VCFed Repair Workshop, Jan 2017

[rev H2 CPU]


Last update Feb 1 2017. Vintage Computing Federation Inc. held a vintage computing repair workshop on Jan 2017, at their InfoAge hosting location. Here's photos and descriptions of some of the people and computers. - Herb Johnson

several people at workshop, saturday
straight-8, digital scope, on table
David Gesswein debugging the straight-8
Bill Inderriden, tests of constructed TR-10 module tester
Bill at work on TR-10 module tester
Jeff Salzman, work on OSI system, SX-64, C-64
look at OSI system. photo by Jeff Brace
IMSAI front repair (Herb Johnson)
IMSAI CPU, pin 3 of center IC, deliberately desoldered to debug
Herb Johnson at IMSAI, photo by Jeff Brace
Bob Flanders, photo by Jeff Brace
Commodore PETs, PDP-8 back left to right: Doug Crawford, Ian Primus, Jeff Jonas (back), Chris Fala
foreground: David Gesswein at PDP-8. photo by Jeff Brace
Jersey Shore Burger from Main Street Grill, winner of calorie count! (Brace)

Web links

David Gesswein's continuing work on the VCF's RESISTOR Claude Kagan PDP 8 slide show

VCFed Inc Web site

Jeff Brace's photos of VCF Jan 17 workshop Jeff ran the event for VCFed.

Herb Johnson's, repair & restoration

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