Intel Multibus documents and disks - from others

Last update Feb 22 2010. This page is mostly a "stub" to reference other pages.

My Intel and Multibus I equipment can be found on this linked page.
My home page for Multibus, VME and STDbus stuff is linked here.
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Other Multibus I resources

Some useful Intel and Multibus I Web pointers may be found on this page

I have a part number list of old Intel manuals. Follow this link for the .doc file.

Dec 2002: I had an offer from France for additional Intel Multibus manuals. but I could not justify the costs. check this document for his list. However, I do not know the current status of his collection. I'm keeping the list as a reference index of Intel manuals.

Disks from system and collection sold, imaged and archived

I had (and sold in 2006) an Intel MDX 431A system for ICE-51 development with disks and docs; and a collection of Intel ISIS format diskettes. See this Web page about that system and related Intel materials. Some of the diskettes used an early form of double density used by Intel on ISIS called M2FM; see the linked Web page for details.

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