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Most recent revision of this page dated May 19 2022, but manuals are based on inventory from 2017. I have a limited number of Mac books and software, much of it by Apple. There's not much demand for these so I don't often review what I have available. On this page, I list some of the oldest Mac *system* software I offer as copies; they generally fit on a few diskettes so it's convenient to copy and provide them. But original-disks for software are on a old Mac Software Web page.

All disks and books are original items unless noted as "copies". Check our Mac Web pointers page for links to Apple's site for documents and downloads. All software and manuals, copies or originals, are offered AS IS WITHOUT WARRENTY but let us know of any problems.

When ordering, please follow this link for ordering information, terms and conditions, and info about orders outside the USA.

Here's what we have in books and software.:

For related items: Prices do not include shipping and handling. Shipping costs will be based on weight, sent by US Mail. A more complete list of pointers to our Mac inventory, services and information can be found on my Mac home page.

When ordering, please follow this link for ordering information, terms and conditions, and info about orders outside the USA.

Apple System 7, System 6 and earlier software diskettes

As a convenience for my customers, I make copies of some of Apple's early OS software, for Macintosh owners, for the cost of copying and disks. I provide absolutely NO WARRANTY WHATSOEVER for such disks or contents.

Meanwhile, some Apple system software can be found on the Web, for download at no charge. But many early Mac owners don't have a way to convert these downloads onto Mac-formatted diskettes. The downloads require an already-running Mac and various utility programs. Other early Mac Web sites explain this situation in more detail.

These are offered as a copy service, they cost my time and good media. No guarantees for your use, but I try to make readable diskettes at least.
$ 6 HD20 Test diskette (copy), 400K
$ 6 System 1.1, Finder 1.1g, HD20 V1.1, MacPaint, MacWerite - 400K diskette, for 128K, 512K Mac (copy)
$ 6 Finder 5.3, System 3.2, HD20 V1.1 - one 400K disk for 128K, 512K, Mac Plus (copy)
$ 6 System 5.3 - one 800K disk for 512KE, Plus Macs (copy)
$ 6 StyleWriter II for System 6. 7.0: 800K disk, drivers and updates
$16 System 6.0.8 800K diskettes, 4 install disks, copies of Apple's
$ 6 System 6.0.8 800K bootable disk for test and limited use
$29 System 7.0 diskettes, 8 disks, copies of Apple's
$ 6 CD-ROM setup, one disk, copy
$no System 7.5.3 diskettes NOT offered, too many to copy! Provided on hard drives only, ask.
$?? other Mac OS's, check my
Apple original disks section

A customer referred me to a Web site for more early Mac OS information: Apple Macintosh before System 7 by Eric Rasmussen. It's a chronology of early Macs and OS's in the 128K 512K Plus era. Has a link to Apple docs on the subject but offers corrections supposedly based on original disks. A Web search will likely find other such sites.

For users of System 6 who wish to use Stylewriter II printers, I recently downloaded and verified an Apple software updates for the Stylewriter II called "GrayShare Software Update". Here are some notes about that. I've put together a diskette with this "driver" and the system software updates needed.

For information on the Mac 128K, 512K, and use of the HD20 (non-SCSI) Apple hard drive, check this link on my site.

I can also provide a copy of Apple's early "HD20 TEST" disk. This also has an early OS version (before System 5.3) and a test program for the HD20, to be run on 128K's and 512Ks and Pluses. The files include finder V5.0 9/1/85; system [no ver] 9/1/85; HD20 driver V1.0 9/1/85; HD20 test version 1.1 .

If you want more links to Apple's software Web site, and to other Mac Web sites, check my links page. I have a bit more information, and more ancient Apple software, listed on my Mac collectables Web page.

System 7.5.3 from Apple

Apple used to offer System 7.5.3 at no charge, from their Web site. Old archives of Mac software may have those sets of files. You will need Disk Copy or other tools, to extract the disks from those files. If you buy a SCSI hard drive from me, I usually put on the drive if requested, a set of System 7.5.3 disk-images at no additional charge; but YOU install the OS from those images.

notes on System 6

There is a 6.0.8L for the PB100, LCII, and Classic II; apparently the ordinary version of 6.0.8 will not run on these. Also the Color Classic apparently cannot run System 6. A Web search may find the sites which explain all this.

A customer offered this additional information: "Regular 6.0.8 runs only on the LCII and PB100 out of this bunch. The "L" version is the only System 6 that runs on the Classic II. From what I know it was a special version released for development. It actually makes Classic IIs run very fast. I've heard of 6.0.7 running on the PB100 as well."

"The CC cannot run System 6 of any version because of something known as a software enabler. In the past Apple would release new versions with two decimal points to accomadate new Mac models (6.0.4 added IIci and Portable support, for example). Macs released after System 7.1 (starting with the IIvx) but before System 7.5 required enablers so that new revisions would not have to be made during the Mac model explosion of the early 1990s. When System 7.5 was released the counter reset itself. The double decimal releases of 7.1 and 7.5 were mostly to add new features or to fix bugs."

"Here is a link to a list of enablers:

I'm pretty sure these are available on Apple's website." - end quote.

Apple User Manuals

There's not much demand for Apple system's Userrs manuals. I have some Apple user manuals for the "68K Macs" or "Compact Macs". Some Older Mac manuals for the 128K, 512K or Plus may be in my Mac collectables Web page.

Apple system install CD's

I've given up offering any Apple system install CD's. They are readily found on Web auction sites. They are often specific to one Mac model. Apple sold some OS disks and CD's as a seperate product, for general installation on many Macs. Look closely at any CD or diskette set you are considering for purchase and use.

Apple System diskettes:

Moved to the old Mac software Web page, except copies of Apple System 5, 6, 7, and earlier software diskettes.

Drivers for Mac and other hardware

If we have a driver for some piece of hardware, it will be noted in the same place where we offer the hardware. So go to my Mac home page and look for the appropriate section of my Web site. Software and manuals for many network cards are on my Mac Network page.

If you want a printer driver, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check my comments in my Mac FAQ (frequent questions) page. You may already have it. Apple STILL has a lot of "drivers" on their Web site. Check my list of Mac Web pointers to find the correct Web location on Apple's site for such software.

simple telecomm or serial file transfer software - for reading old 400K 800K disks

[NOTE: If the discussion below is hard to understand, you can 1) check my list of frequent Mac questions for more discussion, and or 2) use some keywords from this discussion and search the Web for more information.]

The problem with owning a really OLD Mac is that it only reads 800K (or 400K) diskettes. If you use a late model Mac or PC/Windows system to scour the Web for old Mac stuff including software, that system CANNOT write disks that can be read by 800K/400K based systems. Also; even if your Web browsing system CAN write those disks, if a file is bigger than the disk capacity you can't copy it over to your older Mac!

A solution to both problems is to physically "link" your newer and older systems and do a file transfer. The "hardware" to do that is a simple connection between the serial ports; you need the wires and correct pin connections to do that, I won't discuss that here. You might get some info about that on the WEb, or bug me and maybe I'll add a tech note.

The software is what is called a "terminal emulator" or "telecomm program" that lets each system send and recieve files to the other. In the old days, even before the Internet, people "dialed up" computers via the phone and then used simple text-based commands to send email and messages as well as to access files. Those same programs can run between more modern computers today, without the Web or Internet or even modems (if the computers are in the same room!) But these programs support modems as well.

Windows- based systems often have something called "hyperterminal"; in the MS-DOS world there were many telecom programs as shareware, such as PROCOMM and QMODEM. ANd there were similar programs in the old Mac world. I have one example called "ZTERM" which will run on the oldest of Mac and is small enough to put on a 400K diskette. Apparently the author of this program offers it for download for trial, and sold for a fee. A Web search on "Zterm mac" will find that site. Other Web searches can find other telecomm programs.

Apple software and software manuals, contents as noted

Moved to my old Mac Software Web page.

Check our list of Mac Web pointers to see where Apple offers many of these hardware or system disks or manual PDF's for free download.

Microsoft software products:

Moved to my old Mac Software Web page.

Other Software and books, contents as noted

Software was moved to my old Mac Software Web page.

Rare and valuable Mac repair books: ask for price but these aren't cheap. "The Dead Mac Scrolls" by Larry Pina - repair of 128K, 512K, Plus more.
"Macintosh II repair and upgrade secrets" by Larry Pina - just as it describes. With diskette

Other books about early Macs: see if I still have these.

"Macintosh Inside Out - Programming with MacApp" by David Wilson, Larry Rosenstein, Dan Shafer. with disk. 1990
"Macintosh System 7 - the Complete Sourcebook" by Gordon M Campbell, 1992. With diskette
"Tricks of the Mac Game Programming Gurus", from the Don Crabb Macintosh Library. With CD. 1995
"The Incredible Sound Machine" by Mark Andrews, 1993. disk NOT included
"Macintosh INside Out - System 7 Revealed" by anthony Meadow, 1991
"Navigating the Internet with your Macintosh" by Tamsin douglas and ned Snell. with CD. 1995
"Mac Upgrade and Repair Bible" by Todd Stauffer, IDG books, 1998 with CD
"Mac Answers! Certified Tech Support" by LeVitus and Bisbin, Osborne books, 1999

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