SE has the metal bracket to hold the network connector card at the back of the SE.

Not an Ethernet card but a DCA brand "IRMA" network card for the SE PDS slot. 80-20106-000 rev B. With DCA chip 02-99906-000. dated 1987-88. to enable Mac IRMA 3270 emulator programs to connect to IBM mainframe computers under CFT or DFT Distributed Function Terminal. We have no software or docs, just the board and coax connector, sold as-is no warranties. Ask if still available and price.

SCSI to Ethernet adapters

The following are external Ethernet adapters for Mac computers. We may not have these available when you contact me. They all attach to the Mac's DB-25 connector SCSI port. See this link for manuals and software for some of these items. For SCSI cables at extra price, see my Mac Laptop SCSI cables section. .

Asante "Micro EN/SC", a laptop SCSI to RJ-45 (10bT) Ethernet interface. This small plastic box plugs into the back of a Mac laptop via that square 30-pin SCSI connector on some Mac laptops; and it also plugs into the ADB port (mouse/keyboard connector) with a pass-through connector to obtain power. The output is an RJ-45 connector as noted. ASK IF AVAILABLE look here for disks and manuals

Asante "EN/SC", a SCSI to RJ-45 (10bT) Ethernet interface. This box has a SCSI connector (DB-25) to attach to a Mac SCSI port. It uses a 12V AC external power supply at 1.25 amps. The output is an RJ-45 connector for Ethernet.Shipping weight 6 lbs.
look here for disks and manuals ASK IF AVAILABLE

Asante "EN/SC-10T", a SCSI to RJ-45 (10bT) Ethernet interface. This box has two SCSI connectors (DB-25) to attach to a Mac SCSI port. It uses a 12V AC external power supply at 1.25 amps. The output is an RJ-45 connector for Ethernet. ASK IF AVAILABLE Shipping weight 6 lbs. look here for disks and manuals

Asante "Mini EN/SC 10T", a SCSI to RJ-45 (10bT) Ethernet interface. This box has a SCSI connector (DB-25) to attach to a Mac SCSI port. The output is an RJ-45 connector for Ethernet. Uses 12V AC or DC wall power supply. Shipping weight 3 lbs. look here for disks and manuals ASK IF AVAILABLE

Dayna "Ether+", a SCSI to Ethernet interface. May be by "Compatible Systems", this box has a SCSI connector (DB-25) to attach to a Mac SCSI port. The output is an DB-15 or BNC connector for Ethernet. You'll need a SCSI cable. Box is about 5" X 6" X 1.5". (Needs A/C adapter, 9V to 12V DC center positive.) ASK IF AVAILABLE Shipping weight 4 lbs. look here for disks and manuals

Dayna PORT or DaynaPort SCSI/Link SCSI to Ethernet adapter model DP0800.
Module with DB-25 SCSI connector in and out, and a 10b2 BNC (coax) Ethernet connector. A/C supply, 12VDC, centre positive. SCSI cable extra. ASK IF AVAILABLE look here for disks and manuals

DaynaPORT SCSI/Link-3 SCSI to Ethernet adapter model DP0802.
Module with DB-25 SCSI connector in and out, and a BNC and RJ-45 connextors. Needs external DC supply, 12VDC, centre positive. ASK IF AVAILABLE look here for disks and manuals

Dayna Pocket SCSI/Link-T SCSI to Ethernet adapter model DP0901. Module with DB-25 SCSI connector and HD-30 laptop SCSI connector, and a 10bt RJ45 Ethernet connector. Needs exernal DC supply. (apparently 5 volt center positive) ASK IF AVAILABLE look here for disks and manuals

Dayna DaynaPORT E/Z SCSI to Ethernet adapter model DP0600. Module with miniDIN-8 connector to a computer (I think, YOU confirm) and RJ45, DB-15 and BNC Ethernet connectors. Needs exernal DC supply. tell me if you can determine polarity, voltage, current requirements. ASK IF AVAILABLE look here for disks and manuals

See this link for manuals and software for some of these items. For SCSI cables, see my Mac Laptop SCSI cables section.

LC slot & comm slot network Ethernet adapters

[LC slot, comm slot]

The upper connector with many square holes is the "LC PDS SLOT" connector as marked in yellow at the left end. Typically cards for this connector mount "sideways" or horizontal, and are a few inches by several inches long.

The lower connector with a long single slot is the "COMMUNICATIONS SLOT" connector, as marked in yellow below and leftwards of that connector. Typically cards for this connector mount vertically and are only an inch or so tall by several inches long.

LC slot adapters were originally for the Mac LC, LCII, and LCIII; Apple also designed an "LC slot" into many other Macs to accept these LC-type or LC-slot network cards. Apple also designed a comm slot, for video, network and modem cards, into some PowerMac and 68040 Macs. I have a partial list of such Macs at this link, or check the technical info on your Mac.

The LC slot cards below plug into the LC-type slot, and (unless noted) has an RJ-45 connector for "10bT Ethernet" network connections. These cards should all perform similarly. I may have others, ask about specific brands.

many of these network cards include a socket for a coprocessor. The 68882-20Mhz FPU coprocessor chip sold seperately, follow this link. Ask for prices and availability, as of 2024 I have the following:

Farallon / DynaPORT E/LC-M, network adapter *OUT*
Asante MacLC III network adapter, 10bT only, with FPU socket, *in sealed box* (3)
Asante MacLC III network adapter, with FPU socket, BNC only (1)
Dynaport E/LC-T, with FPU socket, *OUT*
Asante Tech MCLC card, with FPU socket. OUT. disk available
Apple brand, (1) 820-0532
SSI brand? LC ASIC BD-030, with FPU socket

I have an Asante manual and disk offer for the Asante LC cards.

Boxed unused Asante MacCon MCiLC-10T I have three boxed unopened Asante MCiLC Ethernet cards. These are for the LC slot. Box includes card, drivers diskette, manual, short Ethernet (RJ45) cable. $69 plus shipping.

Apple's comm slot or communications slot is a connector inside some Macs which holds either a network card OR a modem card. There was a Comm Slot I type, and a Comm Slot II type. The Type I connector has a notch near the back of the edge connector; Type II has a notch near the front of the connector. "Front" is near the center of the card. I have a partial list of Macs and comm slots at this link, or check the technical info on your Mac or check Apple's Web site.

Comm slot network adapters I'm aware of include for Comm Slot I: Apple brand 820-0607-A or 820-0514-A ; Farallon 8960766-00; Dayna Daynaport E/CS-T. For Comm slot II: Apple 820-0784-A CS II Twisted Pair Card, Apple 820-0809-A. The following is what I have as of Dec 2020. Ask for prices and availability; the Comm Slot I's are more common and cheaper.

Comm slot I: notch near end of board
Farallon 8960766-00-07 RJ45 connector - OUT
one Apple 820-0607 RJ45 connector - OUT
one Dayna Daynaport R/CS BNC connector

Comm slot II: notch near center of board
one Apple CS II twisted pair 820-0784 RJ45 conn - OUT
one no brand with Digital 21041-PA chip on it RJ45 - OUT
.....(same LSI chip as Apple CS II card)

here's a photo of some CS network cards:
The card with the Digital chip has no obvious brand "BC-054 rev A"
The card with the SONIC-T DP83934AVQB chip is Apple 820-0607-A & 630-0734-F.
The card with the SMSC LAN91C96 is Farallon 8960766-00.

Note: non-network "LC slot" or "comm slot" cards will be listed on this Web page section of NuBus Mac cards.

disks and manuals for some network cards

To provide some information and software, I'm offering an Asante MacCon Family 80-page installation guide and diskette. The guide covers Asante network products: MacCon NuBus, 610, LC, IIsi, 30i. Also MacCon-i NB-10T, NB-TN, LC-10T. Also MacCon+ 610ET, 30iET64, SE, SEET. Also MacCon3 for SE, IIsi, 610. There is also an EtherTalk install diskette, Version 5.5.4. Copy of 80-page Manual and install disk $10 plus shipping; 1.4M disk only $7.

But you might also check Asante's site at this link as of 2006.

I have a Techworks "Ethernet Installation Guide" for these TechWorks Ethernet cards: SE 10T, SE/30 10T, NuBus 10T, LC 10T, SE thin, SE/30 thin, NuBus thin, LC thin. The manual is about 110 pages half sized (8.5" by 5.5") and will be copied two pages per single sided sheet. There is also a diskette of software, presumably system extensions and related files. A copy of the manual and the diskette are available with a TechWorks card for $10 plus shipping.

Copy of Asante EN/SC and Micro EN/SC manual, for the Asante SCSI to Ethernet product. 70 pages (half size copy) and copy of diskette. $10.

Copy of Asante AsanteTalk manual, for the Asante Localtalk to Ethernet product. many half-sized pages. $10. Please note - this device is NOT an "Ethernet interface to the Internet". It simply borrows your local Ethernet wiring to connect Macs and printers LOCALLY.

We have a "drivers diskette" for the Farallon SE/30 network card. $7 for a copy.

Copy of 60 page Farallon EtherMac adapter manual and diskette. Covers EtherMac Powerbook adapter, EtherMac Printer Adapter, EtherMac Multiprinter Adapter. $7 for copy.

I don't have Dayna or DaynaPort docs or manuals. A Web search for "Daynaport ethernet mac -pci" may find some references or on-line manuals or software. SInce these sites come and go, it's not useful to list what I found "today" in general. But in 2009 I saw some apparently active support for Atari use of DaynaPort on this Web site. Also of note were a System 6 supporting Web site. Also I have links to a Mac device driver's museum Web site.

I have modem manuals as well, check my modems section for specifics.

Network cabling adapters

Follow this link for a brief description of network connectors. The devices below simply convert between various Ethernet connection types. They are not for Phonenet, they do not provide Ethernet for Macs or printers which do not already have Ethernet. For instance, Apple used an "AAUI" connector for their early Ethernet. We have AAUI to RJ-45 adapters as below, so you can connect these Macs and Apple printers to modern wired Ethernet networks.

Adapters from DB15 to RJ-45 (Thick Ethernet to 10bT ethernet), $15 each.
(typical is CentreCom MX20T, twisted pair tranceiver 10 base T, with test switch). Male DB-15, female RJ-45 connectors
Adapters from DB15 to BNC (Thick Ethernet to thin coax 10b2 ethernet), $12 each.
(typical is CentreCom MX10S, twisted pair tranceiver 10 base 2, with test switch). Male DB-15, BNC connectors.
Here are the brief text instructions as packaged by CenterCom.

Adapters from AAUI to RJ-45 (Apple network to 10bT ethernet), non-Apple brand $19 each.
Adapters from AAUI to BNC (Apple network to thin coax 10b2 ethernet), $15 each.
These adapters plug into Apple network cards and computers with female AAUI (very small) network connectors.

I don't have, means to convert 10b2 (coax) network cards to 10bT (RJ-45, common wired Ethernet twisted pairs). That apparently calls for a "Hub or Repeater, 10Base-T/10Base-2". Those appear as old network hub boxes at Web auction sites and electronic flea markets. Sometimes an old hub is a good way to connect slow networks to fast networks. This is technology out of my experiences. Web search will inform you.

Ethernet adapters for Apple-compatible printers, networks

Some people ask about running their Apple-compatible printers off Ethernet. Follow this link for a brief description of network connectors and a discussion of printers and Ethernet. I have some SCSI to Ethernet adapters via this link. Also check my Laptop Web page if you want Ethernet for your laptop. Most of these sold without docs or software: but look here for disks and manuals for some of these items.

Note: to run a printer from your Mac, even through an Ethernet network, you still need "driver" software for that brand and model printer, which will run under the Mac OS version on your Mac. Apple of course provided software drivers; companies like HP produced Apple-compatible printers and (have) provided drivers on hp.com. Check the support information for your printer, to see if you can operate it as I've described.

Farallon EtherWave Printer adapter. Has miniDIN-8 plug, two RJ45 Ethernet jacks. No A/C adapter with it but I'll include an 8-16V adapter. Sold April 2006

Farallon EtherMac Printer adapter. Has miniDIN-8 plug for Appletalk/Phonenet, RJ45 Ethernet jack, BNC jack for Thinnet. UNUSED IN BOX with A/C adapter, 60-page guide, diskette (don't know OS for drivers). Two available as of Sept 2008.

Farallon EtherMac iPrint adapter. Converts Appletalk/Phonenet (minDIN8) to Ethernet (RJ45). Will include 8V-16V DC adapter A/C supply. SOLD Jan 06


Asante AsanteTalk Ethernet to Localtalk bridge. This apparently permits a computer's Localtalk miniDin-8 (serial) connection, to connect to an Ethernet network; OR a computer's Ethernet to drive a small Localtalk/Phonenet network. KNOW what you are buying, I can't advise as to how to use this. Some OS X notes from a customer are at this link.

The device is a small box about the size of a pack of playing cards, with seperate plug-in 12V AC 1250mA A/C supply. Converts Appletalk/Phonenet (minDIN8) to Ethernet (RJ45).
Unit with A/C supply, copy of 8-page docs, no software included, $79 plus shipping.

Micro AsantePrintLocaltalk to Ethernet adapter for printers. With 12V AC 1.2A a/c adapter, no docs or disks. larger than above unit. $59 plus shipping if available.

look here for disks and manuals for some of these items.

Farallon EtherMac MultiPrinter Adapter Phonenet (Mac miniDIN-8) and RJ-45 (10bT Ethernet) and BNC (thin Ethernet) connectors. Uses 12V DC plug-in A/C supply. With supply.sold Dec 2002

Dayna Mini EtherPrint-T Box, EP0131, about the size of a pack of playing cards. With Phonenet and RJ-45 (10bT Ethernet) connectors. Uses plug-in 5V 1A DC supply, center pin positive. With supply, $49 plus shipping. ONE available as of April 2010.

look here for disks and manuals for some of these items.

Dayna EtherPrint, Box about 5.5" X 7.5" X 1.5", with plug-in A/C supply (12V 800mA DC center pin positive). With Phonenet (Mac miniDIN-8) and BNC connector (2bT Ethernet) and DB-15 (thick Ethernet) connectors. $55 plus shipping. I'll include a BNC to RJ-45 network adapter, no guarantees. $55 plus shipping. Shipping weight with A/C supply is 4 lbs.

Dayna DaynaPORT E/Z Appletalk printer to Ethernet adapter. Has miniDIN8 connector for Appletalk to Ethernet connectors; BNC, RJ45 and DB-15 connectors for network. With A/C supply, 12V center positive connector. $49 plus shipping, shipping weight 3 lbs.

look here for disks and manuals for some of these items.

Ethernet to printer adapters, non-Apple

I have some parallel port to Ethernet adapters. These plug into a printer's parallel port connector (Centronix 37 pin) and have a Ethernet connector. Most require some kind of external power supply. We don't supply software, these are untested, and so sold AS IS. These are listed below.

Xircom pocket ethernet aadapter III parallel port - 1 boxed, 2 used.
Xircom Parallel port Multiplexor III adapter for above, one unit
Xerox MIcro Print Server, 3400X, uses 5V DC supply.

Extended Systems ESI-2830 printer network adapter, Centronics connector at one end, BNC and RJ-45 (10bT) connectors at other end. Says "pocket printer server for Novel NetWare 286/386". Needs AC adapter to provide DC. 5V at 1A DC, center terminal positive. Untested, no software.

Many of Apple's printers are based on HP "print engine" hardware. And HP produced a number of printers which supported Appletalk and Macs. I have a number of HP JetDirect printer interface boards for Mac use. These have Ethernet RJ-45 connectors or Appletalk "Localtalk" (miniDIN-8) serial connectors. These plug into the back of some HP printer models. I really don't "list" the cards I have, just check to see if your HP printer uses these cards and let me know accordingly.

Appletalk, LocalTalk, Phonenet and LocalTalk items

AppleTalk is Apple's networking scheme before Ethernet. LocalTalk is Apple's old cable connector and adapter scheme for Appletalk. PhoneNet is the more popular scheme of using telephone-like cabling and RJ-11 connectors for AppleTalk networks. Refer to notes on mixed Phonenet and Ethernet networking for some discussion.

If you are looking for using serial ports and file transfer or "telecomm" software, I discuss that as a question on my Mac Frequent Questions Web page.

Localtalk adapters and cables. The Localtalk connector is round and has three metal pins. Adapters have two Localtalk jacks, and a cable with a DB-9 or a miniDIN-8 connector. Cables have the Localtalk connector at each end; there are also couplers with a Localtalk jack at each end.
Prices start at $10 each for the items below; ask for specific items
590-0338-A, Apple LocalTalk adapter with miniDIN-8.
Apple LocalTalk adapter with DB-9,
590-0310-B, Apple LocalTalk cable. .
590-0300-B, Apple Localtalk coupler between cables


Phonenet adapters, mostly Farallon-type. Two RJ-11 telephone jacks, and one Mac modem/printer connector (Mac Plus/128K/512K DB-9 or later Apple miniDIN-8) which plugs into your Mac modem or printer port and into your printer or modem. The terminator is just a RJ11 (telephone) plug with a 120 ohm resistor: you need TWO of them, one at either end of your Phonenet wiring. Phonenet cabling is a wired telephone cord between the PhoneNet connectors.

Prices range for items below are $10 to $20; ask about specific items
phonenet adapter to miniDIN-8, two RJ11 jacks, without terminators:
phonenet adapter with LED's (lights) to miniDIN-8, two RJ11 jacks, without terminators:
phonenet adapter to miniDIN-8, ONE RJ11 jack:
phonenet adapter to DB-9 (for the Mac Plus, 128K, 512K), two RJ11 jacks, without terminators:
RJ-11 terminator plug for Phonenet: $ask about price
telephone cords, RJ-11 plugs at each end, 3 to 6 foot available, ask about price.

Farallon Phonenet or similar kits. a 6 foot Phonenet phone cable, one Phonenet adapter with a miniDIN-8 connector, one Phonenet terminators, and a manual booklet. All in the original box! The same kit is available with a DB-9 connector (for the Mac Plus, 128K, 512K). Ask for prices.

Farallon PhoneNET User Guide, over 40 pages, half sized. I'll provide PDF for $3.

We have a few Imagewriter II Appletalk adapters and memory buffers. Check the printer section for details.

Regarding AppleTalk to Ethernet adapters: These are devices to provide Ethernet access to, typically, printers which do not have Ethernet ports. I try to obtain these but they are a little hard to come by. Check our printer Ethernet adapter section for these devices. Also check my printer and printer upgrades section for printers that support Ethernet.

PC or Windows related Appletalk

Coactive Connector Corp., Coactive Connector model PC125. Parallel port to RJ-11 (Phonenet) adapter of some kind. No software, no docs, no guarantees. Includes AC power supply "wall wart". IF available, $19 each plus shipping.

When ordering, please follow this link for ordering information, terms and conditions, and info about orders outside the USA.

Networking connections, printers, software issues

Connector Terminology

Here is some connector terminology associated with networks and modems. I have some adapters to convert between some of these connection schemes. More information about these connectors and cables are on my cables section of my Mac parts page.

[connector] "AUI" or"AAUI" is a really small D-shaped network connector used on some old PowerMacs and Apple printers with Ethernet.

[connector] RJ-45" is the connector used for 10bT (twisted pair Ethernet) networking. It looks like a slightly larger version of the RJ-11 connector for Phonenet products running Appletalk.

[connector] RJ-11 is the wired telephone connector used for modems and for PhoneNet. Older Mac computers and printers also use Appletalk networking, mostly with PhoneNet.

"DB-15" is a D-shaped 15-pin connector, like the Mac video connector: this is used for thick Ethernet (thick coax cable). "BNC" is a round connector used for thin Ethernet (thin coax cable).

[connector] The modem/printer female connector called "miniDIN-8", is also connected to Appletalk/Phonenet and other adapters. miniDIN-8 cables have a male connector.

Printers and Ethernet

Some Apple printers may have controller card upgrades which support Ethernet. Check my Apple printers page for your model. Or you can use an external Ethernet to Appletalk converter. Many of these converters were made by Asante and Farallon. For instance an Asante AsanteTalk is a small box about the size of a pack of playing cards (less the external A/C supply). This device has an Appletalk connector and a RJ-45 Ethernet (10bT) connector. More discussion may be found on my Mac FAQ page.

Ethernet for Apple printers

Some people ask about running their Apple printers off Ethernet. Just to be clear on terminology: Most Ethernet in use today (2002) runs off 10bT networks using twisted pair cables with "phone like" RJ-45 connectors. Some older Mac stuff uses Apple's AUI connector, a very tiny D-shaped connector, for Ethernet use. Some Apple printers, as well as many Apple computers, have Ethernet built in. Look for these connectors to see if that is so. Apple computers can generally have Ethernet added on. Check my network adapter section of my Mac Parts Web page for network cards or adapters for your Mac.

I have converters to adapt the Apple AUI Ethernet port to RJ-45 (10bT) Ethernet networks. Check my Ethernet/Appletalk converter section on my Mac networking page for some of these converters, they are not expensive and they are pretty small.

A number of vendors made Ethernet to Appletalk (Localtalk) adapters Many of them were made by Asante but also Farallon made some. For instance, I have in front of me an Asante AsanteTalk, a small box about the size of a pack of playing cards (less the external A/C supply). This device has an Appletalk connector and a RJ-45 Ethernet (10bT) connector.Driver software and docs for these are generally available on the Web, if you use Google to search for them. Asante has docs and drivers on the Web.

One of my customers had this to say about Ethernet connections between old Macs and recent Macs:

"The best way to network new and old Macs is by using Apple's LocalTalk Bridge control panel on a older Mac as a file/print server that has LocalTalk and Ethernet and supports system 7.1-7.6.1. A 7500-7600 (or 6360 with Ethernet card) with decent memory (64MBytes) and processor speed would work for such an application, working as a file/print server for AppleTalk over Ethernet and LocalTalk simultaneously. Unfortunately LocalTalk Bridge doesn't work under system 8, so no HFS+ [formatted drive or partition can be] on that local machine, but it can read/write HFS+ volumes mounted over the network. However if the need is solely for old Laserwriter print services for OSX clients which don't support Appletalk over LocalTalk serial ports but do over Ethernet, LocalTalk Bridge's cousin LaserWriter Bridge will work with at least OS 8.1. [For] StyleWriters, the Stylewriter 2400 with a Localtalk [adapter] module would also work."

Apple has extensive docs on all their computers and printers, old and new. Check their Web site for their technical archives: I have links to Apple's archives on my Mac Web pointers page. You can look for info by computer or printer model; or do a search on their site. Refer to my notes on mixed Phonenet and Ethernet networks for additional information.

For networking docs and software, look at my Asante manual and disk offer for a manual and install disk for some Asante MacCon products. We may list some Appletalk to Ethernet converters here, if we get a regular supply. Otherwise they will be listed in my Mac Network section on Ethernet and printers.

Telecomm or serial file transfers

If you are looking for using serial ports and file transfer or "telecomm" software, I discuss that as a question on my Mac Frequent Questions Web page.

software and drivers

Regarding driver software and docs for converters: there are generally Asante docs and drivers on the Web. Also Apple has extensive docs on all their computers and printers, old and new. Intel acquired Dayna and HAD info and software on their Web site. Asante as of 2009 offered some obsolete product software and manuals; other sites may have "mirrors" of what they offer.

There are also some Web sites which describe the details of how to network older Macs. I have a Web page with Web links to other Mac sites, or you can use a Web search to find them using keywords from information on this Web page.

I do not provide instructions on how to set up modems, Ethernet devices or networks. I do not provide system software or software programs for modems or networking, except as noted on this Web page. Please use these resources to answer your questions about how to network your Mac.

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