Apple Desktop Bus keyboard A9M0330 658-4081

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I offer Apple Mac ADB keyboards and mice on the linked Web page. This Web page below discusses Apple's earliest ADB keyboard, the "Apple Desktop Bus" keyboard, sold with the Apple IIgs, and made in Japan or Tiawan; models 658-4081 (no model name) and A9M0330 (model name as given). These have differences in keyswitches that some user desire. The keyswitches can be identified by colors and shape.

Additional photos of Apple keyswitches are on this linked Web page.

Keyboards, keyswitches which distinguish them

front photo of three Japan ADB keyboards for Apple IIgs. I number them 1 at the top to 3 at the bottom of photo. All photos taken outside with same camera and conditions, so you can compare colors. Weight of keyboard and cable just over 2 pounds; likely shipping weight under 4 pounds and size of box 18" X 7" X 4".

Why does "made in Japan" or "made in Tiawan" matter? Some Mac collectors want specific key switches, which are distinguished by color of keystem and style of the switch case. Those identify a model of keyswitch with a particular feel and sound. These are important to some keyboard owners. Someone said "the made in Taiwan version, has white switches made by SMK. They are the non-clicky version of the Monterey blue switches, also made by SMK." Someone else said "made in Japan [version] has whiter keycaps" and"...has Orange ALPS switches".

From the Wiki, about models and keyswitches: "A9M0330 [is] Made in Taiwan. White tactile SMK Alps mount switches. Double-shot moulded keycaps, slightly darker in colour than the keyboard made in Japan. 658-4081 [is] Made in Japan. Orange Alps switches." Also: "Alps SKCM Salmon, salmon Alps, or pink Alps" were in some later Apple keyboard models.

My keyboards below are labled as from Japan or Tiawan, and models A9M0330 or 658-4081. I show the keyswitches to identify stems and cases. I describe keyswitches on this linked Web page. I sell individual keyswitches for users to repair their keyboards; I may have some keycaps too.

There's a few other Web pages and discussion group "threads" about these keyboards and their switches. This page discusses feel and sound, and links to other pages on that site. Here's a discussion from 2013 on the subject.

Japan-labled ADB keyboards vs. Tiawan-labled

These are samples of ADB model keyboards. I may have these or others available for sale. Contact me at my email link at the end of this Web page for details.

[adb keyboard]

front #1
apple 658-4081 model ADB keyboard "made in Japan 825-1301-A"
nonworking keys: B Z . \ -> <- S [no left shift]; Apple logo removed
color dark, more yellowed than #3; marker writing on front
keyswitches have red/orange "post"
back #1
badge #1 380504
carved on back #1 "WSD 40-369 PA46930"

[adb keyboard]

front #2
apple 658-4081 model ADB keyboard "made in Japan 825-1301-A"
all keys work OK. ADB ports OK. color light but slightly faded, uniform,
keyswitches have red/orange "post"
back #2
badge #2 318537

[adb keyboard]

front #3
apple A9M0330 model ADB keyboard "made in Japan"
nonworking keys: on keypad . 1 2 3 5 7 8 9. [no lock on caps lock]
color dark, less yellowed than #1
keyswitches have pink/salmon "post"
back #3
badge #3 013993

[adb keyboard]

A9M0330 "made in Tiawan"
White post in Tiawan models' keyposts
Tiawan A9m0330 badge

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