Miscelaneous S-100 items for sale

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I have a variety of S-100 cards and related items available. As time permits, I will inventory and price them. You are welcome to ask about specific cards you are looking for. Please escribe them by brand and model. You will have less luck with me, if you ask for a type or function (serial, hard drive, etc). NO LUCK, if you just request "a list" - I'm not working that way on these S-100 items. Web search on my Web domain will find plenty of S-100 information.

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S-100 cards

Ask me for specific brand and model of S-100 cards. Also check my my S-100 brand list, for manuals or other brand references.

S-100 motherboards

Here's some of the S-100 motherboards I have offered, ask about what's available.
Measurements are approximate. Shipping extra. I generally test the
motherboard for continuity from end to end and spot-check most pins. Prices generally
depend on number of slots and condition and features on the motherboard (termination).

         Chernow Communications, 20 slots, about 7/8 inch spacing. 
                about 19" X 9", weight 2lbs 10oz. Three boards available.

         California Digital, 18 slots w/termination, 3/4 inch spacing
          two connectors misaligned (soldered in at slight angle). weight 2lbs 5oz, 16.5" X 8.5"

         (1) Wunderbus w/NoiseGuard, 14 slots 3/4 inch spacing
           3 serial ports, other stuff on board
           probably one of the Morrow CP/M system backplanes

         IMSAI EXP-22 22 slots but 13 populated, 3/4 inch spacing

         noname, 17 slots, 13/16 inch spacing.
             17" X 10", weight 2lbs 3oz, 
             with pair of side rails, plastic rails on Aluminum rails, 1.5lbs for pair

         Technical Design Labs motherboards, 4 slots installed, 4 skipped. Some logic on-board
         pulled from IC sockets. Edge connector at one end. A few available, will need repair. 

        6 or 7 slot motherboards, may be cut down, no termination. a few available.

         9   X 11, 12 slots, 3/4" spacing, terminated. IMS brand. 
         IMS top and here's  IMS bottom 

         9   X 11, 12 slots, 3/4" spacing, terminated (Compupro), docs. Some corners cut but board intact.
         Compupro top and here's  Compupro bottom 

         SD Systems, 10 slot, 3/4" spacing, 7.5 X 10 inches, no termination. A few available
         SD System top and here's  SD System bottom

S-100 bus extender cards

  $59     simple bus extenders, a connector at the top of a card full of
          lines to the edge connector below. Various manufacturers. Other
          boards with more features may be available at higher prices.

S-100 bus prototype cards

  $49     simple prototype board with .1-inch centered holes. Various manufacturers. Other
          boards with more features may be available at higher prices.

IMSAI front panel switches


Here's some UNUSED IMSAI switches - originals switches from C&K

            *UNUSED OLD STOCK*. identical to the ones sold with the IMSAI 8080
            The actuators are called either levers (paddle thingies) or rockers (AC switch thingies).
            RED, no blue, BLACK levers in stock. BLACK, no red rockers in stock. 
            the switch bodies are C&K 7101 SPST ON/NONE/ON, PC board terminals. 
            These are IMSAI address and data switches and the AC power switch.
            Small quantity available, I will limit orders. Describe your need, not "how many are left?"  

            as described above: $12 for switch with cap, $7 for switch or cap only, plus postage.

            Also available: used, solder loop terminals, C&K 7101, with black rocker. Ask about price. 

            You can ask about other colors, or other C&K switch models (momentary). Be specific 
            including quantity needed. As of mid-2023 new ones aren't available! 

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