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Look at my G3, G4 and later Macs page for later model laptops.

On this page I have a variety of G3 or pre-G3 68K Mac laptops and their parts. As I've had little interest from customers since mid-2015, I don't often update this Web page, and I don't often get additional early Mac laptops. Contact me about items you see here, but they may no longer be in stock.

In addition, I have some unused Apple service parts, including LAPTOP PARTS, from a repair facility on another page. They are mostly internal cables, some case and plastic parts, and a few circuit boards (inverters, etc.). SOme unused case parts are on this Web page. Also, I have some disassembled pre-G3 Mac laptop parts. Check those pages for details.

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The rest of my Mac inventory and services by system or accessory or parts type can be found on my Mac home page.

When ordering, please follow this link to email @ me, to get ordering information, terms and conditions, and info about orders outside the USA.

pre-G3 laptops, for parts or your repair

parts from laptops

I have some used parts pulled from a number of early Mac laptops. Look at my G3, G4 and later Macs page for later model laptops. Here's a list of most of these early Mac laptop parts.

PB 145 trackball assy (2)
PB Duo 200 series trackball assy 661-1654 - several
PB 145B circuit boars from 1 laptop
PB 145B feet and hinges
PB 165 two circuit boards from 1 laptop
PB 165 or 145B - circuit board w/battery w/speaker (3)
PB 165 flat cable, feet
PB 165 trackball assy, flat cable 821-0008 632-0007, Power Gold MOdem
PB 165 keyboard (2)
PB 520 battery opening cover
PB 520 CPU boards   (1) 68LC040/50/25
PB 520 mousepad assy, & inverer board 614-0026
PB 520 flat cable to LCE 821-0056, 632-0050 & hinge pins & cable 821-0021 632-0013
PB 520 keyboard (2))
PB 520 LCD screen & cables (1)
PB 520 LCD bezel
PB 520 keyboard/mouse bezel  w/mouse pad
PB 530 floppy drive front cover bezel

pre-G3 Mac laptops

Here's a few laptops I have which may or may not be working, to sell as parts or to pull parts from.

Powerbook 165 4Mb memory, 160MB hard drive. Booted up Dec 2021. Cannot warrant it at all but seems to have functioning parts.

Powerbook 3400cs which worked until 2022. Again, a parts source, maybe also an AC supply.

Powerbook 1400c which worked but now does not.

Also see if I have any later model Mac laptops.

A/C supplies or power cords

We have some A/C power supplies or power adapters available. They were tested and working when put into inventory; but with age they will eventually fail unless repaired.

If you need an A/C power supply or power adapter, please tell me your laptop model, AND the adapter's model number, DC voltage and DC current (like "DC 24V 1.5A", read the lable). If you don't have that information, I encourage you to look it up on the Web.

68K Mac and early Powermac laptop A/C supplies These seem to be dying/dead with age. The few I have are nonworking. Some people crack these open and put modern switching supplies inside them. $15 each guaranteed nonworking plus shipping - remember shipping costs ! I list items as "out" for the convenience of listing specifications. Please specify your laptop model name AND power supply model number when you order.

Powerbook 140, 145, 145b, 160, 165, 170, and 180 c A/C adapter, M5651, (19 watt). four available. .
Powerbook 100, 140, and 170 A/C adapter, M5140. 2A (12-15W). one available.

Duo 200 and 2300 A/C adapter: M7783. out.
Powerbook 140, 145, 145b, 160, 165, 165c, 170, 180 A/C adapter, M5652, 3A (24 watt). OUT
Duo AC Adapter for Duo 200 and 2300 laptop: M2693, 24V 1.5A. out.
Powerbook AC Adapter for 500 laptops: M1893, 16V 1.5A & 16V 1A; out. .

Later PowerMac A/C supplies These are in better condition as they are of less age. We'll test, let me know if you'll consider dead for your rebuild. AC cord sold seperately.
Powerbook 45w Power Adapter for 190, 5300 laptops: M3037 24v 1.88A. one available.
Powerbook 45w Power Adapter for 1400, 3400 laptops: M4896, 24v 1.88A. two available.
M4402, 45W supply. three available,
M7332, 91-56703, "hockey puck" 45W supply, 24V, 1.875A., $15 plus ship, many available

AC cord only for M7332 "hockey puck" supply, $3 each
922-4204, "Mickey Mouse" AC cord ONLY, not AC supply. $3 each.
"Mickey Mouse" A/C cord ONLY for M8482, transparent or black color, four available, $6 each.
removable A/C cords for models like M4402, two pins, $3 .

one of a kind power supply or "power cord" items

922-0376	PowerBook 160 185, etc. power adapter 24W M5652, may be used, in Apple box - $25
922-4529	41-22568 A/C cord, for M7332 A/C adaptor and others. Has two-prong AC plug. $7 each
922-4204    or 590-3500, G3 powerbook AC cable, plugs into "yo-yo" power adapter - unused. $6 each.
            AC CORD ONLY, NOT THE POWER ADAPTER, the big round plastic part.

Used laptop batteries, chargers, parts

We no longer offer any laptop batteries. Period.

Battery sliding covers that lock the battery inside your laptop. Check my unused Apple service parts page for some I may have.

Duo battery charger M1812. Charges two Duo batteries, must be attached to Duo A/C adapter M7783. We have one or two of these for $10 each w/o A/C adapter. I may have other external chargers which also use the laptop AC adapter, ask.

Mac Laptop SCSI and other cables

For SCSI cables, some Macs use the typical Apple SCSI connector, a DB-25 25 pin connector. See my Mac hard drives section for those cables. Some Mac laptops have a square connector with a lot of pins. This is called the HDI-30 connector. Some laptops have a video connector.

Powerbook Video Cable, M3927LL/A or 590-0831-A. $10 each, ELEVEN available.

HDI-30 to SCSI DB-25 female adapter. Small adapter for some laptop Macs, which converts the laptop SCSI to use with DB-25 male SCSI cable, just like the desktop Macs. $15 plus shipping. FIVE available.

Asante HDI-30 to SCSI DB-25 male/female connector pair. This cable often goes from the Asante or other SCSI to Ethernet adapter, to other SCSI devices, and to a Mac laptop SCSI connector. $15 plus shipping. THREE available.

Asante DB-25 male to SCSI DB-25 male/female connector pair. This cable often goes from the Asante or other SCSI to Ethernet adapter to other SCSI devices, and to a Mac desktop with DB-25 SCSI connector. $15 plus shipping. FOUR available.

HDI-30 to SCSI-2 male cable. TWO available, $15 each.

For serial (printer or modem) cables, check my Mac Parts cable section. These are cables with the Apple DIN-8 8-pin connector. Also look on that page for ADB cables (mouse and keyboard).

The "power cable" is an external A/C power supply, look here on this page for those.

Laptop accessories, expansions

Mac Portable Numeric Keypad module, M0239 (in box) - may be lost.
Kensington Notebook Keypad w/ADB cable, black, in box; $10.

Portable printers like the Stylewriter 2200 and others will be listed in my Stylewriter printers section of my printers page.

upgrades, memory, add-ons, removables, drives

Memory modules as follows, sold AS IS UNTESTED condition not known. Each module $10 except where priced otherwise.

8MB RAM module for Duo 270C 280c, probably Duo 210 230 250. *OUT* apparently. Untested. Apple number AP1610-02 on some. Prices appear crazy high.

Kingston KTA-PB500/4 RAM module, 4MB? untested. ONE.

OTher memory modules: ask what's available
Powerbook 190 ram, PAR technologies PAR M11235, 8MB, one
PAR technologies, PAR B180235, RAM card, ONE
PAR 171365, MPB500X08, ONE
HB65651232AP-10, THREE
PAR B10140, ONE.

16MB EDO 72-Pin SoDimm Memory, MT8LDT432HG-6X. Several available. $15 each.

SIMM adapter board and clip. JEDI memory B.D. 48.42802.00 93398-5B. 72 pin SIMM to 80 pin motherboard adapter. $10 each, three available.

laptop floppy, CD, ZIP drives

Some laptop floppy drives are available as unused Apple repair parts Check our page of Apple repair parts for other laptop items. The items below are sold AS IS UNTESTED, priced low accordingly.

HDI-20 External 1.4MB Floppy Disk Drive BCGM8061 for laptop with external floppy connector like PB 100: as is can't test, $15 plus ship
Macintosh PowerBook Floppy Drive Expansion Bay Module, for model 3400, 5300, 190: *lost*

VST Technologies VST ZIP 100Mb drive for G3 laptop, ZIPG32. two tested OK 2017. $20.

used SCSI small hard drives for Mac laptops. These are not available as working, because they are all worn out or damaged from age. Also it's hard to fit some of them into the Mac case, they are too tall. I have some nonworking Apple brand drives pulled from laptops, if you wish to attempt some kind of repairs. I also have various SCSI drive cables per Mac laptop model, check elsewhere on my site for those.

Used floppy drive for Powerbook 145, 165, etc. Sony MPF22A-01, untested. $10 each. Cables for $7 each, $5 with drive.

Unused Powerbook bases, covers, bezels, keyboards

These are unused Apple repair parts, but not in Apple Service boxes or sealed. Part numbers are molded into them. Make sure you confirm these part numbers "match" what you want, before you buy. For my convenience, they in my box marked "Powerbook 520/540". Although unused, they are still fragile from age and not "like new" because of age.

815-1829 powerbook 520, 540 cover for trackpad/keyboard, unused. $25. one
805-0625-A Powerbook 520? metal shield, unused but hints of rust. $20 ONE

PB 520, 540 keyboard, has two flatcables 5" long from upper right. Unused. $19
??? keyboard, has two flatcables 2.5" long from lower left, near center. Unused. $19
??? keyboard, has two flatcables 1" long from upper left, tiny cable 1" long from lower center. Unused. $19

More unused and small Mac laptop parts can be found on the linked Web page.

I also have an apparently used but removed intact, 815-1933 powerbook 520, 540 LCD display bezel, 2 speakers. Some wear around some screwholes. $19, only ONE

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