Files posted to Usenet by Emmanuel Roche

This Web page is by Herb Johnson. Last updated dated Dec 03 2009.

Notice: this page is NOT about Dr. Emmanuel Roche, a PhD, a mathematician and researcher who has published widely on computational linguistics since the 1990's, and who founded a company. My apologies for any potential confusion. - Herb Johnson


This page previously referenced documents and software provided by Emmanuel Roche, AKA "French Luser", a person active in Usenet newsgroup comp.os.cpm for several years as of 2009. I chose to assist him at one point, to encourage his use of CP/M archives instead of posting material directly into Usenet, which is a violation of use. Due to his increasingly bizarre posting behavior in that newsgroup since about 2008, I have no longer offered to archive or reference further work by Roche. If any site references this Web page as an archive of his work, please inform them to cease doing so.

Direct discussion with him, or through posts in comp.os.cpm, merely serve to "feed the troll". The appropriate response to rude or off topic posting in Usenet newsgroups is to ignore it. This behavior, and persons like Mr. Roche, are "fed" by attention, and a lack of attention and response "starves" that behavior. As this Usenet newsgroup is unmoderated, there is no reasonable means to stop him from posting there.

A recent example of his behavior is a Nov-Dec 2009 thread titled "BBC BASIC - CPM version". Search Google's archive of comp.os.cpm to find that thread. Review that and other "threads" containing his posts as "French Luser" or "Emmanuel Roche", and draw your own conclusions.

My thanks (and now apologies) to those Web site owners who who have archived his prior work and who cooperated with me. Anyone looking for Mr. Roche's "work", may find it on those sites, or find it in archives of comp.os.cpm.

This Web page may be removed at any time after December 31st 2009. - Herb Johnson

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