Vintage Computer Festival - East XI

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"VCF-E XI" or Vintage Computer Festival - East XI (not VCF-E 11), was held April 15-17, at the Infoage Center in Wall, NJ USA, operated by the Vintage Computer Federation Inc., a member of Infoage. Exhibitors, talks on Friday, and a vendor/consignment area. Hundreds attended. I was a vendor part-time and an exhibitor full time. Photos by Herb Johnson if not identified otherwise. Ask me if you want to use one of these photos. (C) COpyright Herb Johnson 2016. Last updated Apr 20 2016

I do a lot of other restoring and preserving computers of the 70's and 80's. - Herb Johnson


Classes and talks were listed on the Web site.

John V. Blankenbaker, of Kenbak-1 fame
John and wife
describing development
chat with Bill Degan (fr) Evan Koblents (r)

Ted Nelson's talk Sunday morning
the screen would show if you could see it....
another moment
another moment [Ragoo]

John Chapman's S-100 talk talk


Exhibits were described and identified on the VCF Web site.

S-100 & IEEE-696 present at VCF-E

Herb Johnson's Ithaca Intersystems DPS-1 exhibit
S-100 and Ithaca Audio — Herb Johnson, Ewing, New Jersey — Ithaca Audio and Ithaca Intersystems were popular S-100 board and system producers. S-100 products dominated mid-1970s Intel-class personal computers, and were important through the 1980s and beyond in commercial and industrial use. I’ll show some front-panel systems from Ithaca, and cards from them and other S-100 producers. I restored two of Ithica’s DPS-1 systems and substantially completed what I might call software repairs. These are operational and running CP/M. Check my Web page for repairs, files. - Herb

toggle panel
no toggle system
toggle system

Cromemco Accessories: Cyclops & Dazzler — William Sudbrink, Silver Spring, Maryland
Cyclops camera & Altair
Dazzler and IMSAI

Homebrew S-100 Boards — Jonathan Chapman, Buena Vista, Virginia talk
TEI chassis and BYTE-8 front-panel [Loewen]
restoring a CRT

S-100 well represented in sales area, by Herb Johnson, Jeff Galinat, VCF Inc, others. Talk on S-100 repairs, by John Chapman

Other exhibits of course, a sampling

Bill Degnan's DEC mini exhibit; Commodore poster
Digital VAX Minicomputing — Bill Degnan, Landenberg, PA —
Bill Degnan at exhibit [Degnan]
a poster of this image is available

Rotten to the Core — Jeffrey Jonas, Elizabeth, NJ —
show n tell to an IEEE film crew

Personal History of Computing — David Gesswein, Bethesda, MD
Used by David or his family
...and here he is. [loewen]
David explains the artifacts

Modern Storage Alternatives — Joseph Oprysko, Hatboro, PA
Macs and Televideo
the MFM-BeagleBoard thingy By David Gesswein

Bugs on a Bus — Michael Costanzo, Centereach, NY
286 Multibus card

Heathkit H89 — Alex Bodnar, Oxford, PA —
drives, but they work

PDP-8: A True Multipurpose Architecture — Kyle Owen, Auburn, AL
Adventure in BASIC
a friend shows an Intel 4004 board
programmed logic is cheating

Office Suite 1982 — Mike Loewen, State College, PA

Unusual Commodore 64/128 Hardware — Christopher Gioconda, Aston, PA —

Atari 800 Lab product exhibit

Luggable Computers — Ralph Dodd, Toms River, NJ — exhibit

Late Mechanically Clocked Computers — Ben Greenfield — Williamstown, Massachusetts
Minuteman missle computer exhibit
This is a 1969 missle computer, which were offered to schools to teach computing. This is a classic transistor/diode/drum computer. Here's the board-set on display, in bus order.[Ethan] Now the education is in getting one to run. He's accumulated a good amount of documentation on these. Ben has brought unique and ancient computing technology to VCF-East for many years.

1802 J-VIP unscheduled exhibit
hand-wired VIP
Z80 Membership Card
the maker (Walter Miraglia?)
Yahoo group folder w/details

There were many exhibits of course which I did not photograph. I'll add some photos as time and permissions permit.

French Micro Computers from the 1980s — Jeremie Marsin, Thierry Mazzoleni, Jean Paul Mari, Quebec, Canada —  
Before Arduino: Interfacing With Commodore Computers — Doug Crawford, Pottstown, PA, and Chris Fala, Lansdale, PA
Attack of the Clones — Tony Bogan, Brielle, NJ 
TRS-80s on the ‘Net — Peter & Alex Cetinski, Chappaqua, NY
Teaching An Old Robot New Tricks — Alexander Pierson, Falls Church, Virginia
- (Alex had to repair his Hero Jr AND his car that weekend)
Commodore 64 & 128 — Daniel Kovacs, Goderich, Ontario 
Space Command! — Jeffrey Brace, Ocean, NJ, and Dan Roganti, New Kensington, PA
- networked C-64 gaming. SpaceCommand - Multi-Screen, Multi-Player network game
- blog of work in progress
Pac-Man on PCs — Todd George, Quakertown, PA
Digital Images with the Commodore Amiga — Bill Winters, Tarrytown, NY, and Anthony Becker, Ossining, NY 
Understanding the ENIAC — Brian Stuart, Gloucester, NJ 
Evolution of the User Interface — Dean Notarnicola, Long Valley, NJ. [Loewen photo]
Vintage Toys and Noise — Michael Hill, Daly City, CA
Obscure System: Panasonic JR-200U — Jeff Salzman, York, PA 
Portable Macintosh & Friends — Matthew Bergeron, North Providence, RI 
Scott Adams Adventures: Big Games on Small Machines — Ethan Dicks, Columbus, Ohio 
Scott Adams Games for the Commodore VIC-20 — Justin & Misia Jernigan, Belle Mead, NJ
The Mighty MicroVAX — Anthony Stramaglia, Florham Park, NJ
Living with Lisa — Jason Perkins, Springfield, VA 
History of UUCP — Sridhar Ayengar, Poughkeepsie, NY 
Apple I exhibits - Corey Cohen [Degnan photo]


SS-50 system from Corsham
Herb's sales area, Apple II's
Herb's sales of 1802 COSMAC Membership card

S-100 well represented in sales & consignment area, from Herb Johnson, Jeff Galinat, VCF Inc, others. Items for sale included Apple II systems, C-64/128 drives, those ISA bus computer boards, Amiga software & manuals, assorted printers and plotter, on and on.

Related things

Evan explains food at dinner
Ted Nelson, the happy couple at dinner
a visit to the beach after dinner... relax from computers at another museum
...anyone look familiar? [ragoo]
a sea of C-64's, and friends [Loewen]

Maker item, printed at IXR at InfoAge: 3D-printed PDP-11 toggle

Sunday at the show Sunday PM

Thanks to these folks for use of their VCF-E XI photos:

Bill Degnan
Mike Loewen
Ethan Dicks
Dan "Ragooman" Roganti
David Gesswein

Other Web links

>VC Federation Web site for the event.

The IEEE Spectrum magazine senior editor, made video at the show and posted on YouTube a video called "Great Computers Never Die - VCF East 2016". Predictably, their focus was on 1980's computers familar to their under-40 staff: Apple 1 & II, TI 99/4, Commodore; with a nod to the Altair 8800 and very ancient stuff (core memory, boards with transistors). In-between, he says, were "hobbyists". Quote: "...and bunches of other machines from like the heydays of 1970's 1980's hobbyist enthusiasts computing". Ted Nelson was acknowledged. More photos & commentary at the IEEE Spectrum Web site titled "...Vintage Computer Fans..." for April 20 2016.

Personal note: in the video, I'm the guy in grey sweater in rear view, behind the narrator to the left. Kyle Owen's back is shown too, we are talking PDP-8 stuff at his exhibit. - Herb

John Blankenbaker operates a Kenbak-1 courtesy of Dan Roganti.

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New Jersey, USA
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