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[USR modem]This page has modem communication items for "compact" Macs, Performas and Centris, and Power Macs. If you are looking for networking items or adapters try my networking page. Modems are generally sold without docs or software unless specifically noted, but we have some docs and software here as described. Review this page for some technical info, and follow links on my site and this page for more info. This page was last updated June 3 2012.

Items on this page include:

On other pages, I have a Web page of networking items, adapters, etc. Also, if you are looking for info about serial "file transfers" or "telecomm" software, follow the Web link to one of several answers on my Mac Frequent Questions Web page.

When ordering, please follow this link for ordering information, terms and conditions, and info about orders outside the USA.

For other Mac items, check my Mac home page for links to all my other Mac items, accessories, and systems.

Modem notes and links

Modems are devices that connect your Mac to the Internet or email via dial-up or wired telephone lines, which provide that kind of service. (This page does not cover using mobile phones for computer connections.) I have some older modems that will be adequate for some of my Mac customers, some are Apple brand and some are not but you may find them useful. We include some docs on specific modems as available. Athough some of these modems are slow, many older Macs cannot use a new modem at full speed (56K baud) anyway! Check your Mac model's technical docs at Apple's Web site for more info.

If you want to connect two adjacent in-the-room computers for file transfers, serial "file transfers" or "telecomm" software is discussed on my Mac FAQ Web page.

Regarding modem software and docs, check the Web including some of the links on my links page. Apple has extensive docs on all their computers and printers, old and new in their "technical archives"; see my links page to find that site. For software for some Global Village modems, as of 2003 check this link to Global Village's software Web site
. I have some modem manuals available, check my listings below for specifics.

Regarding modems and using them on your Mac for Internet and email access: please review this document for what I offer and what I do NOT offer at this time, plus a bit of info about what you might need.

Related Web pages are:

Here is some connector terminology associated with networks and modems. "RJ11" is the telephone connector used for modems. It looks like a slightly smaller version of the "RJ-45" connector used for 10bT (twisted pair Ethernet) networking. Most external modems for Mac use connect to Apple's "DIN-8" or 8-pin serial / modem / printer connector. This is the same connector and port used for Appletalk. Apple also has a 9-pin version of this connector called the "Geoport". In many cases you can still use the Geoport port for serial printers and modems: check the tech info for your printer or related info on Apple's Web site. Exeternal modems for Windows/Intel PC's generally have a DB-25 connector; to use these on a Mac you need an adapter cable. Check this document for some discussion of such cables.

[USR modem]

Modems for PCs, usable on Macs

The following modems were made for Intel/Windows PC's: these will need a DB-25 to DIN-8 cable for the Mac - we have these. These modems use "Hayes compatible" or "AT command set" commands, check your software for compatibility. (The Teleport "Global Village" modems also use the AT command set.) These are all tested and working, and sold with AC (wall wart) power supplies.

Modem cable for Mac use: DB-15 to DIN-8. $3 with modem. See my Mac parts section for more details

US Robotics Sportster Faxmodem, 56K Kbaud, model 0701 or similar. Data/Fax Modem. Has volume control, switch settings with CHART on back. Uses AT command set like almost every other modem. US Robotics was the BEST BRAND of modems in its time. Includes AC supply. Tested and operational, $25, ship. wt. 4 lbs

US Robotics Sportster, 28.8Kbaud, model CJE-0340 Data/Fax Modem with V.34 and V.32bis. Has volume control, switch settings with CHART on back. Uses AT command set like almost every other modem. Tested and operational, $15, ship. wt. 4 lbs.

US Robotics Sportster, 33.6 Kbaud, similar to the above. $15 plus shipping.

USR Sportster manual for 14.4K and 28.8K modem, 72 pages half sized.
Has useful tech info and how-to. It's IBM-PC oriented but the modem tech info still applies. Copy for $3 with modem, $5 otherwise.

One available, Konexx brand mobile Konnector in box. PBX to phone jack, for phone modems for use with PBX-based telephones, like in some hotels and businesses. $10.

Apple branded modems

Some modems are specifically designed for Apple or Mac products: they have a Mac modem connector or cable on them and are generally labled "Macintosh". Some also connect to the ADB (keyboard) port for power as well as the modem/printer port. Some require the "Geoport" connector, these will not work with a Mac unless it has a Geoport connector. I have a few as follows, tested and working unless I state otherwise:

Global Village Teleport/Bronze, model A861. 2400 baud modems, with cables for modem port and ADB port. $10 plus ship.

Global Village Teleport Gold II, 14.4K, with Geoport cable. Untested, $10 plus shipping. Supra Express 144+, 14.4K baud modem, cables for modem port and ADB port as above. $10 plus shipping.

modems for Apple's comm slot

Apple's comm slot or communications slot is a connector inside some Macs which holds either a network card OR a modem card. There was a Comm Slot I type, and a Comm Slot II type. The Type I connector has a notch near the back of the edge connector; Type II has a notch near the front of the connector. "Front" is near the center of the card. I have a partial list of Macs and comm slots at this link, or check the technical info on your Mac or check Apple's Web site.

Contact me if you want one of these cards and I'll see what I have; a list of some I've had available is below. "Teleport" is a Global Village product. Comm slot modems are $10 each plus shipping except for 56K speed models (if available) for $25 plus shipping.

Comm slot modems: both slot I and slot II
Teleport Platinum V, "fab 05-3900 cl", model A809 (28K fax/modem);
Teleport Gold II Global Village Communication 05-3402B, model A808 (14.4K fax/modem);
Teleport Gold IIV, Global Village Communication 05-3402B, model A808 (14.4K bps data/fax/voice);

for Comm slot II:
Apple 28.8K fax/modem (820-0809-A);
Apple 56K model A810 630-2612A, one unit

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