RCA COSMAC 1802 early use

Last updated Apr 25 2016. This is a one of a series of Web pages supporting the COSMAC 1802 microprocessor, as used in the 1802 Membership Card kit. Go to the linked Web page for details. This page edited by Herb Johnson, (c) Herb Johnson, except for content written by others.


This Web page links various other Web pages, about early RCA COSMAC 1802 microprocessor development boards, for RCA's 1802 microprocessor. Pages include discussion from early users or owners of those boards, or from current owners. There's also links to early development or application hardware. - Herb Johnson

Here's the history of 1802's in amateur and national spacecraft.

the Sarnoff Collection at The College of New Jersey (USA) has some COSMAC artifacts from RCA's former collection.

Lee Hart first saw the 1802 as part of a MicroKit, in 1975-6. There's a link in that document, to a page about the UT4 monitor ROM likely used in that kit. Bill Degnan owns today a RCA Microkit development system with that ROM.

Lee Hart's 1978 BASYS 1802 computer product.

Stephen Imms worked with a couple of RCA 1802 "demo kits" in 1978.

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