QBASIC and the Membership Card

This page originated in 2012, and was last updated Nov 29 2018. These are notes for supporting the Lee Hart 1802 Membership card with a Quick BASIC program under MS-DOS or pre-Win 2000 Windows, to download and upload software via the PC parallel port. Discussion of the PC parallel port to operate the Membership Card, is at this link. - Herb Johnson

Josh Bendason wrote some QBASIC code to support the PC parallel port and the parallel load mode on the Membership Card. With his permission, here's my archive of his work. This is a link to his QBASIC V1.0 code and this is the text file to explain use. The compiled executable is the V1.0 executable made with Quick Basic PDS 7.1. Josh says he tested the BASIC program with MS-DOS QBasic 1.1 interpreter(which comes with older versions of MS-DOS) and it works OK.

An explanation of QB PDS 7.1 was available at Wikipedia's description of Quick BASIC in Nov 2018. Various archival Web sites offer what they claim is Microsoft's QuickBasic 7.1, which was a for-sale product of Microsoft when first available. I won't provide that software.

Since 2012 Josh produced a V1.1 and compiled it as this V1.1 executable. Lee Hart supplies it on the 1802 MC sales page, and told me the following. "There were issues with the v1.0 and v1.1 versions needing different versions of QuickBASIC (shades of the Bad Old Days of BASIC). So he compiled an .EXE version that runs without QuickBASIC (on all my PCs at least)."

Please note that MS-DOS and Windows before Windows NT, did not "protect" parallel port access. In other words, the .EXE's here won't run under Windows NT, 2000, ME, XP, 7, 8. I'd appreciate any running comments. Discussion of the PC parallel port to operate the Membership Card, is at this link. That page also discusses 32-bit Windows' limitations and how to get around them. - Herb Johnson

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