additional Intel Multibus documents

I have a collection of Intel Multibus manuals and cards as referenced via this Web pointer. Price and other information can be found in this notice.

In November 2002, Didier Aubert of France contacted me regarding his own collection of Intel Multibus manuals: his list is below. I offered to broker copies of his manuals to those interested in the US. Since I rarely get requests for these manuals, that is about all I could offer. He agreed to only charge me his costs of mailing plus my costs to provide payment.

Since 2002, only a few people asked me to contact Mr. Aubert to obtain his manuals. I have had no contact with him since, and there's only a few emails that may be from him in Usenet newsgroups. A few in the German in 2002; a 2005 message in French in fr.comp.ordinosaures about "multibus". If anyone has recent contact with Didier Aubert of France, please have him contact me or otherwise inform me of the status of these manuals. Thank you.

Herb Johnson, May 2015

Hi Herb,

I'm living in france and I have the following manuals.

SBC 517 combination I/O expansion board hardware reference manual ref 98-388-A
SBC 202 double density diskette controller hardware reference manual ref 9800420A
SBC 032/048/064 random access memory board hardware reference manual ref 9800488A
SBC 80/20 and SBC 80/20-4 single board computer hardware reference manual ref 98-317C
ICS 80 industrial system site planning and installation guide ref 9800798A
ICS 80 industrial chassis hardware reference manual ref 9800799A
ISBC 640 power supply hardware reference manual ref 9800803-01
ISBC 604-614 cardcage hardware reference manual ref 9800708A
ISBC 464 prom rom board hardware reference manual ref 9800643A
ISBC 534 four channel expansion board hardware reference manual ref 9800450A
ISBC 86/35 single board computer hardware reference manual ref 146245-001
ISBC 304 C ECC multimodule board hardware reference manual ref 122153-001
ISBC 213 data separator kit installation guide ref 146232-001
ISBC 337A multimodule numeric data processor hardware reference manual ref 147163-001
system 310 harware maintenance manual ref 173208-003
system 86/310 owner's manual ref 175428-001
system 310 memory configuration guide 86-based systems ref 173206-001
system 310 disk configuration guide ref 173207-002
system 310 communication configuration guide ref 173771-001
zendex ZX 200A single board diskette controller
PLM80 programming manual ref 9800268b
INTELLEC double density diskette operating system hardware reference manual ref 98-422A
INTELLEC series II model 22X/23X installation manual 9800559-04 rev E
INTELLEC series II microcomputer development system hardware reference manual ref 9800556-02 rev B
ISIS II PLM/80 compiler operator's manual ref 9800300-04
ISIS II 8080/8085 macro assembler operator's manual ref 9800292D
ISIS II user's guide ref 9800306-06
8080/8085 assembler language programming manual ref 9800301-04
8080/8085 floating point arithmetic library user's manual ref 9800452-03
universal prom programmer user's manual ref 9800819-01 and 03

If something is interesting for you, let me know and I will try to make photocopies or scan the document.

I have an intel 310 with IRMX86, but it is not yet functioning. So, I will be interested in IRMX86 stuff later.

Best regards


Copyright 2002 Herbert R. Johnson, all rights reserved. List of documents is copyright Didier Aubert.