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Apple Mac 68K software

Most recent revision date of this page, May 19 2022.

I have some variety of Apple Macintosh software, on original diskettes, for the oldest of Macs - the ones which use the 68000 series of processors. There's limited interest in this software, I've had it for some time, so I don't review my inventory often. And as these are old and used, disks may not be readable. At best I can take time to scan a disk for "readability". I will not warrant these disks in any way.In 2022 I'd charge a few to several dollars a diskette, based on how much work I need to do to sell them. I'm saying: the more detailed you are, the more time I spend, the more I'll charge. Sorry, but that's simply business.

My primary business, is to offer early Mac hardware and parts. Check my Mac home page for what I have available and basic information on these oldest systems.

Apple Macintosh software

We offer some older Mac system software on our Mac software page. There are also books and some software on that Web page.

A customer who wanted HD20 and early system software referred me to this site: Apple Macintosh before System 7 by Eric Rasmussen. It's a chronology of early Macs and OS's in the 128K 512K Plus era. Has a link to Apple docs on the subject but offers corrections supposedly based on original disks. If you want more links to other Mac Web sites, check my links page.

Macintosh Pascal V1.0, disk only $??

Hypercard boxed set, M0556. Probably version 1.?? four 800K disks, User's manual. 1987
--two sets, both open, with User's manual 030-3081-A and these disks:
--Help (690-5181A), Stacks (690-5116A), startup (690-5110A), ideas (690-5182A)

Hypercard boxed set, M0556/A, still sealed, probably similar to above.

Hypercard manual in wrapper with three disks
-- manual is 030-3081-D. Wrapper is 942-1601A, holds three disks only. -- disks are ideas (690-5182-c) help (690-5181-B) stacks (690-5381-a Ver 1.2.5)

Other old Mac diskettes:
Hard Disk 20 startup diskette
MacWorks XL system disk, probably overwritten,
LisaList diskette, probably overwritten
MacTerminal diskette

You may wish to check my Mac books and software section for other original Apple and Microsoft / Mac books and disks.

original Apple System diskettes:

The disks in this section are Apple system diskettes. Some have related accessory items (books, box, etc.) as described. They are offered WITHOUT WARRENTY OR GUARANTEE. At extra cost, I can try to at least read the disks to verify them.

System 7 diskettes, probably 7.0, 8 disks plus 3 HyperCard disks.

System 7.1 upgrade kit: 8 HD disks, User's Guide, in box:
System 7.1: 5 HD disks, plus 7 Tune up disk. Probably incomplete.
System 7.5, 8 disks.

System 7.5, copies, 10 disks,

System 7.5.3, copies, 14 disks,

IIsi Start-up Pack. System 7 disks and manual, System 7 Networking manual, Hypercard disk and "basics" manual, Setup IIsi manual. May be more items. Comes in Apple "open me 2" packing box. plus ship

Other Apple disks:
Apple Tour of the Mac SE; Mac SE/30; Mac Plus.
Laserwriter 8.3.2, six disks,
Mac OS 8, disk tools, 2 disks,
Apple Network Software Installer, one disk, copy
Apple Multiple Scan Software, one disk, copy
Mac OS 7.6 Disk tools 1 and 2, two disks

Microsoft software products:

The disks in this section are ORIGINAL diskettes, some with additional materials, offered WITHOUT WARRENTY OR GUARANTEE.

Word 5.1 adademic version, books and several disks, $15
Word V5.0, manual only, Getting Started, $10.

Mouseware M4.0.2 Mac OS, or 9.42.1 Windows, Logitech. CD
Mercury PCTEL fax/modem driver and User Manual, CD
Works 2.0, 4 disks, $10
Flight Simulator 4.0, one disk, $10
Excel Sampler book, 1988, $10
Excel "Arrays, functions and Macros" manual, 1985, $5
Excel 4.0, seven disks, #, $20

Microsoft brand Macintosh software

BASIC, boxed set from 1984. Green box, with manual, product line list, envelope with BASIC disk. Box says "new version".

Basic Interpreter, manual dated 1984, and 2 disks, 1986+ #
Basic Interpreter manual, 1984, document # 81085-200-01. fair to good condition, cover bent.

Word, 1987, # Utilties and Program disks, 034-096-086 and 034-096-085.
Word, 1985, # Program disks, 034-096-059

Excel 1.0, Users's Guide only in binder
Excel "Data Access Functions" disk, 1990,
Excel, 2 disks, very early.
---Program disk 1, data disk 2, 065-096-005 and 065-096-004
Excel, Ver 1.04, 1 disk,
Excel, Ver 1.5, program disk,
Excel 2.2, three disks

Other Mac software

These disks are not warranted; for extra cost I can see if they are readable. Otherwise I've had little interest in them over the years so they will be priced modestly, plus shipping. Doce if available are noted.

TML "Pascal II" disks: Pascal II, Macintosh Programmers Workshop, 6 diskettes.
TML Pascal, 2 disks, older than above.

Aldus PageMaker 2.0, six disks.

Symantec C++ for Macintosh, three 1.4M disks

Think C by Symantec V5.00 4 diskettes
Symantec NOrton Utilities 2.0, 4 800K diskettes also 2 1.4M diskettes
Symantec Norton Utilities 1.02, 2 diskettes
Symantec Norton Utilities 1.0, 2 diskettes
Symantec SUM II Utilities V2.00, two diskettes
Symantec Norton Utilities emergency disk, 1.0 disk and 1.10 disk

Claris FileMaker Pro V 2.0v2, 4 diskettes.

Panorama, 2 disks one version, 2 disks another version, 1 disk "templates"

Emerald City Software, Lasertalk V1.0, 2 diskettes
Adobe Lasertalk V1.3, 1 diskette

Aston-Tate DBase Mac V1.01, 7 diskettes

Lightspeed Pascal books and disks: A book "Think's Lightspeed Pascal, User's Manual" by Symantec. Book's cover says "For Macintosh Plus, SE and II computers". The book suggests it supports version 2.0, and lists two disks and one book as what was provided. There's two original diskettes, with the same title and logo as this book, numbered 1 and 2. They are 800K diskettes, read and verfied in Sept 2011 by me. Book and disks dated 1988. A second book is "Think's Lightspeed Pascal for the Macintosh" by Think Technologies Inc. Version 1, first edition, dated 1986. There are no disks included with this book (it notes three), we simply include it with the other items. The total weight of two books and diskettes is under 5 pounds. We'll sell both books and both disks for $35 plus shipping, Media Mail in the USA would be several dollars.

You may wish to check my Mac books and software section for other original Apple and Microsoft / Mac books and disks.

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