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I have a handful of unused new old-stock keyswitches for early Apple and Macintosh keyboards; they are not likely for sale, but you can ask. I'm trying to identify these keyswitches, let me know what I missed. I have for sale, Mac keyboards, and used keyswitches like these pulled from keyboards. This Web page shows some examples.

When Ordering keyswitches: Please attempt to: 1) identify the keyboard model for the desired switches, 2) identify the specific keyswitch by brand and model if I identify it here. and 3) include a Web link to my photo of the desired keyswitch. I'll see if I have these as pulled good keyswitches. Please note if you want a "caps lock" as those are scarce (only one per keyboard). If you don't tell me these things, I'll likely ask.

Why all this attention? There seems to be some collectable or specific interest in specific keyswitches by brand and feature. For some people, the feel and look of specific keyswitches is of value. Also some people want to repair their own keyboards and need exact replacements. So I've identified the few unused keyswitches I have as Apple repair old unused stock, on this Web page. I've also identified some used Apple ADB keyboards, identified the keyswitches in use, and I can offer those as used pulled keyswitches. Photos and more discussion are on my photo survey of Apple IIGS A9M0330 and 658-4081 keyboards from Japan.

keyboards: I offer Apple Mac ADB keyboards on this linked Web page. Another Web page has early Mac 128K 512K Plus keyboards.. I have some Apple II keyboards and parts on another Web page. And I have other keyboards described or linked-to on this keyboards Web page.

A Web site where keyswitches are identified and organized is Look there and at other resources for details on keyboard history and design. My thanks to Daniel Beardsmore there, amd other folks who work in that Web site, for discussions with me and for identifying some keyswitches.

old stock unused Mac/Apple keyswitches

[Mac keys]no info on bag
But these look like "A9M0330 keyboard Made in Taiwan. White tactile SMK Alps mount switches" as shown on a Web page of early ADB keyboards.

[Mac keys]no info on bagpossibly "Alps SKCM Cream Damped" or "SKCMBB" and maybe used in the Extended Keyboard II.

[Mac keys]OUT bag hand-marked 705-0044
this is a locking keyswitch, two positions. Web research identifies for Apple IIe and M0110A (Plus extended keyboard), by Mitsumi."OUT

[Mac keys]Apple Service labled 937-0051 "keyswitch, locking" has two positions. Possibly used in Apple Extended II keyboard.

[Mac keys]Apple Service labeled 705-0070 "ALPS long stm kyswitch Mac Plus". Possibly "SKCCAF" Alps SKCC Tall Cream. Likely used in the the original Macintosh 128K and 512K keyboard, and the USA-sourced M0110A Plus extended keyboard.

[Mac keys]bag hand-marked 705-0104 "Mitsumi" for Apple IIe enhanced keyboard, and non-USA-sourced "Mitsumi" Mac Plus extended keyboard M0110A

[Mac keys]OUT Apple Service lable 922-0005 "kysw set, adb kybd, all white". Hand labled "extended kbd", probably Apple Extended Keyboard II. OUT.

used pulled Mac/Apple keyswitches

I have Apple II or Mac keyboards from which I can desolder keyswitches. These will be used of course but I can test with an ohmmeter. Presumably you want these for repair. So please 1) identify the keyboard model you are repairing and 2) if you can, identify the keyswitch by photo on this page, or at least a description, or your image. Also, 3) do you need a locking/caps lock keyswitch? But the price goes up for additional effort, work, selection, or discussion. Thank you.

I have some Apple II keyboards and parts on another Web page.

The following are samples of actual Macintosh keyboards and their keyswitches. It's possible other keyswitch models were in use for a given keyboard model. If you wish to purchase or see keyboards, the ADB keyboards are identified and priced on a keyboards and parts, Web page, while the Mac Plus, 128K and 512K keyboards are identified on another "Mac collectables" Web page.

[Mac keys] [Mac keys] Apple Desktop Keyboard A9M0330 "made in Tiawan", photo on the left shows two keyswitches in place. the left-most keyswitch is caps-lock (white stem, depressed) and the right-most is not caps lock (white stem undepressed). The photo on the right, shows the pulled keyswitches from the board. Note that in sunlight, there's a slight greenish color to the white. Different versions of this Apple's early ADB keyboard are on this Web page. Generally they are distinguished as from Japan, Tiawan or the USA.

[Mac keys] [Mac keys] Extended Keyboard II M3501 "made in Tiawan", photo on the left is the keyswitch (greenish white stem) and cap. Here's a closeup of the keyswitch. The photo on the right, the caps-lock keyswitch is grey-stemmed/

[Mac keys] I have/had an AEK II keyboard with salmon keystemmed switches; some of the AEK's also came with salmon. In this photo, the capslock switch is white.

[Mac keys] [Mac keys] Extended Keyboard M0115, keyswitch (orange stem) and cap, on the left. On the right, the caps-lock keyswitch is white stemed with that green tint.

[Mac keys] "Apple Keyboard" M0116, orange stem keyswitch

[Mac keys]128K, 512K, Plus "made in USA" keyboard M0110, M0110A, keyswitch and cap Compare these key switches to the non-USA models below. Note these have a "T" cross-section to hold the keycap; and the base around the key stem has an oval or ellipical shape. Here's a photo of the USA keyswitch in place. These keycaps are very similar in color and structure to keycaps on an Apple IIe keyboard on another Web page.

[Mac keys]128K, 512K, Plus "Malaysia" keyboard M0110, M0110A, keyswitch and cap The keyboard circuit board is marked "Mitsumi" and other non-USA-made Plus keyboards may be of this type. Compare these to the "USA" Plus keyswitches. Note these have a "X" cross-section to hold the keycap; and the base around the key stem is rectangular and has "ramp" structures. This photo shows more contrast. Thanks to Marek Lyczba for calling these to my attention in Nov 2016.

[Mac keys]IIe extended kbd, Mitsumi kbd. Keyswitches removed from an Apple IIe with extended (numeric keypad) keyboard produced by Mitsumi. Appear identical to the 705-0104 keyswitches described from Apple service parts.

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