Early 8080 Computers

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This page gathers together my references to early microprocessor based computers, generally Intel-based, almost all 8080 but some 8008 based. For a discussion of the history of Gary Kildall of Digital Research, creator of an early and major microcomputing operating system called CP/M, check this Web page.- Herb Johnson

Early computers

Intel offered some early 8080 and 8008 computers, and for that matter 4004 and 4040 machines. Here's some discussion about those machines and ISIS which was Intel's first resident microprocessor operating system.

Among the earliest people to write about Intel's microprocessors was Jon Titus. Read this Web page about him and his 1974 Intel "Mark 8" 8008-based computer.

In 1976, SLAC designed an 8080 based graphics terminal. Check this Web page for a little information.

The MITS Altair 8800 of January 1975 is discussed on this Web page. It has links to many other pages. So often is the Altair 8800 called "the first personal computer", I created a Web page to correct that bit of confusing information. The Altair was the first "S-100" bus computer. This Web page talks about some other early S-100 systems, and this is the root Web page to my S-100 systems pages.

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