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This Web page last updated May 21 2018. copyright Herb Johnson (C) 2018. . Here's items I brought to Vintage Computing Festival - East 2018, in Wall, New Jersey USA on May 18-20 2018. - Herb Johnson

COSMAC 1802 computer kit

[vcf-e 2018]

Lee Hart's 1802 Membership Cards will be demo'ed and on sale. Bare-board sets, complete kits, prototype boards. See 'dem blinkin' lights! toggles! clicky fun. 8 Bit. RCA COSMAC 1802. Old school to the max. Complete kits at VCF-E will now include the BASIC 3 ROM and 32K 300mil RAM. Only a few kits available.

Silicon Graphics SGI

[vcf-e 2018] Here's a SGI Indigo keyboard, model 9500801. The SGI Indigo will fry a PS/2 keyboard. You need this keyboard. Needs a PS/2 male-male cable which I don't include. Tested in April 2018. I have one or two keyboards for which all keys work. I have one keyboard where half a dozen keyswitches don't work.

[vcf-e 2018] SGI O2 case and backplane for R10000 or R12000 processor. Not tested recently. Case is empty except for CD-ROM which needs front plate. I can provide power supply, audio/video card - that's it. These cases are too fragile to take apart, barely shippable, pack with extreme care. Here's the back view.

[vcf-e 2018] SGI O2 R12000 processor, works to boot but no IRIX. 4X32MB RAM. A/V board includes SVideo. Hard drive but probably wiped. HINV shows reasonable correct time, hard drive, RAM, Toshiba CD-ROM. Here's the CPU area, note the flat-panel card. These cases are too fragile to take apart, barely shippable, pack with extreme care. Here's the back view.

Zenith ZT-1 video terminal in box

[vcf-e 2018] [vcf-e 2018]

Zenith (Heath) ZT-1 video terminal. Keyboard unit has composite video out, parallel out for a printer, and phone-oline RJ-11 modem for dialup (probably 300 baud). 25 X 40 or 80 character display and some graphic chars. Manuals and AC wall-wart supply included. Powers up to a menu, you can set up dial-up phone numbers and features. Claims VT-52 escape code compatible. YOu'll need a crisp video monitor for 80 character work. So says the 1982 Popular Science review.

Unopened, untested for decades. In original box (did not confirm serial numbers). Photo shows deteroriating black foam material, which (sorry) I've discarded. See if the newspaper is from Benton Harbor MI! You can cut new foam material if you really want to restore the box, but maybe pay attention to the terminal first.

SD Systems S-100 boards

John Monahan has the manuals for these online on his SD Systems home page.. These are mostly IEEE-696 compatible, at least a subset of those signals. But the VF II and I/O8 I/O4 boards aren't complicated and will run on IMSAI's.

[vcf-e 2018] SD Systems, ExpandoRAM III board, DRAMs removed from sockets. Unused stock from factory decades ago.

[vcf-e 2018] SD Systems, ExpandoRAM III board, DRAMs in sockets, MK4684N-20 64K X 1. Unused stock from factory decades ago. Current eBay price for these DRAMs is $1-$3 a pop; here's 32 of them. Unused factory stock.

[vcf-e 2018] SD Systems, IO/4 board with two USARTs Zilog 8531 and time-of-day clock chip MM58167. Same as I/O8 board except fewer USARTs. Circular component is dead lithium battery. 1488/89 chips for RS-232 outputs on 26-pin headers. Unused factory stock.

[vcf-e 2018] SD Systems, Versafloppy II floppy controller card. WD1795 FDC chip. 5.25' and 8" floppy connectors 34/50 pin. Do I have a bunch of software for these.

Z80 single boards

[vcf-e 2018] Big Board II. 820608 from 1982, JB Ferguson. with ROM BB2RM V1.0, no 4116 RAM, uses FD1793B FDC chip. 2 x Zilog 3884, one 3883, one Z80

[vcf-e 2018] EXO board, one populated one bare. NOte in Infoworld July 20 1981 about it. Produced by Exo Electronics of Nevada, distributed by Micro Business Associates of San Fran. says supports 8-inch single-density drives, 4Mhz Z80, 64K RAM, two serial, two parallel.

[vcf-e 2018] SCH2001 board. *Might* be "The Bigger Board SBC-2001 Z80A manufactured by Business Information Systems." .

[vcf-e 2018] Bullet WaveMate board 018-010 Rev F. no ROM, serial number under 300. docs: two Rev F manuals, CP/M 3.0 manual, schematics

Big Board documentation (not BB II). Xerox 820 branded Big Board docs, disks
* schematics 6 pgs 11X17
* 8-inch diskettes sources, CBIOS BOOT ROM, also copy
* Digital Research Computers BigBoard docs
* PFM-80 monitor user's manual
* Furgerson schematics, theory of operation, 1980
* paper listings of ROM and CBIOS and FORMATTER
* some 5.25-inch diskettes with games, CP/M-80, CP/M 86

Apple Mac items

[vcf-e 2018] [vcf-e 2018]

Macintosh motherboards. Mac SE (not SE FDHD) and Mac Plus. The Plus of course has the 9-pin DIN connector for serial and the RJ-11 connector for keyboard. The SE has the small wired-in battery. These were working pulls and are likely good, but not tested for several years.

Osborne 1 parts

[vcf-e 2018] [vcf-e 2018]

Osborne 1 (grey) parts from boards to cabinet pieces, most of two systems. Keyboard, 2 mobos, 2 Siemens single sided drives, 2 MPI single-sided drives, two power supplies. Two green monitor assemblies, one has burned-in screen. One keyboard in case with cable. One outer case and one inside front-panel. All disassembled so you can pick parts.

[vcf-e 2018] [vcf-e 2018]

Motherboards not likely working. Keyboard probably OK. Drives may be marginal as old drives often are. Power supplies probably need repair. Monitors probably work. But of course, this is all AS IS no warranties, you are buying for parts and repair and restoration. As complete Osborne 1's sell for about $100-$200 plus shipping, these will not be expensive parts. Save on shipping by buying just the part you want, carry it home.

Calculators & handhelds

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An assortment of calculators and handheld computers. Palm including a cell-phone version. And one of three Franklin brand Rocket eBook from 1999.

[vcf-e 2018] [vcf-e 2018]

Here's more. Sharp, and HP.

[vcf-e 2018] [vcf-e 2018]

Here's more. TI Texas Instruments. And an assortment: Casio, Commodore, Rockwell, Radio Shack.

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